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{September 30, 2010}   Week 3 Wrap-Up: We saw what we saw, and can’t help but be a little confused!


 Alright, Alright the Bears are better than mediocre!

Tennessee Vs. New York Giants- The Giants are really looking bad right now, and with a win from the Cowboys and another win from the Eagles they need to figure out what’s wrong and fast. Eli is so mistake prone, its hard to ever believe that he was a superbowl MVP (but that was sort of by default) Chris Johnson on the other hand is carrying his team once again, while Vince Young tries to get his groove back.

Cincinatti Vs. Carolina- This is probably not what Clausen envisioned when he pictured his 1st NFL start, 1 INT and 3 fumbles really didn’t make Matt Moore a distant memory. The Panthers can’t get anything together and this is going to be Fox’s last year coaching there. The Bengals can’t be too proud though as Palmer is still looking bad and Benson barely broke out, again in their tough division they won’t be able to keep winning this way.

Pittsburgh Vs. Tampa Bay- Wow, Batch it up! Who knew? The Steelers finally got their first passing TD X 3. Yeah he got 2 INT too, but definitely got their offense finally going to match with their dominant defense. The Bucs got reality handed to them and Freeman saw a defense I am thinking probably shook him up a little more. But the Bucs are still working themselves up to what they can be.

Buffalo Vs. New England- Fitzpatrick obviously solved their QB issue, and the Bills stayed in this game the whole time even leading right before the half, which shows more of the Pats defenses weakness than the Bills offense. The Pats really need to look at their defense if they want to stay competitve week in and week out.

Cleveland Vs. Baltimore- Flacco finally realized that he’s and NFL QB, and that is what the Ravens needed so they can regain faith in this offense. The Browns however didn’t look too bad and Hills was a nice replacement for the injured Harrison. I wouldn’t count the Browns out of a couple of wins this year, I just don’t know against who.

San Francisco Vs. Kansas City- I just don’t know what to say anymore, I don’t think anyone could have guessed the Chiefs would be 3-0 to start the season. Matt Cassel finally helped out this time with 3 td’s of his own, it also helped that this week Charles and Jones were a threatening running duo. You know the Niners are in trouble when it takes a while for Willis to get going, maybe they really need an extra year before they become a contender. Especially with the way Seattle is playing.   

Dallas Vs. Houston- The Cowboys were backed in a corner and pulled out a win, they looked comfortable and the early favorites people were talking about. However, I wouldn’t get too excited Cowboy fans. The Texans however just can’t seem to get to that dominant 1st week. Schaub has looked like a mess so far this year, I just can’t tell if its him or the offensive line. But Foster shouldn’t be able to get the yards he is if its the O-line.

Detroit Vs. Minnesota– I keep rooting for the Lions, mostly out of pity though. So I guess it doesn’t surprise me that the Vikings pulled this one out. The Vikings still aren’t looking like they did last year, but Peterson did his thing which basically won the game. I don’t know why they couldn’t make a deal with Vincent Jackson but they need Rice back soon cause Peterson can’t carry this team. The Lions are injury stricken with Best now hurting himself, it just makes me sad to know that Calvin Johnson’s talents are still being wasted……when is he a free agent?

Atlanta Vs. New Orleans- I laugh at this, cause I called it. I think analysts like to be apart of the team and go with everyone else. But I saw it week 1, the Saints don’t have their offensive dominance that they did last year. But the Falcons defense also didn’t look this good last year. I really like the Falcons, I am not saying they are going to win the superbowl, but I like them for the playoffs and maybe even taking the division. The Saints didn’t have Bush, but it was really the kicker who botched it. I think it will be interesting to see how these two teams match up later in the season.

Washington Vs. St Louis- I am so proud of the Rams, every week they have been improving and its like watching your 7 year old getting his first home run or goal. You just smile, clap, and think about time! The Skins’ are confusing cause they’ve been playing well and their defense has been doing well. I don’t know what happened but they probably didn’t feel so good after the game.

Philadelphia Vs. Jacksonville- Vick looked great, and no one is shocked that he got the start. Mccoy wasn’t able to do much but it was no problem for the Eagles. The Jaguars are a big mess, both Garrard and MJD both seem lost and can’t get anything going. I think its over for them in their competitve division. I can’t seem to figure out what the problem is but there’s something. The Eagles look to me that they might end up being the NFC East champs this year.  

Indianapolis Vs. Denver- Kyle Orton threw for 476 yards, but only scored 13 points. That just shows how the Broncos are hurting. They have no running game, and their defense couldn’t compete agains the Colts offense. The Colts looked good as usual on offense and they were able to get stuff done on their defense. Collie is filling in nicely where Garcon left void as a #2 receiver.

Oakland Vs. Arizona- The Cardinals barely won this game and it was really thanks to a great kick off return. They played sloppy otherwise with fumbles. This team looks nothing like the SB cardinals in 08′. The Raiders looked good for who they are I think they found a better QB in Gradkowski over Campbell but who knows what will happen next week.

San Diego Vs. Seattle- Ok, seriously Seattle needs to make up its mind, are they a playoff team or not? But then again with the way the rest of the division is looking they are not going to have a choice. It seems they might just win enough to beat the rest of their division. The Chargers are off to a bad start again this year which seems to happen yearly for them. But I don’t think its going to help them get to the SB playing like this, or if the Chiefs keep playing well.

New York Jets Vs. Miami- The Jets win, like it or not Braylon played. It was the teams decision not mine, and I am happy they played him. It will be great to have Holmes in two weeks though. The Fins didn’t look bad, they were just outplayed at the end. The Fins made stupid mistakes that the Jets capitalized on. But Henne and Marshall had a nice groove together when they could get it to him. So I still think the Fins will do good this year and will be fighting for a playoff spot.

Green Bay Vs. Chicago- I still think that the Bears aren’t #1, but their defense is looking good. The Pack looked good to and it was a great interdivision game. As my Bear friend said they will probably be 5-0 due to their next two games against the Giants and the Panthers. The Pack needs to be dominate against their next few opponents in order to make their mark and show that they are the team to beat in the NFC.


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