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{September 30, 2009}   Week 3 Round up

Week 3 was great for me I won the football pool at work and as you can see with my last post I only got 2 wrong and those 2 were interdivision games which I always say is a toss up. Lets see what happened and what we have to look forward to after week 3’s wins and losses!

Browns V. Ravens

Ravens showed again that they have the power on both the offensive and defensive side. I think they are the most well rounded team currently and they deserve the number 1 ranking they are getting around NFL sites. The Browns did what I thought they would and took out Quinn they waited til half time to do it but it needed to be done. Obviously not that Anderson is a save all but Mangini obviously realized that Quinn wasn’t as ready as they thought he was. Mangini has a very long season ahead of him if his team keeps playing this way.

Redskins V. Lions

I just have to say I told you so….I knew that the Lions were hungry and they have taken their first victim. I don’t think there will be many more but they will have more than one win this year. Stafford seemed much more comfortable this game then in the first two games. The Redskins had a very nice showing by Campbell but in the end they just can’t put it together and I think that they really need to focus on how to close games as that seems to be where they are lacking.

Jaguars V. Titans

This was one of those that I got wrong but I was teetering on this one as an interdivision game its always hard to really know. But the Jags were looking for their first win and they got it, but Garrard really needs to have game of his own and not depend on Jones-Drew to do everything. On the other hand the Texans didn’t look bad they lost at the end of the 4th quarter when they just couldn’t seem to score for the life of them. But I am not counting either of these teams totally out with the Titans down to 0-3 its possible for either of these teams to really put it together and think about a wildcard. I am not going to say its going to happen but there is talent on these teams if they can just get it together every week.

Falcons V. Patriots

I so wanted to be wrong on this one but I wasn’t the Patriots won and they won well. I am not going to put them at the top again and I hope people don’t as they still have a lot of stuff to work out and prove to be able to get that back. However Brady was confident and they finally used a running game to take the pressure off of him as Taylor got over 100 yards.

Packers V. Rams

Well at least the Rams scored 17 points and not with Bulger but with Boller and not with Jackson but with Daniel Fells? Who is that you ask? He’s their tight end in his 3rd season and those were his first 2 TD’s of his career so even with a loss he probably had the best day of his life. The Packers started hard and started fast, they protected Rodgers much better this week and I was pretty impressed by their offense. I think next week will really be the test for the Packers and see who is going to be the king of the NFC North Rodgers or Favre.

Giants V. Bucs

All I am seeing on the web is the Giants shut out the Bucs. Ok ummmmmm the Bucs are not only 0-3 now on the year now but they are pretty bad and if people think that it makes the Giants the best team in the league then they must be influenced greatly by Big city media. Ok maybe that’s a tangent but I don’t think this game really proved anything but the Giants can beat bad teams.

49ers v. Vikings

So I told a 49er fan that I would write that the niners could win without Gore when there was 13 seconds left in the game….at 12 seconds that same fan damned Favre as every Niner fan did for many years when he was still with Green Bay. The Niners did look good though without Gore who will probably be out for a couple of weeks but I think they have potential especially in there sadder every week looking division. The Vikings also won without Peterson having a big game. I am waiting for next week to see what they do against the Packers.

Chiefs V. Eagles

The Eagles without Mcnabb have done fairly well with Kolb to many peoples surprise.  I am not sure if people thought that Vick would just go out on the field with no problems but they forget that Kolb has been watching Mcnabb. The bye week is coming up which will give people time to rest up and see if the Eagles can come off strong. The Chiefs on the other hand should just be happy that they scored 14 points.

Titans V. Jets

So a lot of people watched the Jets beat the Patriots and just thought that well thats not a big deal, they will lose to the Titans who are looking for a win. Well I think the Jets proved that not only is their defense on it but their offense can get it going fast. They had a tough 2nd quarter but Sanchez seems to be getting more comfortable as the weeks go by. Now the Titans on the other hand just aren’t clicking like they did last year and I can’t really tell why. So next week for them will be interesting as they go against the Jags.

Bears V. Seahawks

This was just a lame game to watch including the bright green uniforms that the Seahawks decided to wear. Seneca Wallace at least tried and the Hawks were very close to winning but little by little Cutler seems to be clicking a little better with his new team and Knox seems to have become a really stand out WR. I would like to see what he could end up doing. I don’t know if Hasselbeck will be back next week but I really think its their defense that needs the help.

Saints V. Bills

The Saints although they won by 20 it was almost as if they struggled to get to that point. Brees had his first off game of the year and ended the game with no touchdowns. But lucky for the Saints their returning running back Pierre Thomas took care of the offensive side by getting 2 TD’s. The Bills also struggled in this game but I really think they are learning and will keep making strides towards doing better.

Steelers V. Bengals

Ok seriously can the Steelers not win a game without Polamalu? Its pretty sad that they have dropped 2 since their really nicely played opening game. They quickly need to figure out what they are doing otherwise the Ravens and the Bengals are going to beat them out of any playoff hopes. Yes its early to talk playoffs but if the Bengals keep pulling games like last week and this week off and the Ravens playing the way they are there may not be room for two AFC North teams to be wildcards.

Broncos V. Raiders

The Broncos are 3-0? Alright now I have to say I don’t buy it and I think they will lose soon enough but Denver fans have to be pretty happy cause after the Cutler debacle in the off season I think most thought this season would be over fast. The Raiders need a new QB or he needs to learn how to move a little quicker. The Raiders will be lucky to see a couple more wins playing this way.

Dolphins V. Chargers

First let me be a little immature…hahahahahahahahahaha…..Ok I told Dolphins fans about the Pennington curse and it looks like it has come true and another year ends due to injury. However the Chargers didn’t look great and I don’t know what they are going to do this season. They have the benefit of being in a crappy division and will probably make they playoffs easily However they are winning ugly and losing pretty, by that I mean when they win its just a bad game they were lucky to win, then when they lost last week to the Ravens they actually played a good game.

Colts V. Cards

If the Colts can play like this every week I would have more faith in them, however the one thing they really need to worry about is the injury to Dwight Freeney. Their defense needs to be able to play just as hard if they don’t want any close calls as they did in Miami or even with the Jags in week one and losing a key defense player is not going to help. Warner showed age this week and the Cards looked defeated after the 2nd Colts TD. They looked nothing like the confident team they were last year.

Panthers V. Cowboys

The Panthers make me sad as they had a lot of chances since their superbowl run to make something out of themselves but it seems that they have gone down and won’t be coming back at least not this year. The Cowboys looked better this week but I think versus a harder team they may have trouble but more than that against the right defense Romo will run scared.


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