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I don’t have any real upsets this week unless you consider my MNF pick an upset. I really think that the teams I have picked are the real deal, but I am still shaky on the Mcnabb returns to Philly game. So let’s see who’s gonna get it and who’s going to suffer another loss.

BYE Week-Chiefs, Cowboys, Vikings, Bucs

New York Jets Vs. Buffalo- The Jets showed that they can play without Revis, and that Sanchez is better than just a one week thing. Buffalo showed that it’s better off with Fitzpatrick and……….hmmmm…….I am not sure what else. But I think the Jets will pick on the Bills like everyone else has and Calvin Pace coming back really helps the defense out!

Cincinatti Vs. Cleveland- The Bengals are slowly putting things together, I don’t know if they have the power to really compete in their division nor the whole AFC, but the Browns are the worst team in the league so I don’t think its saying too much that the Bengals should win. I still think Mangini will be fired before the end of the year.

Baltimore Vs. Pittsburgh- The Ravens came alive last week on offense but Ray Rice was hurt and Pittsburgh’s defense has been dominant. I think this is going to be a low scoring game like the Jets game in week one. But it really comes down to who can do what on offense. I am going to give this one to Pittsburgh even though their offense isn’t really their “A” team, their defense will be all over Flacco.

Denver Vs. Tennessee- The Broncos are a team that I just don’t get quite yet. I am not sure where they stand nor what they’re doing. I think the Titans should come along nicely after a few let downs and come out swinging against this unpredictable team.

Detroit Vs. Green Bay- The Pack will be heated and will take their revenge out on the injury sticken Lions. I would love to see the Lions get somewhere but I don’t think they will get anywhere against the Pack. I take the Pack easily and Matthews is going to throw Hill around!

San Francisco Vs. Atlanta- Poor Niners……Its just sad really. I just think they should be able to do so much more then they are. They have so much talent and its being lost in the mix and I don’t think a new offensive coordinator is going to fix the problem. The Falcons however are on a high beating the Saints last week and I think they will be coming into this game with a lot of power and faith in themselves. So while it pains me I am going to say the Falcons.

Carolina Vs. New Orleans- Do I even have to explain my pick? The Saints. Why? Give me one good thing the Panthers have done this season? Their running game has virtually disappeared and they have two QB’s with so little experience the whole offense is just a mess. The Saints are going to want to save face and take care of the Panthers and score big like they did all last year.

Seattle Vs. St Louis- I am actually in St. Louis as I write this post and I wish I could say the Rams will take this one, however some how the Seahawks are the team in this division that has looked like a winning team. I would love to see the Rams pull this one off, on of their jobs though will be to make sure their special teams are in check to stop anything from getting by them. But I like the Rams!

Indianapolis Vs. Jacksonville- The Colts are over their week 1 lost and are putting up numbers against anyone who trys to step up to them. I always say you never know when it comes to an interdivisional game but the Jags are looking so bad I don’t think they will be able to do it against the Colts.

Houston Vs. Oakland- The Raiders are actually looking better than most people thought they would and if Schaub can’t get his act together I wouldn’t be surprised to see an upset here. But I believe in the Texans and I think when their offense clicks its unstoppable so I am going to call the Texans in this one

Washington Vs. Philadelphia- Gosh, I really don’t know what to say on this one. It can go either way really, its a big game for both teams, but I am going to give the slight advantage to the Eagles who have looked way more put together than the Skins’. But I wouldn’t be surprised to see Mcnabb go crazy and get the win.

Arizona Vs. San Diego- I think the Chargers can win this……I can’t put money on it cause the Chargers have looked so bad but I think the Cardinals just look horrible so I think the Chargers should win this one.

New York Giants Vs. Chicago- Da Bears, I am still not sold on them being a superbowl team, but I do see them beating the Giants and possible making Eli cry. The Giants are a hot mess and can’t seem to get anything together at this point. So I guess the Bears will be 4-0

New England Vs. Miami- This might be considered an upset but I believe that the Fins are the better team though it pains me to say it. I think the Fins looked good last week in a lot of ways and the Pats looked bad on defense. I know a lot of people still are in love with the Pats but like I said before I just don’t buy it and I think they are over.



 Alright, Alright the Bears are better than mediocre!

Tennessee Vs. New York Giants- The Giants are really looking bad right now, and with a win from the Cowboys and another win from the Eagles they need to figure out what’s wrong and fast. Eli is so mistake prone, its hard to ever believe that he was a superbowl MVP (but that was sort of by default) Chris Johnson on the other hand is carrying his team once again, while Vince Young tries to get his groove back.

Cincinatti Vs. Carolina- This is probably not what Clausen envisioned when he pictured his 1st NFL start, 1 INT and 3 fumbles really didn’t make Matt Moore a distant memory. The Panthers can’t get anything together and this is going to be Fox’s last year coaching there. The Bengals can’t be too proud though as Palmer is still looking bad and Benson barely broke out, again in their tough division they won’t be able to keep winning this way.

