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{October 5, 2010}   NFL Rankings Week 4- I don’t know where anyone goes!
 Steelers  1    
              I know they lost to the Ravens but they are playing with a 4th string QB, after next week’s bye they will have Big Ben and they may end up the most dangerous team in the league.
Ravens 2    
The Ravens won but with Big Ben back I like the Steelers just a little bit better than the Ravens. But its obvious Bouldin and Housh have really helped the team out who before relied on Mason and Rice. Rice however has still yet to have a break out game and I think fantasy owners are getting nervous.
Jets 3  
The Jets are really coming out even without Darrell Revis and Calvin Pace. More than that Sanchez looks really good right now with no picks, no fumbles, and 8 TD’s. He only had 12 TD’s all last year. If they can keep it up they are looking good. Oh Pace and Revis will be back for MNF vs. Vikings. 
Packers 4  
The Packers didn’t look as good as they should have against the Lions but I am going to throw that to interdivisional play. I still think they are a damn good team, if they beat the Skins’ they might jump a spot.
Falcons 5  
The Falcons are getting lucky but there is something about them that I really like, I don’t know what it is. But in the NFC South I wouldn’t be surprised to see them win the division this year.
Colts 6  
The Colts are 2-2, completely unlike them but I couldn’t drop them any lower at this point. When you have Peyton you have a lot but if they lose against the undefeated Chiefs, I will put them in this spot and the Colts down to 12. But it will be a good test for both teams.
Saints 7  
The Saints are 3-1 barely and they almost lost to the pathetic Panthers. They are no where near how they were last year and I really don’t know if they can even win their division. They are looking much more like a wild card team to me.
Bears 8  
Da Bears looked horrible in probably one of the worst games I attempted to watch in years. 9 sacks and 3 fumbles from Cutler. Manning was horrible to and I don’t really know how anyone scored it showed a big weakness it the previously undefeated Bears.
Patriots 9    
\Their defense stepped it up against the Fins, but I don’t see it lasting.
Bengals 10  
They barely lost to the Browns but had good numbers. I really think things are coming together for them and hopefully some wins as well.
Eagles 11  
The Eagles lost but I still think they have a good team put together here. However if both Vick and Mccoy end up out for a couple of games watch them drop spots pretty fast.
Chiefs 12  
They are on bye week, but I don’t buy them. So this is as high as I am giving them until next week when they play the Colts.
Texans 13  
The Texans have a great offense when it works. Foster was benched the 1st quarter but came in to the 2nd running for a 74yd TD, then a receiving TD later in the game. He definitely is proving he’s the guy for the Texans which may be important if AJ stays hurt. Oh and Cushing is back next week.
Redskins 14  
The Skins won an important interdivision game proving that its anyone’s race in the whole NFC, not just the East. I like how they are playing in certain aspects right now. But Donovan needs to be cleaner in his play.
Dolphins 15  
The Fins made some sloppy mistakes but they still have a lot going for them they just need to put it all together.
Chargers 16  
They won, but I am sure it will be a few more weeks before they go on their 8-0 streak like normal to win the division. There is something still not clicking yet for them.
Cowboys 17  
They are on a BYE week and only have 1 win, I just con’t figure out what I think of them. Maybe its all the pressure on them to have a home superbowl.
Buccaneers 18  
Another Bye week team that really has some talent, but I am just not sure where they are going to go. I think they may fall after this week. But I can’t count that in yet.
Broncos 19  
The Broncos seem to be in a crazy league of their own. I guess time will tell, and really at this point AFC west is wide open.
Vikings 20  
I really don’t think the Vikes are as bad as they look however coming back to play the Jets on MNF will not be too much fun. They really need Rice to come back.
Titans 21  
The Titans suffered a really hurtful loss when they were ready to celebrate. They aren’t really coming out like most thought they would but they really need start winning games in order to come out ahead of the Colts and Texans.
Seahawks 22  
The Seahawks are just going back and forth, but the sad thing is they could probably win the NFC West with an 8-8 record.
Giants 23  
The Giants won, but it wasn’t pretty they really need to figure out a better way to protect.
Cardinals 24  
The Cards are so lost in their QB’s it took me a while to figure out who the hell Max Hall was. I don’t think its going to matter, poor Fitz all by himself on a team that was once great.
Rams 25  
The Rams win their 2nd game and their first back to back win in a couple of years. I like them to win a few more and possibly a playoff run with the way the NFC West looks.
Raiders 26  
The Raiders are really improving in a lot of ways Mcfadden is coming along finally they just need to figure out their QB situation still.
Jaguars 27  
59yd field goal, is enough to put them atop of the bad teams. I still think they are playing badly even though they have talent.
Lions 28  
I know they don’t have a win yet, but they are playing really well for all the injuries they’ve had and some really close calls.
Browns 29  
I still think the Browns are horrible, but Hillis is their silver lining and as long as he continues to break out its very possible to rack up a couple of wins.
Panthers 30  
The Panthers finally started showing just a little glimmer of hope against the Saints. I really think they can win some games they just need to believe in themselves.
49ers 31  
Oh boy, I really don’t think this is Singletary’s fault, but I don’t know whose fault it is. They have come so close to just get clobbered at the last moment.
Bills 32  
Fitzpatrick is a good fit…….too bad nothing else does.

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