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{September 14, 2010}   Week 2- Let’s See What You Can Really Do!

Alright, Week 2 is where we find out who was a fluke and who just had a bad week. I am sure there will also be a lot of huh’s trying to gigure out what’s going on. Here are the Sporty Girls Predictions, agree or disagree let’s start a conversation!

Buffalo Vs. Green Bay- The Pack really needs to show their dominance here, this is the team that they can show what they have on both sides of the ball. The Bills don’t really know where they are or where they are going. The Pack at home has a great chance to really show everyone that they are serious competitors this year.

Baltimore Vs. Cincinnati- Unfortunately I don’t see the Bengals beating their division rivals this year as they did last year. If last week was any indicator they need to work on a few things. However these two teams know each other well and if Ray Rice can’t break through there might be some problems. But I think the Ravens will win this on their own.

Pittsburgh Vs. Tennessee- While Pittsburgh’s defense looked good last week they are going against a much stronger running game this week. Where Turner couldn’t succeed I know Chris Johnson can. So I am going to call the Titans, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a lot of people go this way.

Chicago Vs. Dallas- I think Dallas is sulking right now, you know the coulda, woulda, shoulda’s in their heads after Sunday night’s game. I think they will rebound nicely this week because Chicago didn’t seem to have anything really going for them. So I will call Dallas at home and a nice boost to their self-esteem (I still think they are overrated though)

Philadelphia Vs. Detroit- Vick or Kolb, Stafford or Hill? I think either way their running game and defense need to do well to win this. I am not taking Detroit out of the picture against any mediocre team. They are getting to be a mediocre team themselves and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them upset a couple of teams this year. I do think that Philly will take this one though. They held well against Green Bay I think they will do well in Detroit.

Tampa Bay Vs. Carolina- The Bucs didn’t look too horrible but they were also playing the Browns, while the Panthers made a lot of mistakes but I think have a better all around team. I am going to take the Panthers in this one and that Matt Moore has a cleaner game, while Stewart and Williams have more room to run.

Arizona Vs. Atlanta- The Falcons held their own in defense against Pittsburgh, I think their offense was much better than showed and with the Cardinals barely beating the Rams last week I will take the Falcons and say Turner has a much better game.

Kansas City Vs. Cleveland- I think the Chiefs are a little better than the way the played minus their special teams of course. If they can get the running game going well I think they will win this one without help from special teams. I just don’t see the Browns winning much, and it will cost Mangini his job.

Miami Vs. Minnesota- The Dolphins barely beat the Bills, if the Bills didn’t give them the safety they would have only beat them by 3 points. This is not a good start despite it still being a win. I think Henne is still in question for being good enough. While Ronnie Brown looked good in spurts I don’t feel like this was the same team that was making big strides last year to being a playoff team. I think I will take the Vikings cause their defense is on it, and I think Peterson will have an easier time running against them.

Seattle Vs. Denver- I still don’t know what to make of the Seahawks or the Broncos for that matter. Hmmmm……I might change my mind by the end of the week but I am thinking the Seahawks. Their defense looked pretty good, and Hasselbeck was even moving around some. The Broncos I am still undecided on, I really think we will see Tebow starting soon enough.

St Louis Vs. Oakland- I like Bradford and I really see him doing things for this Rams team. I think he is the beginning of the Rams ride back up the ladder. The Raiders on the other hand, I don’t think they know what they are doing yet, they are both trying to rebuild and have strong veterans like Seymour. So I have to go with the Rams on this one.

Houston Vs. Washington- I know the Skins were able to pass by the other Texas team, but I like the Texans too much to think it will be 2-0 vs. the lone start state. I think this week though Schaub looks a lot better and Foster will be slowed down a little. Not a lot but I don’t see a repeat of last week. The Skins will hang for a little then I think the Texans will pull away.

Jacksonville Vs. San Diego- Oh goodness, I thought this would be a no brainer, but I guess it depends on which team shows up this week in San Diego. But I think the Chargers have the better weapons and the better defense, so I think they will revenge last week and take it out on the Jags who are getting there but just haven’t made it yet.

New England Vs. New York Jets- I know the Pats are gods and no one will ever beat the new hippie haired Brady. I like my Jets in this, yes the offense needs to work it out but I think the defense is more than good and the Pats defense is no where near that of the Ravens. The Jets will force them to turn the ball over and capitalize on it. I really think this is where the Jets running game gets started. They only lost by 1 point people to you haters out there. The Ravens didn’t dominate the Jets! They lost to themselves!

New York Giants Vs. Indy- Brothers at war, once every 4 years, the Giants and Colts are put together to figure out which Manning is better…..::::cue haunting music:::……Ok really? We all know that Peyton is the better Manning in all things considered. But it must be fun to play against your little brother that you probably beat up every day growing up. The last game was pretty close 26-21 in 2006. But I think Peyton is going to take the anger from losing against the Texans out on the poor Giants and he will show again he is the dominant Manning. If the Colts can contain Nicks, I think they’re golden and I will be a happy girl!

New Orleans Vs. San Francisco- I really thought the Niners would be coming into this one 1-0 then lose against the Saints at home. While I really like the Niners defense I don’t think they will be able to hold the Saints down. I think the Niners D will be on the field way too much to keep it up through 4 quarters against Brees and company. I would however like to see Gore do something this week not just because he’s on my fantasy team!


I’ll keep my picks short and sweet:
Green Bay
Kansas City
San Diego
New England
New Orleans

Can anyone recommend some good books about the vikings?

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