Pittsburgh Vs. Tampa Bay- Wow, Batch it up! Who knew? The Steelers finally got their first passing TD X 3. Yeah he got 2 INT too, but definitely got their offense finally going to match with their dominant defense. The Bucs got reality handed to them and Freeman saw a defense I am thinking probably shook him up a little more. But the Bucs are still working themselves up to what they can be.

Buffalo Vs. New England- Fitzpatrick obviously solved their QB issue, and the Bills stayed in this game the whole time even leading right before the half, which shows more of the Pats defenses weakness than the Bills offense. The Pats really need to look at their defense if they want to stay competitve week in and week out.

Cleveland Vs. Baltimore- Flacco finally realized that he’s and NFL QB, and that is what the Ravens needed so they can regain faith in this offense. The Browns however didn’t look too bad and Hills was a nice replacement for the injured Harrison. I wouldn’t count the Browns out of a couple of wins this year, I just don’t know against who.

San Francisco Vs. Kansas City- I just don’t know what to say anymore, I don’t think anyone could have guessed the Chiefs would be 3-0 to start the season. Matt Cassel finally helped out this time with 3 td’s of his own, it also helped that this week Charles and Jones were a threatening running duo. You know the Niners are in trouble when it takes a while for Willis to get going, maybe they really need an extra year before they become a contender. Especially with the way Seattle is playing.   

Dallas Vs. Houston- The Cowboys were backed in a corner and pulled out a win, they looked comfortable and the early favorites people were talking about. However, I wouldn’t get too excited Cowboy fans. The Texans however just can’t seem to get to that dominant 1st week. Schaub has looked like a mess so far this year, I just can’t tell if its him or the offensive line. But Foster shouldn’t be able to get the yards he is if its the O-line.

Detroit Vs. Minnesota– I keep rooting for the Lions, mostly out of pity though. So I guess it doesn’t surprise me that the Vikings pulled this one out. The Vikings still aren’t looking like they did last year, but Peterson did his thing which basically won the game. I don’t know why they couldn’t make a deal with Vincent Jackson but they need Rice back soon cause Peterson can’t carry this team. The Lions are injury stricken with Best now hurting himself, it just makes me sad to know that Calvin Johnson’s talents are still being wasted……when is he a free agent?

Atlanta Vs. New Orleans- I laugh at this, cause I called it. I think analysts like to be apart of the team and go with everyone else. But I saw it week 1, the Saints don’t have their offensive dominance that they did last year. But the Falcons defense also didn’t look this good last year. I really like the Falcons, I am not saying they are going to win the superbowl, but I like them for the playoffs and maybe even taking the division. The Saints didn’t have Bush, but it was really the kicker who botched it. I think it will be interesting to see how these two teams match up later in the season.

Washington Vs. St Louis- I am so proud of the Rams, every week they have been improving and its like watching your 7 year old getting his first home run or goal. You just smile, clap, and think about time! The Skins’ are confusing cause they’ve been playing well and their defense has been doing well. I don’t know what happened but they probably didn’t feel so good after the game.

Philadelphia Vs. Jacksonville- Vick looked great, and no one is shocked that he got the start. Mccoy wasn’t able to do much but it was no problem for the Eagles. The Jaguars are a big mess, both Garrard and MJD both seem lost and can’t get anything going. I think its over for them in their competitve division. I can’t seem to figure out what the problem is but there’s something. The Eagles look to me that they might end up being the NFC East champs this year.  

Indianapolis Vs. Denver- Kyle Orton threw for 476 yards, but only scored 13 points. That just shows how the Broncos are hurting. They have no running game, and their defense couldn’t compete agains the Colts offense. The Colts looked good as usual on offense and they were able to get stuff done on their defense. Collie is filling in nicely where Garcon left void as a #2 receiver.

Oakland Vs. Arizona- The Cardinals barely won this game and it was really thanks to a great kick off return. They played sloppy otherwise with fumbles. This team looks nothing like the SB cardinals in 08′. The Raiders looked good for who they are I think they found a better QB in Gradkowski over Campbell but who knows what will happen next week.

San Diego Vs. Seattle- Ok, seriously Seattle needs to make up its mind, are they a playoff team or not? But then again with the way the rest of the division is looking they are not going to have a choice. It seems they might just win enough to beat the rest of their division. The Chargers are off to a bad start again this year which seems to happen yearly for them. But I don’t think its going to help them get to the SB playing like this, or if the Chiefs keep playing well.

New York Jets Vs. Miami- The Jets win, like it or not Braylon played. It was the teams decision not mine, and I am happy they played him. It will be great to have Holmes in two weeks though. The Fins didn’t look bad, they were just outplayed at the end. The Fins made stupid mistakes that the Jets capitalized on. But Henne and Marshall had a nice groove together when they could get it to him. So I still think the Fins will do good this year and will be fighting for a playoff spot.

