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{October 13, 2009}   Week 5 Wrap up…a few tears and a little dancing too!

Vikings V. Rams

Ok no shocker here, the Vikings easily win against the Rams, the good thing for them is Peterson scored 2 Td’s, and Favre only attempted 24 passes. Why is this important? The last 2 weeks Favre has thrown for 35 passes both weeks, this for a guy of his age and with running back like Peterson is not good. They need to let Favre relax, and Peterson needs to eat up the yardage. The Rams are bad, looking at their schedule I really don’t see any wins, they will probably pull one out but I can’t bank on who.

Bengals V. Ravens

Sad….I really think that the Ravens D is one of the best out there, However they need to get themselves and their hits in check! The penalties are getting ridiculous and have now cost them 2 big games and one against their interdivision rivals. The Bengals though, they just keep winning and should be undefeated, but I am over that now they are now atop the AFC North by themselves and should be proud of it. Cedric Benson came out and made people forget how great the Ravens rush defense is by running for over 100yds.

Browns V. Bills

I really don’t want to say I told you so, cause this is an ugly I told you so. No TD’s, both QB’s looking horrible, and it wasn’t so much the defense was great although I do really like the Browns D. It was more that the offense of both of these teams are horrific. The Browns should enjoy this first win as I don’t know how many others they will get, but more than that The Bills need to figure out what they are doing as they just lost to the Browns!

Cowboys V. Chiefs

Ok, so I heard it this morning on the NFL Today “The Cowboys are the most overrated team, and Romo is only a mediocre QB at best. I think today proved it, as this had nothing to do with the Chiefs being good but I do have to say nice TD Vrabel, but more about the Cowboys came thisclose to losing to the horrible Chiefs. Romo may not need to go into hiding yet, but Lucy you got some splaining to do!

Raiders V. Giants

Ok really, Eli didn’t even need to play. They would have won with Carr starting, that is how bad the Raiders are! I found out that big boy Russell was fined for being overweight, he has gained over 25lbs this season and is pushing 300lbs! A QB that big? How does he even move around? I guess good thing is that the Raiders scored. But it was the biggest waste of televised football I have ever seen and they actually switch to another game after the half. I can’t wait for next week though as seeing the Giants finally playing a decent team makes me very happy! I hope the Saints will show up and crush them!

Steelers V. Lions

I really like what these Lions have done so far this year. I know they have only won one game, but they don’t give up and they should be proud of this game. They started Culpepper, and Calvin Johnson was out after only a few minutes. So I think if they keep playing like this they will have a few games that they can win and I think they might surprise us with others. The Steelers just didn’t seem as great as they did last year, I know they won but I wouldn’t brag if I was them. They are in a tough division and I don’t think the Bengals or the Ravens are willing to give up any games to them, so they better hope for Polamalu’s return soon!

Redskins V. Panthers

This one is kind of funny, cause here I put the Redskins and at work I put the Panthers that is how much I was unsure about this game. Really either team could have won….neither was impressive and it just came down to who scored last as they kept going back and forth. I am glad that the Panthers won though as its just a sad sight to see a once dominant team be so horrible, but on the bright side they play the Bucs next week! The Redskins, well I don’t know if there is a brightside, they gave the Lions their first win they could probably give the Chiefs theirs.

Buccaneers V. Eagles

Kolb who? Vick who? There were 2 QB’s that came back from almost the same injury and while I may have doubted Hasselbeck, I did not doubt Mcnabb. Mcnabb came back as if he was never hurt in the first place and while they did let the Bucs score 2 TD’s there was never doubt of who was in control of this game. I mean if the Bucs scored 14, maybe they have a chance next week against the Panthers.

Falcons V 49ers

Ok, this was sad…..the Niners started this game horribly and seemed to not be able to get it turned around. There are no words when such a talented defense allows 45 points, 35 of them in the first half alone. The Falcons did what they needed to do and that was shake off the loss against the Pats and come out swinging. They needed a big game in order to be taken seriously and I will not say that I believe yet but I really think that if they play like they did today against a defense that I still think is one of the best in the NFC good things could be coming. But the Niners need to watch themselves at one time there was a clear vision of a playoff berth now looks a little clouded with a Seahawk and Cardinal wins.

Texans V. Cardinals

At first I liked what I saw from the Cardinals, they jumped to a quick 21-0 start, and the Texans didn’t seem able to get anything going, then all of the sudden 2 TD’s to Andre Johnson and we have a ball game. The Cardinals did have a nice final stand not letting the Texans score at the end of the game in the Red Zone. However if they want to keep winning games they really need to get the lead, keep it, and their D needs to do it. I am not convinced that they will have another great year but its a nice start off the Bye week and we shall see what happens. The Texans almost came back but unlike the Cardinals problems they need to learn to start the game running and I don’t mean Slaton I mean scoring earlier. Not impressed either way but we shall see.

Patriots V. Broncos

Do a little dance, oh yeah! I will take being wrong cause in this situation I don’t want to be right! Broncos are 5-0 you say? Ok a little hard to believe but while they only knocked Brady on his butt once, it was the only one that counted. The score is tied, there is a little more than 2 minutes left and the Patriots have the ball. Tom Brady has the ball, all I am thinking is they could easily score, we have already seen it this year. Its 2nd and 8, and Brady not only gets sacked he fumbles the ball! Mr. Smug Perfection fumbles the ball and it goes into OT where Mr. Perfection loses his first OT game ever and the who scores first wins rule as finally made me happy! Ok So really though what does this mean? The Patriots like I have said all year aren’t as great as everyone makes them out to be and they have chings in their armor. The Broncos I think after this win have to quiet a lot of their critics and when it comes to their division they really need to be looked at as contenders. They have the Chargers and Ravens coming up so lets see what happens.

Jaguars V. Seahawks

Ok so everything I said about the Jags I take back. I mean how many times can they be so close to being a great team to just choke the next game. I mean yes Hasselbeck is back, but 41-0? Hasselbeck is not that good, neither are the Seahawks and they looked like a playoff caliber team putting the whooping on the Jags. Well the more AFC teams that crumble the better is how I see it personally but its sad that such a talented team can’t consistently get it together. I would like to see what happens next week with the Seahawks and Cardinals lets see if Hasselbeck and company can get it together again or not.

Colts V. Titans

Ok, this is just getting sad. The Titans made the Colts turnover the ball but the Titans couldn’t capitalize on it. The Titan seems to have forgot how to win games. They have a tough schedule this year due to their great start last year and I really don’t know how they are going win a game playing like that. The Colts stretched their AFC dominance and with the Pats and Ravens losing they should be one of the Lone AFC teams on the top of many peoples lists unless they finally decide to count the Broncos in.

Jets V. Dolphins

Ok, so this is hard but it was a good game I will admit that. I think that really it came down to who scored last it was a back and forth night. I do think that the fins were really smart in their wildcat offense but eventually they really need to work with their QB as some game the wildcat will be shut down right away and they won’t know what to do. I think the Jets really need to look at their D a little bit and make sure they are better prepared for the Fins in a couple of a weeks.


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