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{October 7, 2009}   Week 5: Only Time Will Tell…..

The Byes: Bears are coming off a win so momementum might go down after a bye week but hey they’re winning, Packers need the week off to plot their revenge for November 1st when the Vikings will be on their turf, The Saints probably wished they had a later bye week as they have good momentum but hey a week of rest to come back to play an injured Giants team, Chargers hopefully will take the week off to figure out what is going on, its getting kind of silly and I think they should take the time to regroup and get in rhythm.

Bengals V. Ravens

The Bengals went down a notch when they had to go into OT against the Browns. Yes its inter-division but we are talking about a team who should be 3-0 if not for a lucky catch. The Ravens would be 4-0 if it weren’t for a dropped catch. But the Ravens are the more consistent team and I don’t think a loss to the Patriots mean they aren’t still one of the best teams in the AFC. The Ravens D will be all over Palmer, and the Ravens will go back up the rankings again.

Raiders V. Giants

I think everyone knows I think that the Giants are overrated, as they haven’t played any decent teams yet this year. Unless the Raiders replace their entire team in the next week the Giants will roll over the Raiders and still stake claim in being the best. I am waiting for Week 6 with anticipation to see the Giants face a real team when they go into the Superdome to play the Saints.

Cowboys V. Chiefs

The Cowboys aren’t really playing well right now, actually more than that Romo isn’t playing well. But the Chiefs are barely playing at all, ok I take that back they got 17 points on “The best team in the league” last week. I just don’t see them getting their first win against the Cowboys, I think they have enough weapons on both side of the ball that they should win this one, if they don’t I think Romo should go into hiding.

Redskins V. Panthers

Oh good lord, do I really have to pick between these two…I think it will come down to whose QB will have the worst game. The one benefit that Campbell has is he is doing really well in the 2nd half of games, which is why the Redskins are 2-2, they pull it out some how. But I don’t know about this one…to go against the Panthers is really saying that Delhomme is done. But they are barely scoring and I am just going to say the Redskins on this one, but I am struggling.

Vikings V. Rams

Brett Favre is awesome…. no really I mean to keep his name in everything football every week for like the last 19 years is really an accomplishment. I mean he even wore purple and pink on MNF. I am just trying to figure out something to say other than the Rams have no chance and that the Vikings will win…but don’t worry Favre haters his day will come, there is no way the Vikings will make it to the Superbowl. I think its in the agreement when he sold his soul.

Buccaneers V. Eagles

Eagles are coming off their bye week and I really think that they should be able to come off well rested and able to take it easy this week against the Bucs. While the Bucs almost won against the Redskins, I think that Mcnabb will come out proving that he is still the leader of this team and the Bucs will remain winless.

Steelers V. Lions

So after a dominant performance in SNF, well at least for the first half. The Steelers seem to be a little bit more back on their game. Polamalu should be showing back up in the next couple of weeks but I don’t think they will need him for this game. The Lions got their win a couple of weeks ago and it looks like they might go back to struggling in games to even show up. The Steelers will win this and if they play like they did last week the Lions might get embarrassed.

Browns V. Bills

So the Browns almost beat the Bengals with Anderson starting and their defense was actually doing well too. The Bills looked horrible against the Fins and I wonder what happened to the team we saw in week one that almost beat the Pats? Its like they forgot how to play or something and Edwards was just embarrassing. I am having a hard time with this one. But I think I will go against the grain and pick the Browns…but with 2 unpredictable teams who knows!

Falcons V. 49ers

I hate it when teams come off of bye weeks, you never know what to expect. The Falcons have all the weapons but they haven’t captured the magic of last year and I don’t know if they will. The NFC has a lot of potential playoff teams and if the Falcons don’t start playing like they mean it they will be off that list in a hurry. One of those teams that have potential is the Niners and they keep playing better and better every week win or lose. Singletary has something going, while I don’t know how much you can bank on the QB, their defense is what is helping fill the void of Gore. They had 2 TD’s against the Rams…yes it was the Rams but I like where this is going. I am going to give my bro’s team some faith and predict a win at home.

Texans V. Cardinals

These two teams really confuse me as they have two of the best receivers in the league and pretty decent QB’s to throw to them but something is just not fully clicking yet. The Texans seem to do ok like every other week like they are on a schedule or something and the Cardinals are coming off a bye week that was well needed after an embarrassing loss to the Colts. I am going to go with the Cardinals at home and hope that the rest did them some good to regroup.

Patriots V. Broncos

Ok, so I want to say that the Broncos are going to win again and become 5-0, but I just don’t buy it not with Orton at the helm. I think they are finally going to be taken down by the Pats at home in front of hopeful Bronco fans. I would however love to be wrong on this one and will do a little dance if the Broncos can pull it out and beat down the Pats.

Jaguars V. Seahawks

So apparently the Jags just need to warm up? They are looking really good right now and the Seahawks look really bad. I see a lot of yards for Jones-Drew to stretch his legs and if Garrard keeps playing this way I think there is a possibility of a wildcard in their future. I said possible not definite. But the Seahawks need to figure out what game plan they are going with and soon. The Niners already have the NFC West title in their eyesight. I think the Jags will get this one.

Colts V. Titans

I am done supporting the Titans to get their first win. It is just embarrassing and I know the team must feel the same way. I just can’t go against Peyton right now who has had 4-300+yd games to start off the season first time in his career. I think the Titans really need to figure out what they want in the future for their team as Grandpa Kerry is on his way out. Peyton might get his 5th 300+yd game.

Jets V. Dolphins

The Jets defense should have two key players back with Lito Sheppard and Donald Strickland not to mention that Calvin Pace will be eligible to play. I really think that Henne will be running for his life with Rex Ryan’s blitzapalooza or whatever they are calling it. I think that the Jets offense will start off with running the ball and that Sanchez is going over ball security this week and hopefully he learned a big lesson from last week. The fins may have won last week but the Jets are going to come out swinging after their first loss. The Jets will not be losing back to back games.


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