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{September 30, 2010}   Week 4- Come on now……who’s really in it?

I don’t have any real upsets this week unless you consider my MNF pick an upset. I really think that the teams I have picked are the real deal, but I am still shaky on the Mcnabb returns to Philly game. So let’s see who’s gonna get it and who’s going to suffer another loss.

BYE Week-Chiefs, Cowboys, Vikings, Bucs

New York Jets Vs. Buffalo- The Jets showed that they can play without Revis, and that Sanchez is better than just a one week thing. Buffalo showed that it’s better off with Fitzpatrick and……….hmmmm…….I am not sure what else. But I think the Jets will pick on the Bills like everyone else has and Calvin Pace coming back really helps the defense out!

Cincinatti Vs. Cleveland- The Bengals are slowly putting things together, I don’t know if they have the power to really compete in their division nor the whole AFC, but the Browns are the worst team in the league so I don’t think its saying too much that the Bengals should win. I still think Mangini will be fired before the end of the year.

Baltimore Vs. Pittsburgh- The Ravens came alive last week on offense but Ray Rice was hurt and Pittsburgh’s defense has been dominant. I think this is going to be a low scoring game like the Jets game in week one. But it really comes down to who can do what on offense. I am going to give this one to Pittsburgh even though their offense isn’t really their “A” team, their defense will be all over Flacco.

Denver Vs. Tennessee- The Broncos are a team that I just don’t get quite yet. I am not sure where they stand nor what they’re doing. I think the Titans should come along nicely after a few let downs and come out swinging against this unpredictable team.

Detroit Vs. Green Bay- The Pack will be heated and will take their revenge out on the injury sticken Lions. I would love to see the Lions get somewhere but I don’t think they will get anywhere against the Pack. I take the Pack easily and Matthews is going to throw Hill around!

San Francisco Vs. Atlanta- Poor Niners……Its just sad really. I just think they should be able to do so much more then they are. They have so much talent and its being lost in the mix and I don’t think a new offensive coordinator is going to fix the problem. The Falcons however are on a high beating the Saints last week and I think they will be coming into this game with a lot of power and faith in themselves. So while it pains me I am going to say the Falcons.

Carolina Vs. New Orleans- Do I even have to explain my pick? The Saints. Why? Give me one good thing the Panthers have done this season? Their running game has virtually disappeared and they have two QB’s with so little experience the whole offense is just a mess. The Saints are going to want to save face and take care of the Panthers and score big like they did all last year.

Seattle Vs. St Louis- I am actually in St. Louis as I write this post and I wish I could say the Rams will take this one, however some how the Seahawks are the team in this division that has looked like a winning team. I would love to see the Rams pull this one off, on of their jobs though will be to make sure their special teams are in check to stop anything from getting by them. But I like the Rams!

Indianapolis Vs. Jacksonville- The Colts are over their week 1 lost and are putting up numbers against anyone who trys to step up to them. I always say you never know when it comes to an interdivisional game but the Jags are looking so bad I don’t think they will be able to do it against the Colts.

Houston Vs. Oakland- The Raiders are actually looking better than most people thought they would and if Schaub can’t get his act together I wouldn’t be surprised to see an upset here. But I believe in the Texans and I think when their offense clicks its unstoppable so I am going to call the Texans in this one

Washington Vs. Philadelphia- Gosh, I really don’t know what to say on this one. It can go either way really, its a big game for both teams, but I am going to give the slight advantage to the Eagles who have looked way more put together than the Skins’. But I wouldn’t be surprised to see Mcnabb go crazy and get the win.

Arizona Vs. San Diego- I think the Chargers can win this……I can’t put money on it cause the Chargers have looked so bad but I think the Cardinals just look horrible so I think the Chargers should win this one.

New York Giants Vs. Chicago- Da Bears, I am still not sold on them being a superbowl team, but I do see them beating the Giants and possible making Eli cry. The Giants are a hot mess and can’t seem to get anything together at this point. So I guess the Bears will be 4-0

New England Vs. Miami- This might be considered an upset but I believe that the Fins are the better team though it pains me to say it. I think the Fins looked good last week in a lot of ways and the Pats looked bad on defense. I know a lot of people still are in love with the Pats but like I said before I just don’t buy it and I think they are over.


Well, the Jets have surprised me by winning 2 of there first 3 games. Bills, well, they are the Bills. No upset here, Jets.


Amazingly enough, the Steelers are undefeated. They are at home this week, can they remain that way?? Nope, I am taking the Ravens.

My beloved Broncos at Tennessee… Denver can move the ball, they just aren’t scoring… Which Tennessee team is going to show up? Gotta go with Denver.

Detroit @ Green Bay… come on now, it’s Detroit. Green Bay all the way.

San Fran @ Atlanta… Yup, San Fran going down, again…

Carolina @ New Orleans… The Saints are gonna score and score and score and score. Saints by 21 points in this one.

Seattle @ St Louis… Seattle wins at home and loses on the road. Not enough for ya? How about Seattle giving up over 300 passing yards per game. I like Sam Bradford and the Rams.

Indy @ Jacksonville… The Jags always play the Colts tuff but not this week. Peyton Manning is hitting his stride and has so many people to throw it to. The Colts win big.

Houston @ Oakland… Houston looked so against Indy, looked bad against the Redskins but rallied to win it. I thought they would trounce Dallas but they looked terrible. Oakland seems to play well with Gradkowski, so I am taking the Raiders.

Washington @ Philly… Can anyone stop Vick?? Yes, Mike Vick… Will he come down to earth in this game?? Nope. He runs rampant against the hapless Redskins. Eagles all the way.

Arizona @ San Diego… Who’s the QB for the Cardinals? Derek Anderson?!? Go Chargers Go!!!

Giants @ Chicago… The Giants can’t run, Jay Cutler can’t lose, what the hell is going on here??? Chicago stays unbeaten as Cutler becomes more and more comfortable in the Mike Martz offense.

New England @ Miami… I hate New England, they lose this week.

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