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{October 15, 2010}   Week 6- A needed BYE for some, tough matchups for others.

 All of the Bye teams really needed this week to sit back and figure some things out before they come back in week 7 all of these teams are hurting one way or another in one position or another.

Bye: Cardinals, Bills, Panthers, Bengals

Atlanta V. Philadelphia- This is a little hard, depending on if Vick is back or not. But Mccoy has been playing well regardless. I do like the Falcons though this year, their defense has been making great plays, plus Ryan is getting better back to his 08′ self. I am going to pick the Falcons based on their defense regardless who plays QB for the Eagles.

Kansas City V. Houston- The Texans have made me so mad with the way they have been playing especially with the talent they have offensively. I am sick of picking them only for them to disappoint me. So like the Titans last week I will pick them to lose in hopes that they win. However the Chiefs, aren’t looking bad at all. They weren’t doing the greatest offensively last week but I like the way they are playing. I think the Chiefs will win.

Cleveland V. Pittsburgh- Big Ben is back, and even though the Browns are good against interdivision rivals I have to go for the Steelers. I am in Pittsburgh as I write this so I kind of have to or they might come hunt me down. By they I mean Steeler fans, they’re crazy!

Seattle V. Chicago- The Seahawks come off the bye week with a new running back but the Bears have been eating RB’s alive. Cutler should be back and I think the Bears are really playing to win especially after the embarrassing loss to the Giants. The Seahawks still can’t figure out what they’re doing so I have to go with Da Bears!

Detroit V. New York Giants- I don’t think the Lions will bring on the game they did last week. The Giants D is looking scarier than anyone thought they would be. The Lions should be scared they stopped a great passing game against the Bears and stopped the top rushing team last week in the Texans. The Giants are looking sloppy still on the offensive sides with several turnovers every week. If the Lions can get pass the defense they might have a chance. But right now I am going for the Giants.

Baltimore V. New England- The Patriots are coming off their bye week sans Moss, now I know they have some new young tight ends doing well for them. I just don’t see it improving their game. The Ravens on the other hand have been looking good, Flacco is playing well and Ray Rice has finally started to look like the guy from last year. Not to mention their great defense. Have to go with the Ravens.

San Diego V. St Louis-Poor Sam Bradford, he’s helped the Rams win some games and looks to be the future. However without them getting a new go to WR in the next week I don’t know how many more games they can win. The Chargers aren’t looking great but Floyd is doing well for them and I see them taking this one!

Miami V. Green Bay- This one is really hard, mainly because the Packers have been playing really bad. Plus its unknown if Rodgers is going to even play after suffering a slight concussion on Sunday. The Fins are coming off a bye and a bad lost. I just don’t know if Rodgers plays I am picking the Pack, if not I am picking the Fins.

New Orleans V. Tampa Bay- The Saints are going down and the Bucs are coming up. But, I just don’t know if the either has moved enough for this game to really switch from normal and a Saints win. The Bucs are looking alright, but I think they still have a lot to improve on. The Saints just barely lost last week and barely won a couple of times. But I am going to pick the Saints. However its interdivisional and anything can happen.

New York Jets V. Denver- Denver is playing back and forth right now, again without a running game they’ve been a throwing machine but hasn’t been consistent enough. Even if Moreno comes back which is likely I think they will have a hard time against the Jets D.

Oakland V. San Francisco- Ok, I am done the Niners win and they frickin better or when I go down there in a couple of weeks I am going to find Alex Smith and kick him in the head! I just don’t get it every week they should look so much better! I could see the Raiders winning too but I like the Niners.

Dallas V. Minnesota- Both of these teams are desperate for a win, I expect to see both of them to show up. However I don’t know if Brett Favre will. I really think that Moss is the addition that they needed to succeed but if Favre’s elbow keeps bothering him I don’t know how long they will last. It’s a must win either way, but I think the Vikings can pull it off with a healthy Favre, but without one I think the Boys’ will take it.

Indianapolis V. Washington-Here is where the Skins’ need to prove themselves as a real threat all around. Their defense has been great and their offense keeps improving. Lucky for them the Colts are mostly an offensive team who hasn’t been playing well. I am going to go against the grain here cause I like what I’ve been seeing and call the Skins.

Tennesse V. Jacksonville- This could either be the game of the week or the most boring game ever. Both teams know how to step it up and crash & burn. It really depends on who shows up. I am going to call the Titans as they have been improving every week.


short and sweet this week….

Atlanta @ Philly… Atlanta

Kansas City @ Houston… Houston

Cleveland @ Pittsburgh… duh, Pittsburgh.

Seattle @ Chicago… Chicago

Detroit @ NY Giants… Giants

Baltimore @ New England… Baltimore

San Diego @ St Louis… Go Chargers Go!!

Miami @ Green Bay… Miami

New Orleans @ Tampa Bay… N.O. Saints

NY Jets @ Denver… Homer Broncos!!!

Oakland @ San Fran… Oakland

Dallas @ Minnesota… Minnesota

Indy @ Washington… Indy

Tennessee @ Jacksonville… Tennessee

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