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{October 12, 2010}   Week 5 Rankings: Not much movement up top…a lot everywhere else.
 Steelers  1   Last Week:1 
              I know they had a BYE and the Ravens won, but I am not taking the Steelers out till I see them play with Big Ben next week. They were playing damn well without him, need to see what they look like with them before I think of moving them.
Ravens 2    Last Week:2
The Ravens won and I am sure most people will be saying they deserve to be #1, but I can’t replace The Steelers because they are on a BYE week but if Rice continues to reopen up they will be #1 in no time.
Jets 3 Last Week: 3
The Jets won despite the Vikings almost sneaking up on them. The Jets are winning when they need to. They are becoming a well rounded team.
Falcons 4  Last Week:5
I like the way the Falcons defense is playing right now, I also like Matt Ryan. They are the most put together NFC team right now.
Bears 5 Last Week: 8
The Bears didn’t look good on offense without Cutler but they looked great on defense which is why they get #5 from me.
Colts 6  Last Week:6
The Colts aren’t looking the best but they aren’t bad enough to be mediocre yet. They have the tools but are playing sloppier than normal.
Packers 7 Last Week:4 
So many mediocre teams to try and pick out the good ones from. The Pack isn’t looking the best and are injury plagued if this doesn’t stop the Pack is going to fall.
Chiefs 8  Last Week:12
Yes the Chiefs lost, however they held their own. The main problem they are having is with thier WR core, everything else is falling into place.
Saints 9   Last Week: 7
The Saints ain’t looking like themselves no more. I don’t see a repeat, but in a weak NFC a wild card is not out of the question.
Patriots 10  Last Week:9
Their coming off a bye, but Moss for Branch is not an improvement.
Redskins 11  Last Week:14
The Skins are starting to look good right about now, their defense has really picked it up and the offense is starting to come around.
Eagles 12  Last Week:11
The NFC East is becoming pretty competitive with all but the Cowboys playing well.
Giants 13  Last Week:23
The Giants D is looking unstoppable, but Eli is still making way too many mistakes.
Texans 14  Last Week:13
The Texans got it handed to them by the Giants we shall see if they bounce back.
Bengals 15  Last Week:10
The Bengals are a mess but they have the talent. Palmer needs to shape up or in a very competitive AFC they’re playoff chance will be all but gone.
Dolphins 16  Last Week:15
The Dolphins were on a BYE, but they come back to play the Pack this would be a great time to prove themselves!
Titans 17  Last Week:21
The Titans are starting to look better week by week, I see them moving up soon especially if they win over the Jags on Monday night.
Buccaneers 18  Last Week:18
The Bucs win last minute, but I think there might be something there. We will see how they look against the Saints.
Chargers 19  Last Week:16
They didn’t play their best against the Raiders but still have a good team, lets see how they play against the Rams.
Broncos 20  Last Week:19
They’re in a 3 way tie for 2nd place in their division so they are very easily in it, but I just don’t how much longer they will be able to keep up.
Jaguars 21  Last Week:27
They’re in a 4 way tie, but I think they’re the weakest of the four and don’t know how many more they can win.
Vikings 22  Last Week:20
Moss is a good addition but Favre is playing sloppy, I don’t think at this point he will last the season.
Raiders 23  Last Week:26
The Raiders are being the spoiler again this season winning when it hurts the other team the most.
Cardinals 24  Last Week:24
The Cards won but it had nothing to do with their offense which is still looking bad.
Seahawks 25  Last Week:22
The Hawks needed a bye, lets see if Lynch can help them out.
Rams 26  Last Week:25
The Rams suffered a big lost in more way then one, they may continue to fall.
Cowboys 27  Last Week:17
The Coyboys are not looking good and everyone else in their division is.
Lions 28  Last Week:28
The Lions have their best lopsided defeat since 1995, but Calvin Johnson hurt himself.
Browns 29  Last Week:29
Mccoy might get the start next week, at least Hillis still looks good.
49ers 30  Last Week:31
They can’t buy a win, every week might be the week. Sad things is they still have a chance to win the division.
Panthers 31  Last Week:30
THe Panthers are one hot mess, Clausen lost the starting job, Moore is starting again? Just ugly!
Bills 32  Last Week:32
Hmmm… positive……they scored last week.

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