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{September 6, 2010}   Here we go again……NFL is here!

Alright its Labor Day 2010, Football is back! Viking/Saints is on Thursday, and I am going to put down my predictions for this coming year!

AFC East- Jets, Yes I know what you’re thinking Sporty Girl is being bias, but look the Pats have no running game or defense, and I think the Fins are still building themselves up so I am calling it here the JETS this year for the AFC East.

AFC West- Chargers, I know big surprise. I just don’t see Denver getting it together this year as the Tebow experiment starts up, Raiders and Chiefs still have a few years to mature. Even if Matthews doesn’t step up, I think Rivers and Co. will walk away with it.

AFC North- Ravens, There are some crazy people out there calling the Bengals to win it all (Pat Kirwan) But the Ravens showed up last year and it should just get better this year. If Ray Rice can do it again this year, and Flacco become a little more precise its their year.

AFC South- Colts, same story every year. Peyton Manning…blah…blah…blah. I would love to see the Texans rise up or maybe the Jags. But I just don’t think it will be enough for the simple fact they have to play the Colts twice a year.

Wild Card- Dolphins, I have about 4 teams I can see in the wild card hunt, but I think the Fins will come off a good ending to last season to sneak into the playoffs. I think Marshall will be a great new asset for their passing game.

Wild Card- Texans, I am going to call them, I think about them every year to do something and maybe its finally time for the Texans to get to the playoffs. My other two possibles are the Bengals and Patriots.

NFC East- Cowboys, it pains me to say it but I don’t see the other three teams with enough to get through the whole season and comeout on top.

NFC West- 49ers, oh my brother would be proud. They can finish 8-8 and will still make it to the playoffs. Arizone imploded on itself, Rams are just starting, and the Seahawks are aging before our eyes.

NFC North- Packers, I think Brett Favre is going to regret coming back this year, I think Rodgers is going to take the Pack to the next level and really come out this year.

NFC South-Saints, yes they are the SB champs. I still like them, I think the Falcons can give them a run but they have a really tough schedule and I don’t see them here.

Wild Card- Falcons, while they won’t take the south I think they will be right in it.

Wild Card-Vikings, I don’t want to say it but I think they will be here because of Adrian Peterson and their #2 defense from last year.

AFC Champs- J…..Alright I have to be honest. I can really see the Ravens here, I hate to say that. But that is who I am calling for this spot, but it will be another AFC championship with the Jets in it.

NFC Champs- Packers, Ok don’t hate me. But they are looking good, and if Rodgers can play like he did last year with less sacks, I think they will go far. I am going to call the ultimate showdown, Packers V. Vikings in Green Bay!

Superbowl Champs- Can I be exempt from this? Alright beginning of the season, I am calling Packers! I think my brother is secretly plotting my death for saying that.


Some bold predictions there missy but here are the correct predictions:

AFC East – New England Patriots. The Jets and their 2nd year QB are going to struggle offensively this year. Yes, they have a very good defense, but their offensive woes will be their downfall.

AFC West – Denver Broncos. Yeah, call it a homer decision, but this is the worst division in the NFL. San Diego has big shoes to fill: LT & Vincent Jackson. Kansas City & The Raiders?!? don’t make me laugh. So by process of elimination, it’s the Broncos.

AFC North – Ravens, Flacco, Ray Rice, Ray Lewis ’nuff said.

AFC South – Colts, Peyton Manning, 12 wins.

Wild cards – Miami Dolphins & Houston Texans

NFC East – Washington Redskins, yup, you are hearing it here first. McNabb will make plays and their defense will finally play up to their skill level.

NFC West – Pains me to say this but yeah, the 49’ers. Just don’t tell Joe.

NFC North – Packers. I expect a huge fall of for the Vikings this year.

NFC South – Atlanta Falcons. Tough schedule and tough decision, but the Saints D will let them down this year.

Wild Cards – Saints & Cowboys.

AFC Champs – Colts over the Ravens

NFC Champs – Packers over the Falcons

SuperBowl Champs – Colts over the Packers

We have a lot of similarities, but I would take the Fins over the Pats if the Jets aren’t going to make it. The Pats D sucks! They also don’t have a running game. Dream on about the Broncos, especially coming from someone who picked up Ryan Matthews you must have some faith in the Chargers! But since I am a Jets fan, you should have faith in your team. I would love it if the Redskins can pull it out. We almost have the same just differences in the who wins the division and who is a wild card. Thanks for commenting, I am trying to get word out and people to talk about all of it!

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