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{September 26, 2009}   Week 3: Prove it or Lose it!

There are a lot of games this week that are prove it weeks. One of them being the Jets, a lot of people are questioning their actual capabilities. The Falcons and Patriots are also both in this situation. While the 49ers and Bills are playing better teams this week and if they really want to show that they mean it this year they need to show it this week. I think this could also be an interesting week for the Colts and Cardinals as while the Colts are 2-0 they have shown some struggles and the Cards are still trying to shake off the pre season talk.

Browns V. Ravens

 So I have seen two things after week two around the web…and one of them is that the Ravens are the best team in the league right now. I don’t think this week will prove anything just that they can beat bad teams. I think the Ravens will win the game pretty easy and I think that Brady Quinn will have his last start before they try Anderson again. They just can’t seem to get it together and I don’t think either QB will do the job but hey might as well try more than one.

Titans V. Jets

 I have been hearing a lot about this game….I am hearing that this week the Jets will lose and almost everyone I have talked to in my football pool said they were picking the Titans to pull out a win here. Ok, this is what I think though…The Jets defense has only allowed 9 points in 2 games and no TD’s and they are 6th against the rush. So I don’t think that you will see Chris Johnson get as many yards as he did last week. I don’t think that this will be an easy ride for the Jets and there probably won’t be a running game on either side but the Titans are last against the pass so as long as Sanchez is throwing completions I think the Jets can win this.

Giants V. Bucs

 So this is the other thing I heard online that those who don’t think the Ravens are number 1 they think the Giants are.  But in this case I find it interesting that they barely beat the Redskins, then they barely beat the Cowboys and now they are the best in the league? This week just like the Ravens, the Giants are not going to prove anything, the Bucs will lose and that will be about it.

Packers V. Rams

 I am hoping that the Packers have figured out how to protect Rodgers a little better. But I don’t think that would be necessary, the Packers will be able to score and their defense will step up like they have been the last couple of weeks. The Rams still looking for their first win will need to keep on looking as they have only been able to put up 7pts this season, unless they can find a good rhythm for Stephen Jackson they will be lucky to score anything.

Chiefs V. Eagles

 So Cassel played last week still injured and he is expected to play this week as well, but they are getting points on the board but I think the the Eagles want to prove that they should still be talked about with or without Mcnabb and more importantly that the loss to the Saints just happened and won’t define their season. I think the Eagles will walk away with a win at home.

Falcons V. Patriots

This has to be the most interesting game of the week for me. If the Falcons win this game on the road I think that the Patriots will be seen for their faults and that Brady’s superior comeback will be in question. However I don’t think that the Falcons have it altogether just yet, but if the Falcons defense step it up like they did in week 1 I think they will give the Pats a run for their money. But I do see a Patriots win in their home opener.

49ers V. Vikings

 Alright, I called the Niners beating the Seahawks but Hasselbeck and Gore helped that out. I think all eyes will be on the running game as Adrian Peterson and Frank Gore hit the turf as two of the premier backs in the league. I think this will be on the defense of whoever can stop the other team’s run. Their QB’s aren’t really going to be much of a factor as they haven’t in the last 2 games but if one of them can stand up they might be able to win the game. However, in Minnesota and with Peterson being the more consistent one I think that I will give the advantage to the Vikings.

Jaguars V.  Texans

 The Jags are still looking for their first win, and since they are playing against the Texans this week their inter-division rivalary could mean its possible for the Jags to win. But I am going to go with the odds on this one and if the Texans play like they did last week andd not the way they played week one Schaub and company will do good and win this one.  

Redskins V. Lions

 Ok, this is my shock of the week. Maybe not for all people but I am calling this to be the week that the Lions pick up their first win. They have been nibbling at the bit for their first win and have put up decent numbers that they could beat a team like the Redskins who barely beat a very weak Rams team. I am calling the Lions up.

Saints V. Bills

 So with the Saints putting up over 90 points the first 2 games I don’t think it would be a far reach to say they could put up quite a few points against the Bills. Now I don’t want to fully count out the Bills as the Saints defense has been letting the other team score a lot and one of these games the Saints offense won’t be able to outscore every competitor for long. But the Saints shouldn’t have a problem out scoring the Bills.

Bears V. Seahawks

 Hasselbeck and Tatupu are out and I don’t think Wallace can hold the team that is still trying to figure out how to use all of their weapons. The Bears coming off of a win shouldn’t be over confident as Cutler is still trying to figure things out with a receiving core that very young. But with the injuries on the Seahawks side I think that the Bears will win, but maybe not win pretty.

Steelers V. Bengals

 The Steelers are coming off a loss, and the Bengals of a good win. I am hoping that the Steelers have been watching the Bengals defense and see where the Packers went wrong in letting Odom sack Rodgers five times. If they did they can put together a  win as the Steelers offense has a better offense then the Bengals but its hard to say I think this will come down to a defense that breaks out. I am going to call the Steelers, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Bengals won.

Broncos V. Raiders

 Another interdivision game that I think could easily go either way. However I think that the Raiders got lucky last week and they are still a cluster mess of team its as if they have no idea they are on a team together. The Broncos got lucky week 1 but really put it out there in week 2 even if was just against the Browns. I think that the Broncos might shock everyone and be a 3-0 team.

Dolphins V. Chargers

 The Chargers looked good in a loss against the Ravens, now if they can do that against the Dolphins they can win. But it seems that they don’t play as well against teams that are worse. But the Dolphins aren’t really figuring things out and Pennington is looking like the Pennington that Jets fans are used to good one year, bad the next. I think this may be their bad year. The Chargers should win this one as they are putting it together a little more week by week like they did last year.

Colts V Cardinals

 These are two teams that really need to prove what they are doing and if they are worth talking about. But Sportgirl you say the Colts are 2-0! Yeah but did you see those games? While I was impressed with their comeback on MNF I really think that they aren’t as strong of a team as they once were and if they have any more games like that they won’t be able to come back one of these times. the Cardinals need to prove themselves as well and I think whoever goes out there throwing the ball better will win the game, but I think that the Colts can really win this one but don’t be surprised it the Cards get it done at home.

Panthers V. Cowboys

So I had a dream that an ex-boyfriend was Tony Romo….I don’t really like him or the Cowboys and I would love to be able to say that they will lose against the Panthers at home. But I think they will get their first win at their new everything is bigger in Texas stadium. They seem to need a little more time to figure things out in a TO less world. But in their division they really can’t afford to wait too much longer to make a real statement. The Panthers on the otherhand really are a crazy expect anything team. We know that Delhomme can be a great QB, it just depends on the day so if he can get a rhythm started anything is possible with him and their RB’s in the game.


Many of guys blog about this topic but you wrote down really true words!!

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