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{October 6, 2010}   Week 5-Ok seriously who’s ready?

BYE: Dolphins, Patriots, Seahawks, Steelers

Jacksonville Vs. Buffalo-  Here is a game that I can actually see the Bills winning, now I am still not sure how I feel about the Jags, but based on history and giving advantage to MJD, I will call the Jags this time.

Denver Vs. Baltimore- Denver’s been squeaking by in their wins, and the Ravens are on a big high beating their rivals. I think the Ravens need to continue working on different things for their offense so they can build on the success they’ve been having.

Kansas City Vs. Indianapolis- Now this one will be interesting, the Chiefs can really prove their undefeated record or turnover and get it from the Colts. It will be interesting to see, however you never want to be on the opposite side of a Manning revenge game and after losing I am sure they will win this one. If not, consider me sold on the Chiefs winning the AFC West.

Green Bay Vs. Washington- The Pack needs this win and needs to dominate after a loss to the Bears and an almost loss to the Lions. Rodgers needs to come out swinging and the defense needs to be more dominant. Washington needs some help still and I just don’t see it yet. I think the Pack will take this one.

St Louis Vs. Detroit- Dare I say it? The Rams when 3 in a row? The last time that happened was in 2006, so maybe its about time. Now I know I have been saying the Lions will get a win and this is a good chance for them but I like the way the Rams have been playing and I think they can do it.

Chicago Vs. Carolina- This hard only cause the Bears looked horrible last week and the Panthers looked decent. So it all depends on who shows up. Cutler was looking good but he was on his ass so much I don’t know what this week will look like but I am going to go on defense alone here and call the Bears.

Tampa Bay Vs. Cincinatti- The Bucs are coming off their bye week, and the Bengals are coming off of a tough lost even through some bright spots in their offense. I really think the Bengals will take this one as they continue to work through their offensive problems.

Atlanta Vs. Cleveland- The Falcons are winning when it counts, I guess that’s good so they compete with the Saints. The Browns may be coming off a win but the only bright spot with them is Hillis. But he can’t carry the team, I like Ryan and the Falcons defense to win this one.

New York Giants Vs. Houston- The Giants won but they didn’t win pretty, while the Texans are doing well with their offense and their defense is finally getting their star back. I really still think the Texans have playoff hopes and possibly a division title with the way the Colts are playing. I like the Texans in this.

New Orleans Vs. Arizona- The Cardinals suck right now, they are now with a rookie QB that no one knows and I don’t think is their solution for the first year without Warner. The Saints however aren’t looking the greatest but they keep winning games which is what counts. I think they will win this one.

Tennessee Vs. Dallas– These are two teams that really need to get it together in order to be taken seriously. The question is who wants it more. The Cowboys are coming off a bye week and the Titans are coming from a last minute loss, this is all sounding familiar this week lots of same type of scenarios. I just don’t know here, I keep calling the Titans and they keep disappointing me. I am going to give it to the Cowboys this week.

San Diego Vs. Oakland- The Chargers performance last week really made them look good, and their defense is looking good as well. While the Raiders are unpredictable, I think the Chargers will win this one and start to really look like they normally do at the end of the year.

Philadelphia Vs. San Francisco- Oh the Niners, but they are catching the Eagles at a good time. Vick will probably be out as well as Mccoy which are their two biggest play makers on offense. I think the Niners see their first win this week. They looked pretty good minus some sloppy ball security, I think this is the week.

Minnesota Vs. New York Jets- The Vikings are coming off a bye and sre bringing Moss with them.  The problem is Revis is back and he knows how to stop Moss. The Jets have one of the best rushing defenses and they have some guys returning on defense. I don’t think the Vikings can rely on Peterson to do it all. Sanchez has a new weapon to use this week in Santonio Holmes and I think they will come out with the win.


Jacksonville @ Buffalo… Well Sporty Girl, we are not in agreement right from the start. Jacksonville, coming off of a hard fought win over the Colts will have a big let down this week against the Bills. They will also stifle MJD. Taking the Bills at home.

Denver @ Baltimore… I love how Kyle Orton is moving the ball, but on the road again, against an even tougher opponent this week, I gotta go with the Ravens…

KC @ Indy… OK, I know I picked the Colts last week, I should have gone with my gut. KC is still the only undefeated team left in the league. No way are the Colts going to lose this game.

Green Bay @ Washington… If the Redskins could play a full game, this might be an easier pick. Green Bay is tough, great D, potent Offense but they barely beat the Lions last week at home. Ummm, I gotta pick the home team here, Redskins win.

St Louis @ Detroit… Both teams are looking up, but I don’t see the Rams winning 2 in a row, going with Detroit at home this week.

Chicago @ Carolina… Are there any easy picks this week?? Chicago got humiliated last week. Carolina is still without a win and at home this week. I think Cutler bounces back and the Bears win this one.

Tampa Bay @ Cincinnati… You have the over achieving Buc’s coming off a bye week vs. a sporadic playing Bengals team that hasn’t hit it’s stride yet. I think Cincy puts it together this week with a win.

Atlanta @ Cleveland… Atlanta all the way here.

Giants @ Houston… Giants coming off a huge humiliating win over da Bears. Can their D play that inspired again? In a word, nope!! Taking the Texans at home.

New Orleans @ Arizona… Saints gonna win big today!!!

Tennessee @ Dallas… I hate picking games with Dallas because I want them to lose, it sometimes sways my judgment. So, with that in mind, I am picking Tennessee to win this one.

San Diego @ Oakland… San Diego always starts out slow. Oakland, well, is Oakland. Anything can happen here, but if the Raiders can’t stop Gates, it will be a long day for them… Go Chargers Go!!

Philly @ San Fran… Ok, this is the week that San Fran gets their first win. They can thank the Redskins for taking Vick out of the picture.

Minnesota @ the Jets… As much as this pains me to say, I don’t think the addition of Moss is going to stop the Jets. Only way I see Minnesota winning this one is if their D steps up and pressures Sanchez into giving up the ball. This should be a fun game to watch with the Jets winning in prime time.

is anyone keeping track of the picks here???

ummm……I did pick the Bengals! I am now changing to the Panthers now though without Cutler. They’re due for a win anyways. I will put up our results since week one next week.

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