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{October 14, 2009}   Week 6: Oh how I hope the “Mighty” will fall….

Bye teams…Cowboys really need this bye week to regroup and rethink where they stand in the NFC East, The Colts actually probably won’t benefit from this bye week and since they are having such great momentum too bad their bye week will halt it for now, Dolphins get to go into the bye on a high but when they get back they will be playing the Mighty Saints they should take this week to figure out how to stop the Saints, 49ers need this bye week after a horrible game against the Falcons last week, hopefully they will look at this as a chance to regroup and sit back and see what will happen in Seattle this week.


Rams V. Jaguars

I have a feeling that the Jags will come back from last weeks embarrassing showing against the Seahawks and take it out on the Rams. Fortunetly for the Jags the Rams don’t put up much of a fight and I don’t see them doing much this week and there will be no embarassing stanky leg dance.

Chiefs Vs. Redskins

Ok here it is, my prediction…..the CHIEFS WILL WIN! The Redskins has been giving almost everyone their first win….the Giants in week one, Lions in week 3, Panthers in week 5….not to mention barely winning against the Rams and the Bucs. I think the Chiefs want a win, and are actually putting up some points that are making a win within reach. The Redskins barely put points up and their offense is just painful to watch. I like Cassell getting his first win in Red.

Texans V. Bengals

So the Bengals are coming into this Hot Hot Hot and I think that they will take this game to continue to prove that they are a top notch AFC team. The Bengals and the Broncos are the two teams winning games but are only starting to get backing from their critics. The Texans however are still a team that has all the weapons but just haven’t been able to get it together. I don’t think the Texans will come out and win this but I wouldn’t put it passed them. However I think the Bengals will win this one and give all their doubters a little more to talk about.

Ravens V. Vikings

I really like the Ravens but the problem is that they need to get their penalties into check. This is what hurt them in their loss to the Pats and their loss to the Bengals. If they don’t figure out how to play D without getting a flag on every play then they are one of the more dominant teams. However they are travelling into Minnesota against a team that has been dominant on both sides of the ball so far this year. I think that these teams have a lot more in common than the purple in their uniforms, they tend to play the same way. I keep on going back and forth on this but I think that the Vikings will win at home although I would really like to see the Ravens bounce back.

Lions Vs. Packers

I think Rodgers and company should be niced and relax after a bye week after a loss to the Vikings. I think that they will start out with beating the Lions at home. The Lions have a lot to be happy about they are showing up to each game putting up points they are just playing against tougher teams.

Browns Vs. Steelers

The Browns should be happy that they got their first win however they shouldn’t get to coky about this just yet. They scored 6 whole points last week against a Bills team that is deteriorating in front of our eyes. The Steelers however looked good last week and I think this may be the week the Polamalu will be back as he practiced all last week and is participating this week so hopefully he can fill the gap that the Steelers need, but if they get a good lead early they can use him lightly. The Steelers should win this one.

Panthers Vs. Buccaneers

Ok so this is my 2nd prediction that may shock some, I think that the Bucs will get their 1st win. I do really think that really its up in the air however I do really think if the Bucs are going to win one this could be it. Interdivision play against the Panthers who just won their first game last week. The Bucs are scoring and getting closer to a win every week. I am not going to say that they are looking great but they are slowly putting things together and a win is close.

Giants Vs. Saints

Alright, Alright this is the game I have been waiting for, the game where the mighty Giants will finally play someone that has more then one win. The Saints are coming of a Bye week that probably went over how they can ignite Brees back up after 2 low scoring offensive games. I really think that the Saints have a lot of support when they are in the superdome and I hope that the fans will be so loud Eli can’t even hear his own thoughts. I know I harp on him a lot but I would like to see what the Giants do against a real team. I predict the Saints winning, and if the Giants pull it off I will say something nice about Eli in my wrap up!

Cardinals Vs. Seahawks

This is a very important game in the NFC West and the Niners are not apart of it. The Cardinals win they are tied with the Niners for 1st place but lose in head to head, or you have Seahawks winning and without a bye week yet they would end up .500 and in 2nd place with the Niners still having the head to head advantage. I still haven’t figured out who is the bigger risk as they have both been so unpredictable. Statistically the Cardinals are having the rougher start and now with Hasselbeck back and doing well its so hard……I am going to go with the Cardinals….no the Seahawks…no the…ok I am obviously having issues with this one…..I am just going to say the Seahawks with the way they played last week unless the Cardinals can learn how to close out a game.

Eagles Vs. Raiders

Do I really need to say anything about this game? I was at the bar and I saw this on the tv. “Raiders are Hopeless” I think that pretty much says it. The Raiders have no offense. Their defense tries their hardest but is unable to do anything when they are on the field every 5 seconds cause Russell either fumbles, throws and interception, or goes 3 and out before the D can even take a seat. The Eagles got their QB back and I think the Eagles will go marching out and do the same things that the Giants did and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Kolb or Vick in the 2nd half.

Bills V. Jets

The Jets and the Bills are coming off of losses, one in a really good back and forth game and one in the most embarassing lack of control I have seen in a long time. The Bills had 9 embarassing false start calls….how do you get that many in one game? Their penalties cost them 75 yards altogether and they looked like one hot mess. The Jets however in thier loss actually looked good offensively. Sanchez seemed to have not only shaken off the bad of week 4 but he found a new partner in Braylon Edwards. I think Defensively they should have fun this week and shake off allowing 31pts on MNF. The Jets should regain their confidence this week and win this one.

Titans Vs. Patriots

So apparently the Titans have the most ridiculous schedule this season, you would think after all their losses they would catch a break. The Pats lost last week but I still think they are a good team and that the Titans will struggle again against a team that has the skills at home. The Titans don’t have clear skies ahead but they do have the Bills in week 10 to look forward to? Anytime the Pats lose makes me happy but I think the Pats will come off this game on top!

Bears Vs. Falcons

The Falcons looked great in SF, and Ryan finally found someone other than Gonzalez to throw to and Roddy White had an amazing game. I think coming off that game it will give them motivation and faith in their team to win at home, however the Bears coming off their bye week are kind of unpredictable in their games winning with all the odds against them. I do think however that the Falcons will come away with this one.

Broncos Vs. Chargers

Ok this is a make or break game for both teams, and interdivisional MNF game creates great possibilities as seen last week. I think that the Broncos are still trying to prove themselves although they are 5-0, and beating their interdivision rival on MNF will do that. The Chargers however need the same exact motivation in order for people to start backing them again so I really think that this game can go either way but based on performance only I am going with the Broncos.


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