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{October 5, 2010}   Week 4-Good Lord can we figure out what we’re doing yet?:

I had an upset this week and didn’t realize it. I called the Rams! But I definitely didn’t see the Jags coming!

BYE Week-Chiefs, Cowboys, Vikings, Bucs

New York Jets Vs. Buffalo- Whoever said LT was over, didn’t realize all he needed was a new team. LT and Greene both ran for over 100yds, and Sanchez threw two TD’s to his favorite receiver Dustin Keller and one to Braylon Edwards. Is anyone as interested as I am to see how Holmes will play into all of this? The Jets got up by so much they benched both Sanchez and Mangold. The only issue I am having is Ellis getting hurt he’s key to our defense and we can’t suffer another loss especially if Pace still isn’t back next week. Oh and the Bills, Fitzpatrick rushed more than his RB’s for 74 yards. So I guess he’s their bright spot? The Bills have officially became the owners of the worst team in the league with a Browns win.

Cincinatti Vs. Cleveland- Alright, alright, I know I said the Browns were the worst team in the league but Hillis is really doing things for them. But the Bengals, I mean if you look at those stats for them where did they go wrong? Palmer had 371yds and 2 TD’s, T.O. is now the #2 receiver all time with his performance of 222yds and 1 TD. But I guess Palmer’s 2 fumbles really hurt them. But they have all the pieces and are just going to get lost in the AFC North shuffle. The Browns can be happy that they saved Mangini for another week and that Hillis is really helping them. But don’t expect them to win a bunch more games.

Baltimore Vs. Pittsburgh- This is where Big Ben was needed to finish the game, both defenses were great. It was actually higher scoring then I thought it would be though. It very much looked like the game above where it could have gone either way with these inter-division rivals. While, I called the Steelers I can’t hate that the Ravens win cause it makes it better for all the other teams in the AFC. The only thing to take away from this for the Steelers is that they get to go into a bye week and come back with their QB. The Ravens weren’t spectacular on offense this week but they have to feel good with the win.

Denver Vs. Tennessee- I give up on the Titans, I know it was a last minute lost but where has the team from the last half of last season go? Orton put up monster yards again, but that’s also cause they have no running game with Moreno still out. He could at this rate beat Dan Marino’s 26 year old record with 5,000 plus yards this year. The Titans did look sloppy with some fumbles, but I think both of these teams are balancing on mediocre.

Detroit Vs. Green Bay- This was a frustrating game, but I guess it goes back to the idea that inter-divisional games are unpredicatable. But the Pack is playing like it doesn’t want to go to superbowl. When you compare Shaun Hill and Aaron Rodgers, you would think would be totally different but they were pretty close with 2 INT each. This was another game that the QB was the leading rusher for the team. Hill had 59 yds, where Best only had 50yds. I just think the Pack really needs to figure their stuff out if they want to beat the Bears at the end. The Lions on the other hand get better every week and I think their 1st win isn’t too far away.

San Francisco Vs. Atlanta- The Niners again can’t capitalizes on so many opportunities on both sides of the ball. The question is whose fault is it? I really don’t think Singletary should go down for this but a loss is a loss! The Falcons by no means looked good. Matt Ryan had 2 INT’s and they seem to still be figuring out what kind of team they are.

Carolina Vs. New Orleans- WOW is all I can say, inter-division games can go either way and the Saints should consider themselves lucky they didn’t go down against the Panthers. The Saints offense looks nothing like last years, and while their defense looks better altogether they aren’t the superbowl winning Saints. The Panthers finally started to look like a team that can win a game, well sort of. The running game was starting to move and Clausen started to resemble a quarterback. But I wouldn’t call for any wins just yet. The Saints however keep getting lucky and I think their luck will soon run out.

Seattle Vs. St Louis- The Rams win their first back to back games in a couple of years, they looked good from the start even the injured Jackson looked good. I really like this Bradford kid, and see a couple of more wins. I don’t think they will have the #1 pick again this year. The Seahawks are just confusing in a confusing division. I really have no idea at this point who is going to win the NFC west, at this rate it might be someone who doesn’t even have a winning record.

Indianapolis Vs. Jacksonville- Ok, so I guess the Jags decided to do something this week. But then again the Colts have always had a hard time against them. But Manning did get his 1st INT of the year, that the Jags capitalized on. MJD finally broke out and Garrard was pretty clean. But then again Reggie Wayne had almost 200yds but a real costly fumble. Who would have thought that it would all be decided on an insane 59yd field goal by Scobee. I don’t know what to make of this but I am thinking its a interdivisonal thing and the Colts will be back next week.

Houston Vs. Oakland- So I was pretty pissed off at the beginning of this game when I realized Arian Foster wasn’t playing. But it was pretty great once he did play to show why he was voted AFC player of the month. I don’t know what he did cause Kubiak didn’t say but I know at first some people were calling for his head for possible ruining some fantasy football match ups. The Raiders didn’t look bad, they had some highlights in Zach Miller and Darren Mcfadden. They just still need help at the QB position.

Washington Vs. Philadelphia- I should have known better, but the Eagles were looking better coming into this. But with Vick getting hurt early and Kolb not being able to do much but give the ball to Mccoy really decided the ball game. Mcnabb didn’t look good, but he came out of it with a “W” and bragging rights!

Arizona Vs. San Diego- Thank god the Chargers won this, I wouldn’t know what to think if the Cards could get away with it. The Cardinals are awful for having their record so I am glad that the Chargers finally handled them the way they needed to be.

New York Giants Vs. Chicago- This game was one hot mess! Cutler got hit so many times no wonder he left with a concussion! This game was so sloppy that regardless of the winner both teams should have a lot to review this week! On offense that is as they both still looked good on defense. If Cutler was looking good the first 3 weeks, I don’t even know what to call this…..3 fumbles and 9 sacks and that was the first half!

New England Vs. Miami- I will probably get crap for this, but the Pats got lucky with some great plays from up and coming Patrick Chung. Miami was just extremely sloppy and Henne looked like he didn’t know where he was or what he was doing. I still think the Fins are a good team, interdivision is hard to call as this week showed.


Very nice article, I definitely enjoyed reading it! The quarter mark of the NFL has been interesting to say the least. So many different storylines and controversies throughout the league. I think that the division that is going to be most overlooked is the weak NFC west. One of those team’s still has to make the playoffs and none of them are very good. I think Seattle and San Fran have the most legit shots at it but St. Louis and Bradford have shown something to us as well. Also, you think you could check out my blog cuz I really wanna hear what you think.

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