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{September 22, 2010}   Week 3- Let’s see what we see……

There isn’t any clear leader in the NFL yet, every team is showing weakness and some surprising teams are showing strength. I have a couple of surprising choices but I think with every week there are some unexpected teams winning games no one thought they would. With that enjoy, comment, rant, and rave……

Tennessee Vs. New York Giants-Well, this one will be interesting. Both teams have shown both strength and weakness. However; were their strengths just against bad teams? If either of these teams want to go anywhere in their competitive divisions they need to win this came to stay in it. I am going to call the Titans, I think CJ will be able to break out against the Giants defense.

Cincinatti Vs. Carolina- The Bengals are another team that is in a competitive division and every win counts. The good thing is Carolina has looked beat up and Clausen is getting the start over struggling Moore. I think the Bengals take this easily especially if they limit the running game, which hasn’t been as dominant as it has in the past.

Pittsburgh Vs. Tampa Bay-Although the Bucs were able to come out with another win, this is the first real week playing a tough team. Pittsburgh has showed that they are so tough they on “D” they don’t need a 1st string quarterback. I think they will win this one and show that losing Ben for four games didn’t affect their season.

Buffalo Vs. New England- The Bills are lost and confused, they will be starting Fitzpatrick this week which they went to at the end of last season as well. They won a few with him but he wasn’t dominate and obviously lost the starting gig this year. The Patriots will hound their division mates making up for their lost against the Jets last week.

Cleveland Vs. Baltimore- The Browns are pretty much a disaster and I don’t think Mangini will last the entire year. But the Ravens should be worried if they can’t score more than 10 points against the Browns. Pittsburgh is looking too good right now in their division to not come out and try and dominate the Browns. I call the Ravens.

San Francisco Vs. Kansas City-I think this will be where the Niners get their first win and the Chiefs get their first loss. The niners almost had the Saints last week and if they keep up the confidence in their offense they should be able to get by the chiefs. Matt Cassel will be dealing with Willis in his face all day.  

Dallas Vs. Houston- The Cowboys really need to dig themselves out the hole they’re in if they want to have a home superbowl. The NFC seems to be the weaker league so I think they are very much alive even at 0-2. The Texans are trying to prove they mean business this year in order to prove that they are the real deal and a playoff team. I like the Texans in this one.

Detroit Vs. Minnesota– The Vikings better hope they win this one unless they want to be totally written off and laughed at, however I am not going to say that its not impossible for the Lions to win. The Lions are looking better each week as the Vikings are looking worse. You know what screw it, I am picking the Lions!

Atlanta Vs. New Orleans- These NFC South rivals should bring out an interesting game, the Saints although everyone is still ranking them #1 doesn’t look like the team from last year and the dominate offense they had. The Falcons on the other hand really want to come out and make things happen so the question is will the Saints be able to keep everyone off of them and go to 3-0? I just don’t think its going to happen I just think that the Saints ain’t what they used to be ain’t what they used to be. I will pick the Falcons just to be out of the norm.

Washington Vs. St Louis- The Redskins have been looking better than I think most people thought they would. The Rams however look like everyone thought they would, a team that is still developing. I like the Skins’ in this one.

Philadelphia Vs. Jacksonville- Vick and Mccoy made a great team so much so Andy Reid went back on his word which come on we all thought the Eagles would start Vick over Kolb healthy or not. The Jags just can’t seem to get going. They didn’t look good last week and MJD seems to be stalled out. But I wouldn’t count them out quite yet. But I am going to go with the Eagles on this one.

Indianapolis Vs. Denver-The Colts dominated the Giants on Sunday night and I think they will do the same to the Broncos who unfortunately are going through a loss of a teammate again. I would like to say that they come together and win but the Colts really are trying to state their dominance in the AFC. I like the Colts.

Oakland Vs. Arizona- The Cardinals don’t look good and neither does the Raiders so this week will be interesting inclusing who is going to be the starting QB for the Raiders. I am going to go off on that and pick the Cardinals for the win.

San Diego Vs. Seattle-The Chargers looked a lot better last year but its not good that Matthews hurt himself serious or not. The Seahawks however looked a lot worse. I will take the Chargers in this.

New York Jets Vs. Miami- The Fins are 2-0 but they barely beat both teams who have both been playing like crap. The Jets are coming off a big win and they need to come out and win against the Fins without Revis and Edwards coming off a DUI. This is going to help either team stamp their name in the AFC East with two division wins so far this year. I am going to with the Jets as I think they are the better team.  

Green Bay Vs. Chicago- I got some flack from a reader for calling the Bears mediocre. I’m sorry I don’t think they’re the real deal. If they win against the Packers I will admit that I am wrong. But I think the Pack will come out and show the Bears they are the team to beat in the NFC. Clay Matthews already has 6 sacks this season lets see how many times he gets it done against Cutler. I am picking the Pack!


here are my picks:
New England
Kansas City
Indy @ Denver…. this hurts but Indy is just too good.
I picked the jets to go 0-3, they surprised me last week, but I’m still picking Miami.
I’ve always been a fan of Cutler’s, I think he’s getting comfortable in the Mike Martz offense and he did damn good against the Dallas Defense. I’m picking Chicago.

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