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{October 3, 2009}   Week 4: Let the Byes begin!

Alright, quick words on the bye teams. The Eagles really needs the rest and when they come back Mcnabb and possible Westbrook should be back as well. The Cardinals need the rest as well and hopefully they will figure out. The other two teams I think will enjoy the rest but I think the Falcons will be fine, and I don’t think the Panthers could get enough rest even if they had the whole season off to make a difference.

Lions V. Bears

While the Lions are coming off their 1st win. I think going into Solider field could be a challenge. It’s an inter divisional game so I really think that anything is possible but so far this year the Bears have shown to be a stronger all around team. I am going with the Bears on this but I think that a Lions win wouldn’t be far-fetched

Browns V. Bengals

The Bengals are probably tied with the Broncos for the most suprising start on the positive side. The Bengals defense is what has been helping them out the most, and Cedric Benson has been a great addition for them. Palmer however needs to get into a better rhythm if they want a more whole passing game 4 interceptions in 3 games is not a great thing.

Raiders V. Texans

The Raiders are a hot mess, Russell needs to drop 30lbs and learn how to be more consistent with the passing game. I do think that Mcfadden will eventually break out this year I don’t expect a win here. The Texans are learning how to play to win. Although the Texans are 1-2 so far this year with the weapons they have, they have great potential and I think they will go .500 after this week.

Seahawks V. Colts

The Seahawks are beat up, Hasselbeck won’t be back, and their D is barely holding itself together. I think Wallace would have to have the best game of his life if they were to pull out a win on the road. The Colts D is a little beat up however I think that as long as Manning gets the ball he will take care of the rest. The Colts will win this one and put themselves in a dominant position in the AFC.

Titans V. Jaguars

I say this almost every week except for last week that the Titans will get their first win. I am going to say this week I really believe they can and will win. Their advantage is they have the 2nd best rush defense in the league right now and that is the only weapon the Jags really have. Unless the Jags can get a passing game going I think that the Titans will finally get the win they so desperately need.

Giants V. Chiefs

So seriously how easy of a schedule do the Giants have this year? They play the Redskins, Cowboys, Bucs, and now the Chiefs? Really? They are going to walk in to the playoffs just off this soft schedule alone, but it doesn’t mean they are the best. However, they do have division rivals in the Eagles and a 2nd game against the Cowboys that could put some counts in the loss column. But unless something huge happens I think the Chiefs will lose again and be 0-3 which most people expected.

Ravens V. Patriots

Ok, besides the Jets game I am SO excited to see this game and I really believe that it could end up being the game of the week. On a side note, I am curious as the TV said that there would be a double header with this game and the Jets game but the TV Guide listings say it won’t be on. I swear if I have to watch another Seahawk game with no other choice? Ok sorry tangent……These two teams both have something to prove as who is really going to be apart of the elite in the AFC. The Ravens are the more well rounded team out of the two but if they can’t get Brady in check it could be a problem. However Welker still may be out, and on their D side they are still missing Mayo. The Ravens however are relatively healthy and I think they want to prove that last year was only the beginning. I hope to see the Ravens take Brady down a step.

Buccaneers V. Redskins

The Bucs are banking on a QB that no one has ever really heard of and I think it’s because they have already given up. They are in a rebuilding era and although the Redskins are a mediocre team at best I think they are pissed off to be the team to lose to the Lions and want to take it out on someone. I think the Redskins should win this one and I think that Campbell will show that he can put up good numbers.

Bills V. Dolphins

The Bills were able to put Brees down a little bit, so I think a guy like Henne will be running for his life. The only thing that the Dolphins have to offer is a running game and although the Bills were able to stop the run in the first half last week but Thomas ran all over them in the 2nd half with over 150 yds and 2 TD’s. They need to stop the running game if they want this to be a good win. I think that the Bills have a lot to offer and I think they can win this game with an already hurting Dolphins team barely able to play as it is. But ya never know!

Jets V. Saints

Ok, so I am going to say this….there’s alot of buzz about this game as it a game of the undefeated. I think that every team is bound to lose and that this is going to be a hell of a challenge for Jets defense to keep proving themselves as one of the best defenses in the league. The Saints are also wanting to prove something that they can put up the numbers no matter who they are playing against. Brees showed weakness last week and hopefully the Jets were watching Saints tapes all week to figure out how they can stop the offense since no one has completely figured it out yet. I may get laughed at and yes I may be bias. But I am going to say that the Jets defense is going to come out blitzing. But I am going to cover my eyes and peek through the whole game. But I do know this win or lose for either team doesn’t mean anything for their playoff hopes and that either team would just need to go over the tapes and move on.

Cowboys V. Broncos

Ok, so I don’t think that the Cowboys are great but I do think that they are a team that can really test the Broncos and see what they are really worth. The Broncos beat the Bengals by luck and other than that they beat two bad teams. I think that the Cowboys will win and put the Broncos down a step. If the Broncos win, I will talk more about that next week.

Rams V. 49ers

So you lose in a last second TD in Minnesota? What better of a gift then having the pitiful Rams come visit you and you can take your aggression out on them! I think that the Niners even without Gore will go out and stomp them out and show that they are ready to be seen as a real contender in the NFC West. I mean lucky for them they are in a pretty weak division but I would like to see what they can do. The Rams don’t really have anything to be hopeful for I guess except for that Boller didn’t look that bad last week but I don’t think it will change their losing course. I think after this week we will see who remains winless and pick the new Lions out of that. The Rams will probably a big contender for that one.

Chargers V. Steelers

I am having a hard time with this one more than the other games. You want to believe that both of these teams have the potential to be playoff teams as they are two of the most talked about AFC teams since the Superbowl last year but they haven’t been playing this way. The Chargers are 2-1 and the Steelers are 1-2, I think that the Chargers just have a healthier team and that will help make a difference. LT is back and with him and Sproles together I think they could make an impact. The Steelers are still without Polamalu, and now without Parker. I am going to say based on team health I will go with the Chargers on this one.

Packers V. Vikings

I think this will just be interesting game, I don’t know how exciting it will be however the Packers are scoring a lot and if they can keep Rodgers safe and block Peterson it will help. But I am so torn with this particular inter-division game as they have been neck and neck as the dominant team in the NFC North. I am going to say Vikings based on experience alone, however I wouldn’t mind seeing Favre lose to the team that he broke his loyalty to.


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