Green Bay Vs. Chicago- I still think that the Bears aren’t #1, but their defense is looking good. The Pack looked good to and it was a great interdivision game. As my Bear friend said they will probably be 5-0 due to their next two games against the Giants and the Panthers. The Pack needs to be dominate against their next few opponents in order to make their mark and show that they are the team to beat in the NFC.

{September 22, 2010}   Week 3- Let’s see what we see……

There isn’t any clear leader in the NFL yet, every team is showing weakness and some surprising teams are showing strength. I have a couple of surprising choices but I think with every week there are some unexpected teams winning games no one thought they would. With that enjoy, comment, rant, and rave……

Tennessee Vs. New York Giants-Well, this one will be interesting. Both teams have shown both strength and weakness. However; were their strengths just against bad teams? If either of these teams want to go anywhere in their competitive divisions they need to win this came to stay in it. I am going to call the Titans, I think CJ will be able to break out against the Giants defense.

Cincinatti Vs. Carolina- The Bengals are another team that is in a competitive division and every win counts. The good thing is Carolina has looked beat up and Clausen is getting the start over struggling Moore. I think the Bengals take this easily especially if they limit the running game, which hasn’t been as dominant as it has in the past.

Pittsburgh Vs. Tampa Bay-Although the Bucs were able to come out with another win, this is the first real week playing a tough team. Pittsburgh has showed that they are so tough they on “D” they don’t need a 1st string quarterback. I think they will win this one and show that losing Ben for four games didn’t affect their season.

Buffalo Vs. New England- The Bills are lost and confused, they will be starting Fitzpatrick this week which they went to at the end of last season as well. They won a few with him but he wasn’t dominate and obviously lost the starting gig this year. The Patriots will hound their division mates making up for their lost against the Jets last week.

Cleveland Vs. Baltimore- The Browns are pretty much a disaster and I don’t think Mangini will last the entire year. But the Ravens should be worried if they can’t score more than 10 points against the Browns. Pittsburgh is looking too good right now in their division to not come out and try and dominate the Browns. I call the Ravens.

San Francisco Vs. Kansas City-I think this will be where the Niners get their first win and the Chiefs get their first loss. The niners almost had the Saints last week and if they keep up the confidence in their offense they should be able to get by the chiefs. Matt Cassel will be dealing with Willis in his face all day.  

Dallas Vs. Houston- The Cowboys really need to dig themselves out the hole they’re in if they want to have a home superbowl. The NFC seems to be the weaker league so I think they are very much alive even at 0-2. The Texans are trying to prove they mean business this year in order to prove that they are the real deal and a playoff team. I like the Texans in this one.

Detroit Vs. Minnesota– The Vikings better hope they win this one unless they want to be totally written off and laughed at, however I am not going to say that its not impossible for the Lions to win. The Lions are looking better each week as the Vikings are looking worse. You know what screw it, I am picking the Lions!

Atlanta Vs. New Orleans- These NFC South rivals should bring out an interesting game, the Saints although everyone is still ranking them #1 doesn’t look like the team from last year and the dominate offense they had. The Falcons on the other hand really want to come out and make things happen so the question is will the Saints be able to keep everyone off of them and go to 3-0? I just don’t think its going to happen I just think that the Saints ain’t what they used to be ain’t what they used to be. I will pick the Falcons just to be out of the norm.

Washington Vs. St Louis- The Redskins have been looking better than I think most people thought they would. The Rams however look like everyone thought they would, a team that is still developing. I like the Skins’ in this one.

Philadelphia Vs. Jacksonville- Vick and Mccoy made a great team so much so Andy Reid went back on his word which come on we all thought the Eagles would start Vick over Kolb healthy or not. The Jags just can’t seem to get going. They didn’t look good last week and MJD seems to be stalled out. But I wouldn’t count them out quite yet. But I am going to go with the Eagles on this one.

Indianapolis Vs. Denver-The Colts dominated the Giants on Sunday night and I think they will do the same to the Broncos who unfortunately are going through a loss of a teammate again. I would like to say that they come together and win but the Colts really are trying to state their dominance in the AFC. I like the Colts.

Oakland Vs. Arizona- The Cardinals don’t look good and neither does the Raiders so this week will be interesting inclusing who is going to be the starting QB for the Raiders. I am going to go off on that and pick the Cardinals for the win.

San Diego Vs. Seattle-The Chargers looked a lot better last year but its not good that Matthews hurt himself serious or not. The Seahawks however looked a lot worse. I will take the Chargers in this.

New York Jets Vs. Miami- The Fins are 2-0 but they barely beat both teams who have both been playing like crap. The Jets are coming off a big win and they need to come out and win against the Fins without Revis and Edwards coming off a DUI. This is going to help either team stamp their name in the AFC East with two division wins so far this year. I am going to with the Jets as I think they are the better team.  

