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{October 12, 2010}   Week 5 Wrap-Up Sloppy work makes for Sloppy players~!

You know its Week 5, about 1/3rd of the way through the season and I am beginning to think no one really wants it this year. Well, at least not in the NFC. The AFC has a few teams that are putting the #’s up, but there is so much mediocreness it will be interesting to see how things end up especially for the wild card.

BYE: Dolphins, Patriots, Seahawks, Steelers

Jacksonville Vs. Buffalo- Well when you look at the stats these teams were fairly similar, which is good and bad. Bad for the Jags as you don’t want to be compared to the Bills, but good for the Bills cause you’ve been pretty pathetic so at least you get a decent comparison? The Bills could have won this, but the Jags were better at the end. Neither team is going to go anywhere this year anyways.

Denver Vs. Baltimore- Orton is still throwing like crazy, but they also don’t have a running game right now. However it didn’t get him nor the Broncos the win. The Ravens are playing great, Rice finally scored a TD, and their receiving core is top-notch now. But I have to see how the Steelers look next week with Big Ben to say this team is the best in the NFL.

Kansas City Vs. Indianapolis- I will admit I think the Chargers should be scared of this team knocking on the AFC west champs door. Yes they lost the game, but their defense is looking good. I think they should really look to get a WR and soon. Cassel had some good throws but apparently all of his WR had butter fingers. The Colts should really be worried about how they’re playing. Yes, they got the win but they are not looking pretty or good. Peyton didn’t even have a TD! How often does that happen? They’re lucky the Texans looked so bad today!

Green Bay Vs. Washington- Know what I said about the Pack winning the superbowl this year? I changed my mind! I am pretty sure it will be an AFC team with the way the NFC is playing. The Pack is only missing their RB, but Jackson did his job today! It’s not like the Skins’ looked so good its the Pack looked so average. The Skins’ however are keeping themselves in the packed NFC East race.

St Louis Vs. Detroit- Apparently I shouldn’t have said it. I should have known the Lions would win, they were so ready for a win. Plus they just could just pick apart the Rams defense. It was their biggest win since 1995! They really wanted it but more than that the Rams showed that they need more weapons for Sam Bradford to win every week.

Chicago Vs. Carolina- You know the saying hell hath no fury like a woman scorned? I would call Peppers the woman in this one. He showed the Panthers what they were missing by not giving him the respect he deserved. I don’t even think the Bears even needed a QB in this game. Well it’s not like they really had one anyways. This has to be the lowest combined passing yards by any two teams ever. Cutler’s sub had 32 yds and 4 INT which equaled a QB rating of like 6. The Panthers look like the Browns last year at this point in a QB confusion. The Bears just proved that they have a running game. So it will be even better when Cutler comes back next week.

Tampa Bay Vs. Cincinnati I am thinking that Palmer may not have a job anymore next year in Cincinnati. Benson played well, TO played well….Palmer had 3 INT enough said. Bucs fans have to like however how their team is developing every week. I don’t think they will get a playoff spot but they look so much better than last year and have a great young team.

Atlanta Vs. Cleveland- I said it before I like the Falcons, now they didn’t start off well in this game but they finished well. Delhomme played, the only reason I knew was I heard that the Falcons received 2 INT! I think they’re much better off with Wallace but not by much. Hillis again was their only bright spot. The Falcons do need to figure out a way to score more. Turner had 140 yds but no TD’s and White had 100+yds as well but only 1 TD. Their defense is definitely helping them out.

New York Giants Vs. Houston- This was way more of the Texans sucking then the Giants dominating. Eli made a lot of mistakes again, but the defense made the Texans make more mistakes for the 2nd week in a row. One of the biggest problems it seemed for the Texans was they didn’t have the running game they have had in Arian Foster who went down with a knee injury but Schaub I have to say has been the biggest disappointment so far this year. The QB of a year ago the was one of the top passing yard QB’s out there.

New Orleans Vs. Arizona- I said the Saints weren’t looking good but I didn’t realize they were looking this bad! Brees had 3 INT which is very unlike him one of those was returned for a TD. The Cardinals did not look good by any means all three of their TD’s came from Saint turnovers. If you don’t look at the stats people might think that Max Hall was the change that was needed, but it really was the Saints playing sloppy and the Cardinals defense keeping their eyes open.

Tennessee Vs. Dallas-You know what? I am just going to always not call the Titans, cause when I pick them they lose when I don’t pick them they win. This was actually a good close game, that pretty much went back and forth all afternoon. It was Romo’s 3 INT that did them in, because otherwise they had good #’s out there, Jones, Austin, Williams, and Witten all had over 75yds and all but Jones had a TD. The Titans was mainly CJ as usual but had some nice help from the defense and special teams. If only they can be consistent, but with the Texans losing and the Colts not looking like themselves they need to do this every week to be in the playoffs.

San Diego Vs. Oakland- I am totally ok with being wrong with this for my grandma who loved her Raiders! They snapped a 13 game losing streak against the Chargers. Rivers had over 400yds and no INT’s but 2 very costly fumbles. The Raiders also kicked the Chargers butt on Special teams with 2 blocked punts to start the game. Some bright points for the Chargers is they don’t need Vincent Jackson, Floyd proved that with 213 yds this week. The Raiders also have Bush looking good while Mcfadden rests. Also Campbell can play well when he wants, its the consistency problem again here as it was in Washington.

Philadelphia Vs. San Francisco-I just don’t know what to say anymore. The Niners keep trying and they come up short. However, they really are as coach Singletary says shooting themselves in the foot. Sloppy ball handling by both Gore and Smith. But there were some spots like the VD TD that Smith played with control like a vet. The Eagles didn’t look bad or good they looked eh……McCoy showed a cracked rib wasn’t going to stop him. I think if Vick is healthy they should trade Kolb to the Cards for someone there’s a team that could use even a mediocre QB at the helm.

Minnesota Vs. New York Jets- The Vikings didn’t look good the first half at all on the offense side, but defensively it seemed to be doing its job. However I couldn’t tell if it was more the Vikings D or the Jets O that was holding the Jets to field goals. The Vikings came back well in the 2nd half finally igniting the offense but sloppy work by Favre ended up putting the nail in the coffin for the Vikes and the Jets are 4-1!


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