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{October 7, 2009}   Week 4 Round Up

Lions V. Bears

 The Lions offense fought hard and hurt Stafford in the process just as he was getting into a groove, but worse than that the D let the Bears score 48 points. Bears fans must feel better seeing numbers like that. After a shaky start if the Bears were in any other division they would have a big chance to do things. But in their division I think a wildcard berth would be out of straight luck.

 Bengals V. Browns

 This was a crazy inter-division game, The Bengals made me really question them and at one point I thought I was seeing things when I saw that the Browns were winning. Then when the Bengals had a chance to take the lead the PAT was blocked and it was a tied game. I thought for sure as OT winded down we would have a tie, which after last year isn’t so bad as it is what got the Eagles into the playoffs. If the Bengals want to be taken seriously they need to win decisively. That is not happening and being in a division with the Ravens and Steelers does not help their situation.

 Raiders V. Texans

So the Texans can win games against bad teams, and the Raiders can’t score TDs. The Texans really need to be able to beat good teams and so far that hasn’t happened. I think the Texans might go back down the list that they always get on at the beginning of the season of teams to watch. Good team just not a great one. I don’t even think the Raiders even know they are playing football in the NFL. You would think they were playing at a neighborhood park with how they have been playing and how they haven’t even been trying.

 Seahawks V. Colts

 First and foremost I want to applaud the Colts fans that after their lead was secure they applauded Edgerrin James every time he ran the ball. It was very classy and showed how much they appreciated his time there. Now I hope Favre didn’t see this game and think he will get the same appreciation when they go in to Lambeau Field. Different situation. The Colts looked good and Peyton looked like himself. What can one say? With no other team in the division ruining things for them like the Titans did last year they should sail into the playoffs (I know early but come on!) The Seahawks, what can you say really…they are hurting and it shows.

 Titans V. Jaguars

 Oh how the mighty have fallen…get it the Titans? Ok but seriously the Titans are just lost. They have a lot of good players but apparently they can’t form in to a team as they did last year. The Jaguars however seem to finally be putting things together nicely. Last week it was all about Jones-Drew and this week it’s all about Garrard. They played well and I think you can see more to come. The one thing that the Titans can be happy with is their D is still really good against the rush.

 Giants V. Chiefs

 So the Giants beat the Chiefs and that proves according to dear old Shannon Sharpe That they are the best team in the league. The thing everyone fails to mention besides the fact that they are beating bad teams, but this bad team scored 16 points on them! This is not something that the “Best team in the League” should be doing, and Eli is hurt and that makes me happy too bad it doesn’t really mean much as he will still play.

 Ravens V. Patriots

 If it weren’t for a very catchable ball being dropped the Ravens I believe would have won. But shoulda, woulda, coulda. I like how losing to a good team means you aren’t a great team. Every team statistically will lose a game and really multiple games. So if the Jets beat the Pats and the Pats beat the Ravens how is it that the Ravens and the Pats are both above the Jets? People have their opinions but beating bad teams makes you look better, losing against great teams make you look bad? That is where the BCS in college football makes sense strength of schedule, The Giants wouldn’t be ranked as high, and the Jets, Patriots and Ravens would be higher even with a loss.

 Bucs V. Redskins

 The Bucs almost pulled it off with their new starting QB Johnson, but somehow even though the Redskins have horrible 1st halves, Campbell gets it together and digs out a win. Nothing to be too proud of, you still lost to the Lions. The Bucs might be searching all year long for their first win.

 Bills V. Dolphins

 So Henne didn’t break out or anything and owes this win to the running backs of this team who seem to know how to breakthrough. But the Bills just seem to have given their all in week one and that loss just killed them since. Get over it; you have decent players and you shouldn’t be giving up 38 points to the Fins. Interdivision or not.

 Jets V. Saints

 So Sanchez is human? No shit! Its funny how the media raises someone so high based on a few games and then acts like this is shocking to have happened. Everyone has a bad game and since he hadn’t had one yet it was important for it to happen now to a good team then later to a bad team. If not for the mistakes of Sanchez the offense scoring would have been tied and who knows what would have happened. The Jets defense did only allowed 1 TD, and prevent three-4th down conversions by the Saints. They should have Sheppard and Strickland back next week. The positive for the Saints besides staying undefeated is that they can win games without Brees throwing TDs, their defense really stepped it up and I think silenced a lot of critics that this is the team to beat in the NFC and maybe the whole NFL.

 Cowboys V. Broncos

 Ok seriously what is going on with Romo, he looked like a lost boy out on the green on Sunday and the Broncos were lucky to be able to capitalize on it and more than that lucky that Marshall is finally doing something. I think that the Cowboys really need to figure out what they are doing, if they don’t start playing strong this will be another disappointment to Cowboy fans as there are too many NFC teams that have potential for the playoffs this year for them to be playing this way. I still say the Broncos are a fluke but next week will be the real test for them. If they can beat the Pats I will be the happiest girl in the world and I will sing their praises. Maybe their luck streak will continue in to next week.

 Rams V. 49ers

 The Niners are winning without Gore. Granted they beat a hopeless winless team, but their defense is looking really strong and I think that they will have a great season ahead of them and an even better one when Gore comes back. The Rams however…do they play the Bucs or the Chiefs this year or something? Maybe they can play the Missouri high school state champs?

 Chargers V. Steelers

 Good lord, will these two teams make up their minds. I was wavering back and forth on this game, as they have been so unpredictable. I should have known better then going against the Steelers at home. But really who could have called Mendenhalls amazing game? Certainly not me. If they can keep this up and really start playing hard every game it is possible to see the Superbowl champs getting a playoff spot but they have to go through the Ravens first and that will not be pretty. The Chargers however apparently needed a whole 1st half to warm up before they really started playing. I think that the return of LT didn’t do much but they need to start games fast and be able to close them out and with the Broncos doing well it may not be as a shoo in for AFC West Champs as they may have thought.

 Packers V. Vikings

 Ok, so Favre beat his old team in the Metrodome. It wasn’t like they shut them out, and it was actually the highest rated game in ESPN history. I think both teams showed both strengths and weakness. Peterson fumbled a ball that was returned for a TD. Rodgers had an interception. But Rodgers still doesn’t have enough protection with 7 Sacks; the Packers didn’t get to Favre once. I hope the Pack can figure something out to protect him; otherwise this game could have ended up differently. They will be looking for revenge come November 1st.


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