Green Bay Vs. Chicago- I got some flack from a reader for calling the Bears mediocre. I’m sorry I don’t think they’re the real deal. If they win against the Packers I will admit that I am wrong. But I think the Pack will come out and show the Bears they are the team to beat in the NFC. Clay Matthews already has 6 sacks this season lets see how many times he gets it done against Cutler. I am picking the Pack!

 Alright I am working on it, but there are some crazy surprises each week. I was right with my upset pick with the Jets although I wouldn’t call it an upset. But Edwards DUI definitely pissed me off!

Buffalo Vs. Green Bay- The Pack had me worried earlier in the game it took a little too long for me to have them show some dominance. But Buffalo really doesn’t have that much to have their opponents worry about.

Baltimore Vs. Cincinnati- Like I said these two teams know each other well, so it doesn’t really surprise me that the Bengals won. But I think the Ravens offense need to figure themselves out a little more. Everybody is talking about their defense and winning last week. But the thing is they are looking good on the O-side like they did last year. But Rice did look a little better but that is not enough. If they want to be a superbowl team they need more strength on that side.

Pittsburgh Vs. Tennessee- Good lord, the Titans are confusing me! Do they want to make the playoffs or not? They looked really good last week, but just showed up looking like crap this week. Mistakes all over and Chris Johnson broke his streak of 100+ yd games. Not only that but he fumbled, it was just sloppy all around. But Pittsburgh is showing they don’t need Ben to win games and are looking better and more consistant than the Bengals and Ravens.

Chicago Vs. Dallas- The Cowboys aren’t looking too good right now, I don’t know if its from last week or if its all the pressure on them to make it to the Cowboy Stadium Superbowl. I did hear on some show though that the last time they won the superbowl they were 0-2 to start the season. But in the same breath only 13% of teams that start 0-2 make it to the playoffs. So who knows but they need to figure out what’s going on and soon cause they are losing to middle of the road teams not great ones. The Bears on the other hand are probably one of the most mediocre teams that are 2-0.

Philadelphia Vs. Detroit- Well it was Vick and Hill starting, and the Lions started well in the 1st half but then Mccoy broke out. I must admit I like this guy. He did well last week but 3 Td’s this week he’s really bringing it out and regardless of who is the future QB of the Eagles they should build off this guy. The Lions really are trying their best but its just not working 100% yet but I think they’re getting there. Best is having his good spurts so I have hope for them to win a few this year.

Tampa Bay Vs. Carolina- I like Josh Freeman, I wanted him instead of Sanchez in the draft last year. He looked alright today only 50% on completions but he had 2 Td’s. Matt Moore keeps hurting himself with an INT and Lost fumble. Neither’s running game looked good, it seemed to be solely based on turnovers. I think these two will be at the bottom of their division, heck maybe even tied for last place.

Arizona Vs. Atlanta- I didn’t get to watch the game so I have no idea why Snelling more yards than Turner and 2 TD’s but Matt Ryan looked really good too with 3 Td’s. Arizona is missing Warner more and more, they don’t have any playmakers. Although I guess Hightower’s 80yd run was their highlight of the game, well only highlight. But they keep sinking more and more, So I still don’t know where the Falcons actually stand.

Kansas City Vs. Cleveland- So this was the boring game of the weeks and the Chiefs barely squeak it out. Both teams suck and no one really looked good, and that’s about all I have to say about that!

Miami Vs. Minnesota- I seriously need to go with my gut, I thought this is would be an upset and I do like the Fins to win it. But I went with my head! The Vikings are screwed, that’s all I can say. Favre is probably already wishing he didn’t come back cause he would have gone out on top of his game last year. The Fins still have things to work out though, but 2-0 is a good place to be.

Seattle Vs. Denver- What a difference a week makes! Hasselbeck looked like his old self with 3 INT and Kyle Orton had over 300yds and 2 TD’s. I think these are both middle of the road teams still trying to figure things out. Bring on Whitehead!

St Louis Vs. Oakland- Mcfadden finaly ran! I can’t believe it over 100 yds! I was really rooting for the Rams to give Bradford his first win. He looks like a sweet sixteen year old, I just want to pinch his cheeks! He’s still doing well enough for a rookie, he just has a bad team around him. But I think they will win eventually. I hope at least. Campbell is pulling his old skins plays and by that I mean just doing absolutely nothing and I would be surprised if he doesn’t start next week.

Houston Vs. Washington- WOW! Almost 1,000 yards passing combined between Schaub and Mcnabb. Who would of thought this would be such an exciting game! I like the Texans, I say it every year but I really think this might be it for them…… to have a winning season and a playoff berth that is. I ain’t crazy! The Skins’ should be happy though that Mcnabb has really helped them out. They have a great D, they just needed someone to help them rest for a little bit.

