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{September 19, 2009}   Week 1 Round up

Alright Week 2 is upon us, and week 1 is in the books. What have we learned or seen?

1st of all….last season means nothing, preseason means nothing and week 1 barely means anything!

Last season is over, while there may be teams that were great last season it doesn’t always equate to them being just as good this season. In the same sense just because a team sucked last year doesn’t mean they don’t have a chance this year. everyone’s love affair with the New England just because Brady is back doesn’t mean a 16-0 season is on its way. Their defense has changed and they have lost a lot of key players in their D…Vrabel, Seymour, and not to mention an injured Mayo. In the same breath, what is up with all these people picking the San Diego Chargers to go to the Superbowl? Being the best in probably the crappiest division in the leagues does not make a champion team. They have had a lot of chances and haven’t been able to capitalize on it. Phillip Rivers doesn’t look like the money he was just paid, and LT while on my fantasy leagues is no longer the man he was. I am not saying they aren’t going to the playoff as I don’t think their division rivals have any chance unless the Raiders keep turning things around. But I also don’t think they are going to fight their way from Wildcard weekend all the way to the Superbowl they are not that strong.

If the preseason is supposed to be for players to get out on the field and play before the real season why is it that all I heard last week was about players being rusty? Hello isn’t that what the preseason is for? to work out all the kinks and play before playing in the regular season? I understand that sometimes its for proving yourself as the starter as in the case of the Cleveland Browns and the New York Jets with their QB situation, but if you are sitting out all preseason because there is either a worry of you hurting yourself or what not then you suck in week one because of you being rusty what is the fricking point of having a preseason at all?


Week 1- What did we see?

Steelers V. Titans

The Steelers looked good, but they have a QB who can’t seem to let go of the ball in a decent amount of time and they have no run game. Now with Polamalu out I wonder what surprises the D will have. Polamalu showed his best the first half and it really was the Titans v. Polamalu until he was injured. The Titans even with Grandpa Kerry, still seem to have the possibility of the playoffs as their D even without Haynesworth can make the plays and I wouldn’t take this loss as what’s to come. They hung in there till the end.

Chiefs V. Ravens

Ok, last year the Ravens were my upset pick and I think this year they even have a better chance. Yes, the chiefs scored 24 points on them, but the Ravens had over 500yds offense and Flacco seems to be able to go into his sophomore year looking pretty good and their defense is good too. Ok the Chiefs which some probably expect to be one of the worse teams in the league this year showed some promise even without their off season acquirement of Cassel being able to play. I don’t think they will pass .500, but to hold up against the Ravens as long as they did I think they will win a few games, they do play in a pretty bad division a couple of wins could come up.

 Broncos v. Bengals

I was mad when they decided to play the rest of this game after the Colts won their game, but it was a good game to catch the last 30 seconds of. The Broncos may have won, but I think the Bengals are a better team. They just need to figure out their offense with an ailing Palmer. Orton, which is probably the worse choice for this Broncos team didn’t look as good as his numbers may have looked. 87 of his 243 yds and his 1 TD came from the luck of a swatted up instead of down deflection. Their running game was non existent and my opinion is they should have never fired Shanahan. But Benson looked good for the Bengals and if Palmer can ever get his groove back they could make some plays with Ocho Cinco and Coles.

 Jaguars V. Colts

I feel for the Jags, they have been in the Colts shadow for so long and they can’t escape while I think they have been on the verge for years this is just not going to be the year for them. Garrard did not look well, and if it weren’t for Drew-Jones, and the Colts offense giving up the ball they wouldn’t have been in the game. I don’t know if it’s a new head coach, or just new season jitters, but Manning took a little too much time to look like himself and hopefully he can keep that momentum going. The AFC south is thought to be one of the stronger divisions by some but really I think that if Colts just play they will win it this year easily.

 Lions v. Saints

The Lions are the sad story of the NFL, everyone seems to be behind them and hope they win a few games this year. However you  can’t expect them to go against the best offense going on right now and win. They however got some points up and Stafford got his feet wet, but 3 INT in your 1st game with no touchdowns is pretty hurtful, but I believe there is hope for them to win a game it just you couldn’t expect this to be the one. The Saints however looked so good with players that people were wondering who or where they were coming from. Henderson and Bell showed the depth of the Saints offense and with someone like Brees to head it up I have no doubt that the Saints could win their division and be a force in the playoffs, but their D which went virtually unchanged need to step it up cause having the best offense means nothing without a defense to match it.

Jets v. Texans

When comparing the rookie QB’s this season I have to say obviously Stafford’s performance made Sanchez look good. But Sanchez made himself look good as well, but their defense really stepped it up and limited Slaton to only 17 yards. The Jets looked better than a lot of people thought they would a rookie QB/Head coach worked for the Falcons and Ravens last year it could at least get the Jets a winning season but week 2 will be the bigger test. The Texans like the Jags in their division have been expected to break through for the last couple of years now. The Texans got their only TD on defense and it was off a deflection. I think the Texans have had talent for a long time they just can’t seem to put it altogether and be successful in a game.

Eagles V. Panthers

I hate to say this as I have been a fan of the Panthers since their Superbowl run, but I think they have finally ran out of breath. Delhomme started his season the way he ended last season and it was not on a good note. 73 yds and 4 int would make anyone drop Delhomme from their fantasy team and write him off for the year. I think that is sad to see it but I do think that the Panthers will struggle to get wins this year. The Eagles however surprisingly impressed me as every year they usually do, I always think this is the last year Mcnabb will be force and he really put himself out there week 1, but unfortunately he put himself way too much out there and broke his rib which if he doesn’t rest it, there is a chance that the rest of the year could be on Vick’s shoulders….I know I know they are playing Kolb, but I don’t see that lasting if Mcnabb is out for a longer period of time.  I do still think that the Eagles have a great chance in making the playoffs as the Giants receivers are pretty non existent and the Cowboys have yet to have a decent follow-through.

