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{September 6, 2010}   Week 1: Who has bigger……

All anyone says in week 1 is crap, I mean who would have predicted the Broncos going 6-0 last year. So based on last year and major changes that happened in the off-season. Here we go Week 1: Predictions…..


Vikings Vs. Saints– Repeat of the NFC Champion game, The Saints eeeked this one out last year and outplayed the Saints until some costly mistakes by the Vikes. I don’t really like it but I think the Vikes will get payback this week.

Browns Vs. Bucs- Hmmm, sad vs. bad, old vs. young….I think this could go either way, but for the sake of the Browns fans I think they will start the season 1-0 with grandpa Jake at the helm!

Dolphins Vs. Bills– I think the Fins can start their 2nd string and still beat the Bills who are very confused with what they are doing. I would like to see them ditch Lynch and Jackson and give Spiller a good chance. I think the Fins are going to take this one easily.

Bengals Vs. Patriots- This could be a very interesting match up, it could help mold the rest of the season for these teams. I will admit I am a Pats hater, but I think they’re over. Their defense is crap and they have no running game. I don’t think Brady can carry them. So I am going to call the Bengals with a big game from Cedric Benson.

Colts Vs. Texans- I would love to say the Texans are going to come out of the gates swinging. But for some reason the south freezes against the Colts. I think the Colts will make the Texans look collegiate, but the Texans will come back.

Broncos Vs. Jaguars- Hmmm…..this is another interesting one, two mediocre teams with great possibilities. But I will take MJD over Moreno any day. I say Jags get it done.

Falcons Vs. Steelers- Falcons, I don’t even have to think. The Steelers don’t even know who to start at QB, and the Falcons seem to want to prove themselves so I see Turner breaking out and running all over them.

Raiders Vs. Titans – I would love to say the Raiders for my grandma, but with a new QB and still a very unproven team. I think the Titans will take this easily.

Panthers Vs. Giants- This one is tough, cause I see them both as middle teams. But I am going to call the Panthers cause I think they have the tools to put it together where the Giants looked a little sloppy.

Lions Vs. Bears- I would love to see the Lions win, but I think the Bears take this one. But the Lions will have a few W’s this year!

Cardinals Vs. Rams- Derek Anderson???? You know what how about this….I call the Rams, all together the Rams seem to have it more together than the Cards.

Packers Vs. Eagles- Packers, I can’t even tell you 5 players on the Eagles anymore. They are a mess and I don’t expect much of them this year.

49ers Vs. Seahawks- Niners, I think they will walk all over the Seahawks. I expect a big day from Frank Gore with protection of their upgraded O-line.

Cowboys Vs. Redskins- Cowboys, I hate them but I don’t see the Redskins pulling it off.

Ravens Vs. Jets- This is tough, I think it could go either way they are practically the same type of team. I will give advantage to Flacco though with pain in my heart and call the Ravens.

Chargers Vs. Chiefs – Chargers easily, the Chiefs have some new tools but I think it will take a little bit to use them correctly.


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