Jacksonville Vs. San Diego- So good news/bad news for the Chargers, they took out their anger at the Jags for last weeks embarassing lost but Matthews went out with an ankle issue. Apparently he’s fine but I would be worried if I were them since they were depending on him to be the next LT! The Jags just looked bad, I mean MJD can’t get off the ground and Garrard played sloppy!

New England Vs. New York Jets- Alright I will be professional about this….. : P nanny nanny poo poo, I told you all the Pats were going down, but I understand everyone is under Brady’s spell and his luscious locks! But the Jets did their job as usualy and made Brady look bad. Then Sanchez was finally released from Shotty Jr’s grasped and played well his numbers looked pretty good for him and they got a good game out of Keller. The Pats looked better in the 1st half and the Jets did in the 2nd half. Bring on the Fins!

New York Giants Vs. Indy- Peyton rules, Eli Drools!

New Orleans Vs. San Francisco- The Saints have definitely not been looking like superbowl champions. They look like a decent team but the 1st two weeks they seem to be struggling a little bit. The Niners are looking better, and if it wasn’t for two red zone interceptions they could have easily won the game.

Alright, Week 2 is where we find out who was a fluke and who just had a bad week. I am sure there will also be a lot of huh’s trying to gigure out what’s going on. Here are the Sporty Girls Predictions, agree or disagree let’s start a conversation!

Buffalo Vs. Green Bay- The Pack really needs to show their dominance here, this is the team that they can show what they have on both sides of the ball. The Bills don’t really know where they are or where they are going. The Pack at home has a great chance to really show everyone that they are serious competitors this year.

Baltimore Vs. Cincinnati- Unfortunately I don’t see the Bengals beating their division rivals this year as they did last year. If last week was any indicator they need to work on a few things. However these two teams know each other well and if Ray Rice can’t break through there might be some problems. But I think the Ravens will win this on their own.

Pittsburgh Vs. Tennessee- While Pittsburgh’s defense looked good last week they are going against a much stronger running game this week. Where Turner couldn’t succeed I know Chris Johnson can. So I am going to call the Titans, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a lot of people go this way.

Chicago Vs. Dallas- I think Dallas is sulking right now, you know the coulda, woulda, shoulda’s in their heads after Sunday night’s game. I think they will rebound nicely this week because Chicago didn’t seem to have anything really going for them. So I will call Dallas at home and a nice boost to their self-esteem (I still think they are overrated though)

Philadelphia Vs. Detroit- Vick or Kolb, Stafford or Hill? I think either way their running game and defense need to do well to win this. I am not taking Detroit out of the picture against any mediocre team. They are getting to be a mediocre team themselves and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them upset a couple of teams this year. I do think that Philly will take this one though. They held well against Green Bay I think they will do well in Detroit.

Tampa Bay Vs. Carolina- The Bucs didn’t look too horrible but they were also playing the Browns, while the Panthers made a lot of mistakes but I think have a better all around team. I am going to take the Panthers in this one and that Matt Moore has a cleaner game, while Stewart and Williams have more room to run.

Arizona Vs. Atlanta- The Falcons held their own in defense against Pittsburgh, I think their offense was much better than showed and with the Cardinals barely beating the Rams last week I will take the Falcons and say Turner has a much better game.

Kansas City Vs. Cleveland- I think the Chiefs are a little better than the way the played minus their special teams of course. If they can get the running game going well I think they will win this one without help from special teams. I just don’t see the Browns winning much, and it will cost Mangini his job.

Miami Vs. Minnesota- The Dolphins barely beat the Bills, if the Bills didn’t give them the safety they would have only beat them by 3 points. This is not a good start despite it still being a win. I think Henne is still in question for being good enough. While Ronnie Brown looked good in spurts I don’t feel like this was the same team that was making big strides last year to being a playoff team. I think I will take the Vikings cause their defense is on it, and I think Peterson will have an easier time running against them.

Seattle Vs. Denver- I still don’t know what to make of the Seahawks or the Broncos for that matter. Hmmmm……I might change my mind by the end of the week but I am thinking the Seahawks. Their defense looked pretty good, and Hasselbeck was even moving around some. The Broncos I am still undecided on, I really think we will see Tebow starting soon enough.

St Louis Vs. Oakland- I like Bradford and I really see him doing things for this Rams team. I think he is the beginning of the Rams ride back up the ladder. The Raiders on the other hand, I don’t think they know what they are doing yet, they are both trying to rebuild and have strong veterans like Seymour. So I have to go with the Rams on this one.

Houston Vs. Washington- I know the Skins were able to pass by the other Texas team, but I like the Texans too much to think it will be 2-0 vs. the lone start state. I think this week though Schaub looks a lot better and Foster will be slowed down a little. Not a lot but I don’t see a repeat of last week. The Skins will hang for a little then I think the Texans will pull away.