Dolphins V. Falcons

Ok, the Dolphins won the AFC east last year, but the Dolphins have Pennington as their QB, and his record has been 1 good year followed by a bad one followed by a good one again, and if this game is any indication this will be his bad year. 176yds, 1 last minute TD, and 1 int. But worse than that was their O-Line Pennington was sacked 4 times, and their running game never took off. They have talent but no protection. The Falcons were one of the more talked about teams in the off season, Can Ryan have a great sophomore year, is Turner able to duplicate last year, and can they make the playoffs once again but this time do something? I believe that time will tell, while they won a game, Turner (no pun intended) really needs to turn it out for them to have the same results this year and to make a difference in the playoffs, it’s really between them and the Saints to win the division but its a big possibility that one could get a wild card spot.

Vikings V. Browns

Ok, yeah so the Vikings have Favre but what he did any QB could have done…but what Peterson did is what is worth talking about the Vikings and real playoff potential. I don’t think Favre is going to make much of a difference this year except for having the experience of a veteran. Their defense has a lot of potential as well, but it needs to be able to stop a team like the Browns from scoring. The Browns, now I am not trying to hate on just because Mangini is over there but without a proven QB and I don’t think that Quinn is going to skate through the season without having some sort of  possibility of Anderson taking some snaps. I think that Browns could get some wins, but I don’t think they are strong enough to make any real shake ups or moves.

Cowboys V. Bucs

So just because the Cowboys won week 1, I hope those crazy fans aren’t thinking Superbowl just yet. The Bucs are not that great of a team. It’s nice to see Cadillac back and make some plays but they seem like a stitched team that was randomly put together. The Cowboys did look good but lets wait for a real game before giving “America’s team” a new ring, the regular season isn’t their problem the playoffs are!

49ers v. Cardinals

Ok, so maybe its Superbowl sickness or whatever people are calling it, but I find it quite hard to believe that with two guys like Fitzgerald and Bouldin that losing game 1 is really going to be a telling of the season to come. I think that there is a great possibility that the NFC West could be a better division than people think they are minus the Rams of course. But it’s not about them versus the rest of the NFL, but I think it could be them versus themselves that actually will decide who will win the division. I think that these two teams with the Seahawks could have a fight til the last week for who wins the division. The niners do have some work cut out for them as they are still a young team, but if Gore can get his game going and the D makes plays as they did versus the Cards great things could come from it.

Rams V. Seahawks

Ok, I live in the NW and I hear it all the time how great the Seahawks will be every year, but really you can’t say anything about the Seahawks this game, the only thing that should be talked about is how bad the Rams looked, I think they may turn into the Lions this year. Bulger isn’t happy, and the Holt is gone, and Jackson had nowhere to go. They really need to see what is going on within themselves if they want to win a game this year. On the bright side for the Seahawks I would like to see what Julius Jones can do. Some people say fluke, but only time will tell.

Redskins V. Giants

I make it no hidden fact that I am not the biggest fan of Eli Manning, but he did work the field and seem to share the love amongst several receivers. However, I don’t believe beating the Redskins counts for them to be a powerhouse by any means especially given the division they are in. The Redskins have been at the bottom of their division and  I don’t see them moving up much, while they will pull off some wins the addition of Haynesworth isn’t enough to make their offense make key plays they are lacking.

Bears V. Packers

Wow….this game surprised me, you can’t expect anything with inter-division games. I am interested to see what happens in this division as they were one that some people were talking about having three teams going to the playoffs. I don’t think that the Bears really have a chance, and Cutler was lucky that the game ended up as close as it did with all of his faults in the first half, however with the lack of receivers and the defense already hurt with the loss of Urlacher, I think this will not be the year that Bear fans have been waiting for. The Packers however I think have the potential to make some waves and possibly spoil their old QB’s playoff dreams with their new team and rightfully so. I think Rodgers has only room to grow this season and it will be interesting to see how things go on October 5th when they face the Vikings.

Bills V. Patriots

So what can you get from this game? Are the Bills good this year or are the Pats not all they are cracked up to be? I actually think it may be a little of both. I think that Edwards did a lot better than people gave him credit for, myself incuded. I think that he looked good, but more than that I think that Fred Jackson looks good and if he continues again this week Lynch might have to worry when he gets back if he’s going to start or not. The Patriots had no running game, but Moss did have a good game, but now with Welker possibly out or at least injured its up to Moss to take control, but other teams will notice this. The Pats defense is what fans should be worried about, with Mayo out and possibly some more injuries to their D that had enough changes in the off season to not have to worry about injuries.

Chargers V. Raiders

Here is another situation of was it that the Chargers are not that good or the Raiders are good? Now unlike the Pats and Bills, I think that the Raiders (god love them) are not as good as they looked but in the same breath I think the Chargers are as bad as they looked. They pulled out a bad call win and they have a RB that has lost his step and a QB that may not be worth the money he was just paid. They do have a lot of great players but they make sloppy decisions, time will tell if all the hype that was given before week 1 happen is worth it. 


Please comment if you think I am wrong, think I am right, or think I am downright crazy! We are all fans and have our opinions, but maybe you have a point I haven’t considered yet, or maybe I have done the same for you.

See ya in week 2,

The Sporty Girl


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