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{September 22, 2010}   Week 2 Wrap-up: Ok, I admit I am confused!

 Alright I am working on it, but there are some crazy surprises each week. I was right with my upset pick with the Jets although I wouldn’t call it an upset. But Edwards DUI definitely pissed me off!

Buffalo Vs. Green Bay- The Pack had me worried earlier in the game it took a little too long for me to have them show some dominance. But Buffalo really doesn’t have that much to have their opponents worry about.

Baltimore Vs. Cincinnati- Like I said these two teams know each other well, so it doesn’t really surprise me that the Bengals won. But I think the Ravens offense need to figure themselves out a little more. Everybody is talking about their defense and winning last week. But the thing is they are looking good on the O-side like they did last year. But Rice did look a little better but that is not enough. If they want to be a superbowl team they need more strength on that side.

Pittsburgh Vs. Tennessee- Good lord, the Titans are confusing me! Do they want to make the playoffs or not? They looked really good last week, but just showed up looking like crap this week. Mistakes all over and Chris Johnson broke his streak of 100+ yd games. Not only that but he fumbled, it was just sloppy all around. But Pittsburgh is showing they don’t need Ben to win games and are looking better and more consistant than the Bengals and Ravens.

Chicago Vs. Dallas- The Cowboys aren’t looking too good right now, I don’t know if its from last week or if its all the pressure on them to make it to the Cowboy Stadium Superbowl. I did hear on some show though that the last time they won the superbowl they were 0-2 to start the season. But in the same breath only 13% of teams that start 0-2 make it to the playoffs. So who knows but they need to figure out what’s going on and soon cause they are losing to middle of the road teams not great ones. The Bears on the other hand are probably one of the most mediocre teams that are 2-0.

Philadelphia Vs. Detroit- Well it was Vick and Hill starting, and the Lions started well in the 1st half but then Mccoy broke out. I must admit I like this guy. He did well last week but 3 Td’s this week he’s really bringing it out and regardless of who is the future QB of the Eagles they should build off this guy. The Lions really are trying their best but its just not working 100% yet but I think they’re getting there. Best is having his good spurts so I have hope for them to win a few this year.

Tampa Bay Vs. Carolina- I like Josh Freeman, I wanted him instead of Sanchez in the draft last year. He looked alright today only 50% on completions but he had 2 Td’s. Matt Moore keeps hurting himself with an INT and Lost fumble. Neither’s running game looked good, it seemed to be solely based on turnovers. I think these two will be at the bottom of their division, heck maybe even tied for last place.

Arizona Vs. Atlanta- I didn’t get to watch the game so I have no idea why Snelling more yards than Turner and 2 TD’s but Matt Ryan looked really good too with 3 Td’s. Arizona is missing Warner more and more, they don’t have any playmakers. Although I guess Hightower’s 80yd run was their highlight of the game, well only highlight. But they keep sinking more and more, So I still don’t know where the Falcons actually stand.

Kansas City Vs. Cleveland- So this was the boring game of the weeks and the Chiefs barely squeak it out. Both teams suck and no one really looked good, and that’s about all I have to say about that!

Miami Vs. Minnesota- I seriously need to go with my gut, I thought this is would be an upset and I do like the Fins to win it. But I went with my head! The Vikings are screwed, that’s all I can say. Favre is probably already wishing he didn’t come back cause he would have gone out on top of his game last year. The Fins still have things to work out though, but 2-0 is a good place to be.

Seattle Vs. Denver- What a difference a week makes! Hasselbeck looked like his old self with 3 INT and Kyle Orton had over 300yds and 2 TD’s. I think these are both middle of the road teams still trying to figure things out. Bring on Whitehead!

St Louis Vs. Oakland- Mcfadden finaly ran! I can’t believe it over 100 yds! I was really rooting for the Rams to give Bradford his first win. He looks like a sweet sixteen year old, I just want to pinch his cheeks! He’s still doing well enough for a rookie, he just has a bad team around him. But I think they will win eventually. I hope at least. Campbell is pulling his old skins plays and by that I mean just doing absolutely nothing and I would be surprised if he doesn’t start next week.

Houston Vs. Washington- WOW! Almost 1,000 yards passing combined between Schaub and Mcnabb. Who would of thought this would be such an exciting game! I like the Texans, I say it every year but I really think this might be it for them…… to have a winning season and a playoff berth that is. I ain’t crazy! The Skins’ should be happy though that Mcnabb has really helped them out. They have a great D, they just needed someone to help them rest for a little bit.

Jacksonville Vs. San Diego- So good news/bad news for the Chargers, they took out their anger at the Jags for last weeks embarassing lost but Matthews went out with an ankle issue. Apparently he’s fine but I would be worried if I were them since they were depending on him to be the next LT! The Jags just looked bad, I mean MJD can’t get off the ground and Garrard played sloppy!

New England Vs. New York Jets- Alright I will be professional about this….. : P nanny nanny poo poo, I told you all the Pats were going down, but I understand everyone is under Brady’s spell and his luscious locks! But the Jets did their job as usualy and made Brady look bad. Then Sanchez was finally released from Shotty Jr’s grasped and played well his numbers looked pretty good for him and they got a good game out of Keller. The Pats looked better in the 1st half and the Jets did in the 2nd half. Bring on the Fins!

New York Giants Vs. Indy- Peyton rules, Eli Drools!

New Orleans Vs. San Francisco- The Saints have definitely not been looking like superbowl champions. They look like a decent team but the 1st two weeks they seem to be struggling a little bit. The Niners are looking better, and if it wasn’t for two red zone interceptions they could have easily won the game.


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