Jacksonville Vs. San Diego- Oh goodness, I thought this would be a no brainer, but I guess it depends on which team shows up this week in San Diego. But I think the Chargers have the better weapons and the better defense, so I think they will revenge last week and take it out on the Jags who are getting there but just haven’t made it yet.

New England Vs. New York Jets- I know the Pats are gods and no one will ever beat the new hippie haired Brady. I like my Jets in this, yes the offense needs to work it out but I think the defense is more than good and the Pats defense is no where near that of the Ravens. The Jets will force them to turn the ball over and capitalize on it. I really think this is where the Jets running game gets started. They only lost by 1 point people to you haters out there. The Ravens didn’t dominate the Jets! They lost to themselves!

New York Giants Vs. Indy- Brothers at war, once every 4 years, the Giants and Colts are put together to figure out which Manning is better…..::::cue haunting music:::……Ok really? We all know that Peyton is the better Manning in all things considered. But it must be fun to play against your little brother that you probably beat up every day growing up. The last game was pretty close 26-21 in 2006. But I think Peyton is going to take the anger from losing against the Texans out on the poor Giants and he will show again he is the dominant Manning. If the Colts can contain Nicks, I think they’re golden and I will be a happy girl!

New Orleans Vs. San Francisco- I really thought the Niners would be coming into this one 1-0 then lose against the Saints at home. While I really like the Niners defense I don’t think they will be able to hold the Saints down. I think the Niners D will be on the field way too much to keep it up through 4 quarters against Brees and company. I would however like to see Gore do something this week not just because he’s on my fantasy team!

The main thing I pointed out last week was that you can’t predict week 1, cause you haven’t seen the teams really play for nearly a year. My bad choices seemed to go that way, but there were games that should have gone the other way.


Vikings- 9 Vs. Saints-14- Both defenses were superb, but if Sidney Rice was healthy I think it would have gone the other way. Favre loves Shanky and Rice. Brees wasn’t in his top form, and I think it was the Vikings defense that kept in from really breaking out. I think there are plenty of wins coming for both of these teams.

Browns-14 Vs. Bucs-17- Poor grandpa Jake, he never got over his worst birthday professionally when he bombed in the playoffs and threw five interceptions. I will admit I was secretly rooting for the Browns just cause I do like Mangini. But this team is screwed if they keep playing like this. Not everyone can play past 35, I think Jake needs to think about that. The Bucs 2nd year starter Josh Freeman played with a broken thumb, he didn’t look pretty but he got the job done!

Dolphins-15 Vs. Bills-10– I picked the Fins, but they could have very easily lost this one. But Marshall is making his place and Brown looked good. But the Bills need to learn how to onside kick! They purposely get a safety, then they onside punt it? Onside kicks only work if the ball isn’t catchable.  The Bills are a mess I guess they like some paintings they only look good from certain angles!

Bengals-24 Vs. Patriots-38 Ok, I pretty much will always pick against the Pats, well then why do I even bother saying anything about it? Because its my blog and my opinion damn it! Ok, I popped a Xanax and can talk about this now. Carson Palmer is on the verge of being over, you heard it hear first! He just couldn’t get things done. Oh and Cedric Benson couldn’t move the ball but Scott could. Lets change that up next week. Hippie boy acted like he’s never made a TD before when he threw it to Welker for the 1st touchdown. I think he’s as concerned about his team as everyone else should be. They beat a mediocre team it doesn’t mean that they are going to the superbowl. But wait til the sports sections come out Tuesday. I already read one article saying everyone should be afraid very afraid of the Pats! They will get theirs next week! 

Colts-24 Vs. Texans-34- My best wrong call ever! Every year I tell people that I really see the Texans up and coming and every year they disappoint mainly cause of their lack of a running game. Well, I tell you what if Schaub can get his act together and Foster plays as well as he did. That my friends is a dangerous combination! I predict 6-0! I think Peyton’s still figuring this whole umpire thing that’s messing his game. But really it was the defense that couldn’t contain Foster.

Broncos-17 Vs. Jaguars-24 – Jags take it. It wasn’t pretty but they did. A lot of back and forth, give and take, smack and punch Tebow upside the face. I mean sorry, I don’t know what came over me. But I have to admit watching Tebow and his 2-1yd rushes was pretty amusing. I still don’t know what to think of these two yet though.

Falcons-9 Vs. Steelers-15- Falcons could have won this, but Polamalu really got his D together. So good for the Steelers and even though he didn’t play great DIXON has a win!!!! I liked the Falcons D though, hopefully against weaker D’s Turner can bring it and Ryan will get more comfortable. He always seems to need a little bit of time to get into it.

Raiders-13 Vs. Titans-38 – Chris Johnson took a little time but then he got his 12th consecutive 100yd game. Mostly with the help of a 72yd run in the 2nd quarter for a touchdown. Vince Young looked as good as he did at the end of last year. If they keep playing like this Indy is in big trouble in their division!  The Raiders on the other hand at least look to be trying? Ok, positive, think, think….I think Kamerion Wimbley is a great addition to the Raiders his sack and forced fumble on Young was great!

