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{September 14, 2010}   Week 1 Wrap-up- “We don’t know Sh*t”

The main thing I pointed out last week was that you can’t predict week 1, cause you haven’t seen the teams really play for nearly a year. My bad choices seemed to go that way, but there were games that should have gone the other way.


Vikings- 9 Vs. Saints-14- Both defenses were superb, but if Sidney Rice was healthy I think it would have gone the other way. Favre loves Shanky and Rice. Brees wasn’t in his top form, and I think it was the Vikings defense that kept in from really breaking out. I think there are plenty of wins coming for both of these teams.

Browns-14 Vs. Bucs-17- Poor grandpa Jake, he never got over his worst birthday professionally when he bombed in the playoffs and threw five interceptions. I will admit I was secretly rooting for the Browns just cause I do like Mangini. But this team is screwed if they keep playing like this. Not everyone can play past 35, I think Jake needs to think about that. The Bucs 2nd year starter Josh Freeman played with a broken thumb, he didn’t look pretty but he got the job done!

Dolphins-15 Vs. Bills-10– I picked the Fins, but they could have very easily lost this one. But Marshall is making his place and Brown looked good. But the Bills need to learn how to onside kick! They purposely get a safety, then they onside punt it? Onside kicks only work if the ball isn’t catchable.  The Bills are a mess I guess they like some paintings they only look good from certain angles!

Bengals-24 Vs. Patriots-38 Ok, I pretty much will always pick against the Pats, well then why do I even bother saying anything about it? Because its my blog and my opinion damn it! Ok, I popped a Xanax and can talk about this now. Carson Palmer is on the verge of being over, you heard it hear first! He just couldn’t get things done. Oh and Cedric Benson couldn’t move the ball but Scott could. Lets change that up next week. Hippie boy acted like he’s never made a TD before when he threw it to Welker for the 1st touchdown. I think he’s as concerned about his team as everyone else should be. They beat a mediocre team it doesn’t mean that they are going to the superbowl. But wait til the sports sections come out Tuesday. I already read one article saying everyone should be afraid very afraid of the Pats! They will get theirs next week! 

Colts-24 Vs. Texans-34- My best wrong call ever! Every year I tell people that I really see the Texans up and coming and every year they disappoint mainly cause of their lack of a running game. Well, I tell you what if Schaub can get his act together and Foster plays as well as he did. That my friends is a dangerous combination! I predict 6-0! I think Peyton’s still figuring this whole umpire thing that’s messing his game. But really it was the defense that couldn’t contain Foster.

Broncos-17 Vs. Jaguars-24 – Jags take it. It wasn’t pretty but they did. A lot of back and forth, give and take, smack and punch Tebow upside the face. I mean sorry, I don’t know what came over me. But I have to admit watching Tebow and his 2-1yd rushes was pretty amusing. I still don’t know what to think of these two yet though.

Falcons-9 Vs. Steelers-15- Falcons could have won this, but Polamalu really got his D together. So good for the Steelers and even though he didn’t play great DIXON has a win!!!! I liked the Falcons D though, hopefully against weaker D’s Turner can bring it and Ryan will get more comfortable. He always seems to need a little bit of time to get into it.

Raiders-13 Vs. Titans-38 – Chris Johnson took a little time but then he got his 12th consecutive 100yd game. Mostly with the help of a 72yd run in the 2nd quarter for a touchdown. Vince Young looked as good as he did at the end of last year. If they keep playing like this Indy is in big trouble in their division!  The Raiders on the other hand at least look to be trying? Ok, positive, think, think….I think Kamerion Wimbley is a great addition to the Raiders his sack and forced fumble on Young was great!

Panthers-18 Vs. Giants-31- This was probably the ugliest game, 9 turnovers? The only highlight was Hakeem Nicks which I think officially has become Eli’s favorite target but with 3 INT for him and Matt Moore I think the QB’s need to do some thinking this week. Hopefully the Panthers running game looks better next week otherwise they are in big trouble.

Lions-14 Vs. Bears-19- So what if its a “rule” use your better judgement refs, Calvin Johnson caught the ball! Is he supposed to carry it to you once he catches it? Detroit getting screwed again by refs, Hopefully they just suck it up and show class like Gallaraga did earlier this year. Poor Detroit….no respect! But I would be worried about Matthew Stafford if I was them…..he’s starting to remind me of Chad Pennington! So much promise but injury prone. The Bears did not look good though, I really don’t see them doing much this season and if they don’t watch it they will be at the bottom of their division not the Lions!

Cardinals-17 Vs. Rams-13- The Rams almost won this so they have to feel a little good, and the Cardinals need to look at themselves and think what happened to us? If they want to be the contenders they have been in the past they need to find a better QB. I like D.A. don’t get me wrong but he’s not Kurt Warner. I think the Rams have a lot of promise in their new kid, they should be really happy with their start.

Packers-27 Vs. Eagles-20- They took a little bit, but the Pack showed that they know the expectations that are on their shoulders. But, the Eagles almost had them, and they are going to play a lot of strong teams this year. Kolb getting knocked out was kind of sad, since this was finally his team. The question is if he’s out next week will he ever get another chance? Reid says yes, but if Vick turns it out next week we will see if he sticks to it.

49ers-6 Vs. Seahawks-31- I don’t even know what to say. I just sat their with my mouth open thinking didn’t they just upgrade their O-line? Is Seattle’s defense that good? I am going to put this one behind me and see what happens for both of them next week.

Cowboys-7 Vs. Redskins-13- I heard the country quietly chanting after this game :::overrated::::, ::::overrated:::: Cowboys shot themselves in the foot, they had the game more than once and they let it go to a fumble that turned in to a TD, and a bad hold on their O-line. Where did he think he was the XFL? I don’t know anywhere that putting a guy basically in a choke hold is going to be ok or hidden. I was happy to see Mcnabb running around again, its like he’s a getting a little rejuvinated.

Ravens -10Vs. Jets-9- Although I hate to see my team lose, I did call it. Flacco is a stronger QB than Sanchez, therefore they had slightly better results. I mean 1 point, its nothing to brag about! The Ravens offense played sloppy too, 3 turnovers! The Jets only had 1, my biggest issue witht the Jets offense is that Shotty Jr. won’t let Sanchez really throw the ball, a bunch of slants doesn’t work. But I guess it really should be Shonn Greene who all but froze in that game. I am hoping he was just nervous, cause I guess he was really upset after the game because of his fumble which looking at the score would probably have led to the Jets winning. I really don’t see this as the Ravens dominating, I see it as the Jets shooting themselves, over 100yds given up in penalties 2 of them on 3rd & long resulting in auto 1st downs. The defense looked good but Wilson and Cromartie need to watch their hands, otherwise it would be a different story. I think Ray Rice will break out more next week 47 yards against the Jets D is to be expected, I wouldn’t write him off.

Chargers-14 Vs. Chiefs-21 – Apparently the Chiefs new tools were ready to go at the opening of the newly remodeled Arrowhead pond. Special teams seems to  be back as their specialties which has been lacking a little since  Hall left. McCluster looked good, but Chargers special teams also looked awful. While Rivers didn’t have too many issues he did fumble twice although he recovered it and Matthews hopefully will warm up cause he made mistakes as well. The thing it special teams can’t win every game, Cassel need to come out and they should really make Jones & Charles a tag team threat. It will be interesting to see what they can do.


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