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{September 20, 2009}   Week 2 Needs and Predictions….

Alright Week 2, hopefully we can see a lot clearer this week to what happened last week, heroes will emerge and some will falter. Do you see what I see for week 2?

Panthers V. Falcons

Alright, I think that anytime you have inter-division play anything is possible. However with the way the Panthers looked last week I think that the Falcons will show their critics that they came to play, look for more action from Abraham who is coming off a 2 sack week to continue to help dominate the Falcons D. I think that with Gonzalez proving that age ain’t nothing but a number and seems to be Ryan’s new favorite target. I also think that Turner will need to turn it out this week for the Falcons to be dominant. On the other hand if Delhomme looks like he did last week they will make it very easy for the Falcons to win this one.

Saints V. Eagles

So it looks like Mcnabb will sit this one out and that Kolb will be starting which is something you probably wouldn’t want to do week 2 vs. someone with an offense like the Saints. But you also don’t want to further damage a QB who is known for his comebacks. While I think that the Eagles are good playoff contender team, I just like the Saints their offense is at the top of its game with a QB that just a few years ago people were counting out. I think that their defense is getting there little by little, but they need to step it up and make sure that their offense is on the field more than their defense! I like the Saints even on the road!

Rams V. Redskins

I don’t think there is really much to say on this one. I don’t see the Rams pulling one out on the road. I think the Redskins are good at home and have the right tools to not embarrass themselves by losing to the Rams. The Rams defense was more awake last week then their offense but I have a feeling we will be seeing the same game as we did last week vs. the Seahawks.

Texans V. Titans

So we got two teams looking for their first win in the same division. I think that although it’s a divisional game which means anything can happen, I don’t see the Texans being able to stop the Titans Offense. Even with grandpa Kerry heading the team, their run game will be able to move, and I think Houston’s offense will suffer against the Titans unless, Schuab will pull out all the stops, but the Titans D looked good against the Steelers and I think they can pull it off against a team that seems to have no confidence in themselves despite their talent on the offensive side of the ball. Advantage Titans!

Patriots V. Jets

I love inter-division play, and what I love most about it is the shit talking that happens between those with a history. Now, why I think that the Jets have a lot to be happy on their defense and with Welker possibly out there will be full concentration on Moss, which Revis has proven before against the much taller Moss. I think that a lot will do with the ground game, to see if one of them can get moving. The Pats have suffered a lot of change and injury on their defense and even with a dominant offense their D is what almost cost them the game in Buffalo. On the other hand the Jets D is what made it easier for the Jets offense to score some points so it really comes down to who shows up on Sunday more the Jets Offense or the Pats Defense. I am going to go on record with this not just cause I am a Jets fan. But I think that if the Jets D is hot from snap one they will win the game!

Bengals V. Packers

I think the Packers will show up a little more this week against a Bengals offense that still has an injured QB who is still playing. Rodgers really needs to prove himself by winning a game right out not one that wins only at the very end. I think this is the week Rodgers can break out and prove that the Packers are here for real!

Cardinals V. Jaguars

Here is where it gets interesting for the Cards, if they don’t show up against a very mediocre Jags team I might start to count the Cards out. While the Jags have a great ground game, they need to improve on their passing game if they want to get some wins. The Cards also need to improve on and take advantage of their amazing receiver core that got no love last week if they want to win this game. If they do I think the Cards will get their first win this week.

Raiders V. Chiefs

I love it when two bad teams within a division play each other because sometimes they end up better than one would think. However I think that the Raiders can win this game if Russell will just calm down and play. The Raiders defense should be able to shut down any offense that the Chiefs can muster up as I don’t see Cassel playing this week.

Vikings V. Lions

I know the Lions are dying to get their first win in over a year but I don’t think this will be their week. All though I think they will see a win this year. The Vikings defense looks to good for Smith to really get a run game going as the Vikings were the highest ranking rush defense last year. Plus as long as they keep to their running game and don’t let Favre pass the ball too much the Vikings should win this game.

Bucs V. Bills

I like the Bills on this one. The Bills showed they have some game in last weeks last minute loss against New England. I do think that a lot will depend on Fred Jackson making some plays but against the Bucs defense I think he can make a big impact with Edwards I think the Bills will get the win they should have got last week.

Seahawks V. 49ers

This game for me is a lot like the Jets/Pats game. In inter-division it can be anyones game but more than that this game will help see if who will be the more dominant team in the division. The Seahawks beating the Rams and the 49ers pulling out a win against Arizona both of these teams want to make a statement that they can win their division this year and it will come down to whose offense can run the ball. I think that I will give the win barely to the 49ers…I think they are hungry this year. I think this game will have a lot of good plays.

Steelers V. Bears

So Cutler will get another chance to show the Bears that getting him was worth it right? Wrong. I see the Steelers even without Polamalu all over Cutler and all over the field. The Bears defense I don’t think is strong enough to go against the Steelers offense running game or no running game. As long as Big Ben gets rid of the ball fast enough there are plenty of receivers to catch those throws. I think that the Steelers will win this one.

Ravens V. Chargers

I think that the Ravens will show not only their offense weapons as they did last week, I think that their Defense will be all over the Chargers offense. The Chargers will be limited. I like the Ravens in this one and I think last week proved they have a better shot this year than last year which makes them dangerous.

Browns V. Broncos

Alright this game is up in the air for me. Two teams trying to make a name with two unproven QB’s. I really like the Browns D. I think that if their D can stop any sort of running game the Broncos can come up with I think they can win. I won’t count the Broncos totally out, they got lucky last week its possible they can pull out another this week.

Giants V. Cowboys

This hopefully will be a great game and a high points game. I think it has the potential. The fact that Manning hasn’t found a consistent target could remain a good thing or could cause some drop balls. If he can keep the ball in many different peoples hands they could score early and score a lot. In the same breath, if Romo can put up the same numbers this week as he did last week I think the Cowboys could walk away with a win. But since they are in Dallas this week I will give the Cowboys the advantage but if someone hits that stupid screen in the sky I hope the Giants get it done.

Colts V. Dolphins

If this game comes out the way I think it will, this will be a boring Monday night game. This year the Dolphins have two MNF appearances and I don’t know if they will really show up to either one. The Dolphins looked pretty bad against the Falcons last week and I don’t know if their defense can stop an offense like the Colts to keep the Dolphins on the field long enough to score. I think the Colts will win and win well down in Miami.

These are my picks and my opinions, agree or disagree I welcome them all. But don’t hate when I am right! See ya after Monday Night Football!

~The Sporty Girl


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