Panthers-18 Vs. Giants-31- This was probably the ugliest game, 9 turnovers? The only highlight was Hakeem Nicks which I think officially has become Eli’s favorite target but with 3 INT for him and Matt Moore I think the QB’s need to do some thinking this week. Hopefully the Panthers running game looks better next week otherwise they are in big trouble.

Lions-14 Vs. Bears-19- So what if its a “rule” use your better judgement refs, Calvin Johnson caught the ball! Is he supposed to carry it to you once he catches it? Detroit getting screwed again by refs, Hopefully they just suck it up and show class like Gallaraga did earlier this year. Poor Detroit….no respect! But I would be worried about Matthew Stafford if I was them…..he’s starting to remind me of Chad Pennington! So much promise but injury prone. The Bears did not look good though, I really don’t see them doing much this season and if they don’t watch it they will be at the bottom of their division not the Lions!

Cardinals-17 Vs. Rams-13- The Rams almost won this so they have to feel a little good, and the Cardinals need to look at themselves and think what happened to us? If they want to be the contenders they have been in the past they need to find a better QB. I like D.A. don’t get me wrong but he’s not Kurt Warner. I think the Rams have a lot of promise in their new kid, they should be really happy with their start.

Packers-27 Vs. Eagles-20- They took a little bit, but the Pack showed that they know the expectations that are on their shoulders. But, the Eagles almost had them, and they are going to play a lot of strong teams this year. Kolb getting knocked out was kind of sad, since this was finally his team. The question is if he’s out next week will he ever get another chance? Reid says yes, but if Vick turns it out next week we will see if he sticks to it.

49ers-6 Vs. Seahawks-31- I don’t even know what to say. I just sat their with my mouth open thinking didn’t they just upgrade their O-line? Is Seattle’s defense that good? I am going to put this one behind me and see what happens for both of them next week.

Cowboys-7 Vs. Redskins-13- I heard the country quietly chanting after this game :::overrated::::, ::::overrated:::: Cowboys shot themselves in the foot, they had the game more than once and they let it go to a fumble that turned in to a TD, and a bad hold on their O-line. Where did he think he was the XFL? I don’t know anywhere that putting a guy basically in a choke hold is going to be ok or hidden. I was happy to see Mcnabb running around again, its like he’s a getting a little rejuvinated.

Ravens -10Vs. Jets-9- Although I hate to see my team lose, I did call it. Flacco is a stronger QB than Sanchez, therefore they had slightly better results. I mean 1 point, its nothing to brag about! The Ravens offense played sloppy too, 3 turnovers! The Jets only had 1, my biggest issue witht the Jets offense is that Shotty Jr. won’t let Sanchez really throw the ball, a bunch of slants doesn’t work. But I guess it really should be Shonn Greene who all but froze in that game. I am hoping he was just nervous, cause I guess he was really upset after the game because of his fumble which looking at the score would probably have led to the Jets winning. I really don’t see this as the Ravens dominating, I see it as the Jets shooting themselves, over 100yds given up in penalties 2 of them on 3rd & long resulting in auto 1st downs. The defense looked good but Wilson and Cromartie need to watch their hands, otherwise it would be a different story. I think Ray Rice will break out more next week 47 yards against the Jets D is to be expected, I wouldn’t write him off.

Chargers-14 Vs. Chiefs-21 – Apparently the Chiefs new tools were ready to go at the opening of the newly remodeled Arrowhead pond. Special teams seems to  be back as their specialties which has been lacking a little since  Hall left. McCluster looked good, but Chargers special teams also looked awful. While Rivers didn’t have too many issues he did fumble twice although he recovered it and Matthews hopefully will warm up cause he made mistakes as well. The thing it special teams can’t win every game, Cassel need to come out and they should really make Jones & Charles a tag team threat. It will be interesting to see what they can do.

{September 6, 2010}   Week 1: Who has bigger……

All anyone says in week 1 is crap, I mean who would have predicted the Broncos going 6-0 last year. So based on last year and major changes that happened in the off-season. Here we go Week 1: Predictions…..


Vikings Vs. Saints– Repeat of the NFC Champion game, The Saints eeeked this one out last year and outplayed the Saints until some costly mistakes by the Vikes. I don’t really like it but I think the Vikes will get payback this week.

Browns Vs. Bucs- Hmmm, sad vs. bad, old vs. young….I think this could go either way, but for the sake of the Browns fans I think they will start the season 1-0 with grandpa Jake at the helm!

Dolphins Vs. Bills– I think the Fins can start their 2nd string and still beat the Bills who are very confused with what they are doing. I would like to see them ditch Lynch and Jackson and give Spiller a good chance. I think the Fins are going to take this one easily.

