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{September 23, 2009}   Week 2: What did I tell you?

Panthers 20 V. Falcons 28

The Falcons won, however they did have to work it. The Panthers decided to show up and Delhomme looked better with only 1 int, however his running backs need to learn how to hold on the the ball a little better each of them fumbling it once. The Falcons while their defense were able to hold of the Panthers didn’t do as well as they did last week against the Dolphins. Ryan still looked good with 3 td’s and Turner had 1 td, I still like the Falcons for a wild card spot, but am looking forward to MNF on November 2nd when the Falcons will go into the Superdome.

Vikings V. Lions

The Lions want their first win so bad they can taste it, I am thinking next week could be their week just not this week. They were able to put up points fast but they couldn’t outlast Brett Favre and Adrian Peterson. Favre did get sacked early and had a bad start as did Peterson which is typical Viking fashion but there was no way they were going to let themselves give the Lions their first win. I do think the Redskins might though. 

Bengals V. Packers

This is one that I got wrong, but I also don’t think that anyone expected to see Rodgers sacked 6 times. Palmer made plenty of mistakes and could have easily thrown away this game but the Bengals defense had open season on Rodgers all day long. The Packers need to figure out whats going on if they want to be dominant in their division.

Cardinals V. Jaguars

Warner came out and did exactly what he needed to and that is show the world that last year wasn’t a mistake. 243 yds, 2 TD’s and he utilized his arm to more than one receiver. The Jags didn’t seem to have a chance and although Garrard tried his best, Jones-Drew didn’t seem to get anything going. The Cards have Indy next week which I think will be their first real test of the season.

Raiders V. Chiefs

This was a nightmare of a game, and the Raiders almost lost it all. Russell had a sad showing with only 109yds which is the only stat worth saying anything about. It was a miserable game and having Cassel back didn’t do much at all, he’s still hurting and his 2 interceptions really are showing it. I think that the next time these two meet there may be a win for the Chiefs unless the Raiders can figure out what the hell they are doing.

Patriots V. Jets

So I don’t want to say I told you so but…..I told you so!  The Jets Defense lived up to their word and they stopped the Pats offense every chance they could. This was the first time since December of 2006 that the Brady hasn’t had a TD. The Jets need to work on their offense which is understandable with a rookie QB to be nervous in the first half. The Pats need to figure out what isn’t working for them. Just because you have Tom Brady it doesn’t mean he counts as the whole team. If they want to be contenders at the end of the season their defense needs to step it up a little bit.

Saints V. Eagles

So I knew that the Eagles weren’t just going to give the Saints the ball. But they also didn’t stopped the Saints when they had the ball. When you have someone like Brees just constantly throwing the ball 311 yds, 3 td, I mean seriously he is on track to beat Marino’s record that he barely missed last year. The Saints offense are making it so easy for the Saints defense  by scoring and holding the ball. However I think that Kolb did alright for what he could do, although I think that the Phillys didn’t help themselves with 4 turnovers and 45 yds in penalties. They should be hoping for Mcnabb to come back next week!

Texans V. Titans

You can never really predict inter-division games, but the question is what is up with the Texans, they can’t get anything going last week but this week Schuab has 4 tds, 357yds and no interceptions, however its not like the Titans just laid down and took it, Johnson had 197 rushing yds, 87 receiving yds, and 3 TD’s how they ended up losing is all comes down to their 2 turnovers v. texans 0 turnovers. I think this is the statement that the Texans wanted to put out there last week. The Titans still shockingly winless, and I don’t think that their first win will come next week.

Rams V. Redskins

The Rams showed up to play a little bit today….they got a TD and only lost to the Redskins because they got 3 field goals. If the Redskins doesn’t want to become the team to give the Lions their first win next week they need to figure out how to get a touchdown because field goals will not win it against the Lions. But Rams fans could say at least they scored thats seven points on the year!

  Bucs V. Bills

While I don’t think the Bucs are the match up the Bills were looking for to prove they are for real this year, they got the job done. Edwards and Jackson looked good, and I think it will take a lot for Lynch to come back and take his spot. While he had no TD’s Jackson had over 150 rushing yards. The Bucs did put in a decent performance and Leftwich had 3 td’s. I think that the Bucs still need to figure each other out if they want to have any wins this season.

 Seahawks v. 49ers

The 49ers showed that they mean business as they jump to a 2-0 start. Gore showed up Chris Johnson’s performance with getting over 200 yds and 2-75+yd tds. The Seahawks looked nothing like they did last week as Hasselbeck went down before the half and never came back out. If the Seahawks want to win they need not only a healthy QB, they need to stop a running back from racking up over 150 yds in just 2 plays. The Niners have a tougher schedule coming up, if they can win more games against tougher teams they may make it further this year then they have in awhile.

Ravens v. Chargers

Rivers looked much better yards wise 436yds, but with 2 int they couldn’t capitalize on this game and they couldn’t follow through and had to settle for field goals. Flacco could have done better and I think more than anything it was the Chargers that did themselves in. I think that they could have won this if they could have taken their 4 fg and turn just one into a TD. The Chargers are lucky they are in the division they are. I think that the Ravens need to improve on the pass rush, they stopped the running game but two receivers with 100+ yds is not a good thing.

Steelers v. Bears

So what happened here? Can the Steelers not win without Polamalu? They looked good in the beginning, but the Bears seemed to live off of their fans and Cutler looked like the QB they thought he was. The Steelers still don’t have much of a running game, and since Ben can’t throw the ball in time they may have trouble in the weeks to come. The Bears I think still need a few more wins to prove they are here to play. This wasn’t a win because they dominated it was the Steelers giving them the win.

Browns V. Broncos

I was unsure about this game in the first place, and didn’t really pick a winner. I think this was either teams opportunity to win, and show themselves. I think its interesting though that The Bears and the Broncos win this week. Orton didn’t look fabulous by any means but he got the ball and put it where he needed to and got the win, where Quinn just seemed lost. I am counting down till Mangini puts in Anderson for some fun!

Giants V. Cowboys

Ok so the Giants squeek out a win in Dallas does this make them number one? I don’t think so! What do the Saints have to do to prove that they mean business this year? I think over 90 points in 2 games makes a statement but apparently winning by less than a TD to the Redskins last week and a last minute FG in Dallas this week means the Giants are the best thing since slice bread! But SportyGirl you say, we all know you don’t like Eli Manning are  you just complaining? NO! I think the Giants are a great team, but barely winning games against mediocre teams does not make you the best in the league. Someone once told me that there is a big city bias when it comes to sports and I think this proves it!

Colts V. Dolphins

Miami have you met Chad Pennington? Every Dolphin fan made a huge deal about them getting Pennington, the thing they didn’t realize or hear from me is that Pennington always has a bad year after a good one. Their running game did take off this game but without Pennington stepping it up it didn’t really matter. You are going against Peyton who did however have to come back 4 times to beat the Dolphins. I think that Colts fans might have a little something to worry about. They need to figure out what is going on so they don’t have to keep on relying on Peyton for everything!


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