Bengals Vs. Patriots- This could be a very interesting match up, it could help mold the rest of the season for these teams. I will admit I am a Pats hater, but I think they’re over. Their defense is crap and they have no running game. I don’t think Brady can carry them. So I am going to call the Bengals with a big game from Cedric Benson.

Colts Vs. Texans- I would love to say the Texans are going to come out of the gates swinging. But for some reason the south freezes against the Colts. I think the Colts will make the Texans look collegiate, but the Texans will come back.

Broncos Vs. Jaguars- Hmmm…..this is another interesting one, two mediocre teams with great possibilities. But I will take MJD over Moreno any day. I say Jags get it done.

Falcons Vs. Steelers- Falcons, I don’t even have to think. The Steelers don’t even know who to start at QB, and the Falcons seem to want to prove themselves so I see Turner breaking out and running all over them.

Raiders Vs. Titans – I would love to say the Raiders for my grandma, but with a new QB and still a very unproven team. I think the Titans will take this easily.

Panthers Vs. Giants- This one is tough, cause I see them both as middle teams. But I am going to call the Panthers cause I think they have the tools to put it together where the Giants looked a little sloppy.

Lions Vs. Bears- I would love to see the Lions win, but I think the Bears take this one. But the Lions will have a few W’s this year!

Cardinals Vs. Rams- Derek Anderson???? You know what how about this….I call the Rams, all together the Rams seem to have it more together than the Cards.

Packers Vs. Eagles- Packers, I can’t even tell you 5 players on the Eagles anymore. They are a mess and I don’t expect much of them this year.

49ers Vs. Seahawks- Niners, I think they will walk all over the Seahawks. I expect a big day from Frank Gore with protection of their upgraded O-line.

Cowboys Vs. Redskins- Cowboys, I hate them but I don’t see the Redskins pulling it off.

Ravens Vs. Jets- This is tough, I think it could go either way they are practically the same type of team. I will give advantage to Flacco though with pain in my heart and call the Ravens.

Chargers Vs. Chiefs – Chargers easily, the Chiefs have some new tools but I think it will take a little bit to use them correctly.

{September 6, 2010}   Here we go again……NFL is here!

Alright its Labor Day 2010, Football is back! Viking/Saints is on Thursday, and I am going to put down my predictions for this coming year!

AFC East- Jets, Yes I know what you’re thinking Sporty Girl is being bias, but look the Pats have no running game or defense, and I think the Fins are still building themselves up so I am calling it here the JETS this year for the AFC East.

AFC West- Chargers, I know big surprise. I just don’t see Denver getting it together this year as the Tebow experiment starts up, Raiders and Chiefs still have a few years to mature. Even if Matthews doesn’t step up, I think Rivers and Co. will walk away with it.

AFC North- Ravens, There are some crazy people out there calling the Bengals to win it all (Pat Kirwan) But the Ravens showed up last year and it should just get better this year. If Ray Rice can do it again this year, and Flacco become a little more precise its their year.

AFC South- Colts, same story every year. Peyton Manning…blah…blah…blah. I would love to see the Texans rise up or maybe the Jags. But I just don’t think it will be enough for the simple fact they have to play the Colts twice a year.

Wild Card- Dolphins, I have about 4 teams I can see in the wild card hunt, but I think the Fins will come off a good ending to last season to sneak into the playoffs. I think Marshall will be a great new asset for their passing game.

Wild Card- Texans, I am going to call them, I think about them every year to do something and maybe its finally time for the Texans to get to the playoffs. My other two possibles are the Bengals and Patriots.

NFC East- Cowboys, it pains me to say it but I don’t see the other three teams with enough to get through the whole season and comeout on top.

NFC West- 49ers, oh my brother would be proud. They can finish 8-8 and will still make it to the playoffs. Arizone imploded on itself, Rams are just starting, and the Seahawks are aging before our eyes.

NFC North- Packers, I think Brett Favre is going to regret coming back this year, I think Rodgers is going to take the Pack to the next level and really come out this year.

NFC South-Saints, yes they are the SB champs. I still like them, I think the Falcons can give them a run but they have a really tough schedule and I don’t see them here.

Wild Card- Falcons, while they won’t take the south I think they will be right in it.

Wild Card-Vikings, I don’t want to say it but I think they will be here because of Adrian Peterson and their #2 defense from last year.

AFC Champs- J…..Alright I have to be honest. I can really see the Ravens here, I hate to say that. But that is who I am calling for this spot, but it will be another AFC championship with the Jets in it.

NFC Champs- Packers, Ok don’t hate me. But they are looking good, and if Rodgers can play like he did last year with less sacks, I think they will go far. I am going to call the ultimate showdown, Packers V. Vikings in Green Bay!

Superbowl Champs- Can I be exempt from this? Alright beginning of the season, I am calling Packers! I think my brother is secretly plotting my death for saying that.

et cetera