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{October 20, 2010}   Week 6 Wrap-up-AFC is up, NFC is down

Another crazy week, that really only proved one thing, the AFC is competitive, while the NFC only has a couple of bright shining lights.

Bye: Cardinals, Bills, Panthers, Bengals

Atlanta V. Philadelphia- This was a pretty interesting game for me, The Eagles definitely have an issue. That issue being who is going to lead this team! They have two QB’s that are doing a good job, one of these guys won’t be there next year that’s for sure. I am thinking one will be in Arizona maybe? The Falcons on the other hand, I really don’t know what happened here. Their running game is still lacking, and their defense seemed to take too long to get where they needed to be. I still like the Falcons in the NFC, but the Eagles really showed they want it this year. Hopefully Jackson will be ok, he will probably miss next week then they have a bye week to help him out.

Kansas City V. Houston- See what happens when I go against a team I want to actually win? They win! It definitely wasn’t easy though but for once Schaub started to look like a good QB. (Of course after I bench him on my fantasy) Cushings return was felt this week as the defense looked better. However don’t count the Chiefs out of this very close game that they could have easily won. Cassel finally had some good connections and a receiver over 100yds, TJ and Charles did there part as well. I still think the Chiefs have a good chance to do some damage it also helped that every AFC West team lost this week.

Cleveland V. Pittsburgh- I heard today that Rothlisberger doesn’t want to be called Big Ben anymore…..That’s just too bad cause Big Ben is back. 3 TD’s definitely excited Steeler fans today, and they can finally breath a sigh of relief that they have an offense to match their defense. The Browns should be glad that Mccoy played the whole game and despite some errors he made some good passes and 281yds in his debut. Could this be the future for the Browns? Well looking at the Browns pass, I think its too soon to tell!

Seattle V. Chicago- The Seahawks man, the F-ing Seahawks! They finally win on the road, and Lynch seems to be a nice addition for them helping Forsett out. The Bears on the other hand just couldn’t complete anything. Cutler had almost 300yds but no TD’s. Hester helped them out with two great returns, but only one counted. The Bears  are ok with a Green Bay loss.

Detroit V. New York Giants- The Lions were in it the whole way on a 3rd string QB, they have to be happy about that performance when everything else went wrong. Hill left with a broken arm, and Linebacker Follett had a big scare after a huge tackle left him on the ground and to the hospital. Its a hard year to be a Lion with all of the injuries they’ve had. But Stanton came in and was able to make some good plays with Calvin Johnson. So that’s a positive although Hill was doing really well for the team. The Giants on the other hand didn’t have the dominate defense they were having the last few weeks, but their offense finally stopped making as many mistakes as they have been and Eli finally didn’t throw a pick!

Baltimore V. New England- This wasn’t a pretty game, I didn’t really expect it to be as the Pats have a lot of hard feelings when it comes to the Ravens. Brady didn’t play well, but he was comfortable with Branch back on his team. Their running game still really lacks as Woodhead ended up being their lead rusher with 63 yds not bad for someone who was #5 running back on the Jets. The Ravens didn’t play horribly they just couldn’t capitalize when they needed to. I guess this time revenge won out in overtime.

San Diego V. St Louis- Its funny that the Chargers are statistically the best overall team in the top ten in almost every category on both sides of the ball coming into this week. But here they now sit 2-4, but like the Chiefs they do have the benefit that no one won in the AFC West this week. The Rams however really came out with their defense this week, they were all over Rivers and even sacked him 7 times. They held off the Chargers from scoring till there was only just over a minute left in the half. The Rams are still in it too, since their division is so bad!

Miami V. Green Bay- This was a pretty even game that went into OT, both QB’s had some good stats and each had a pick. But the Fins came out with the win. If the Pack is supposed to be at the top of the NFC, the NFC isn’t looking good right now.

New Orleans V. Tampa Bay- The Saints showed glimpses of the Superbowl winners from last year, the offense was divided amongst several players including a 100+ yd rusher that will have people going who is this guy? Ivory looked good as a replacement for an injured Thomas and Bush. The Bucs on the other hand couldn’t get things going. But they still are better than they were last year.

New York Jets V. Denver- It wasn’t pretty, but the Jets won. Sanchez was bound to eventually throw a pick but he’s still looking better then he was last year. The Broncos were hurt because Orton was only held to 209yds, and they tried rushing with 7 different people including Tebow who to me still seems a waste as a 1st round pick. But he did get his first TD. Revis needs this BYE week, he needs to sit down till he’s better.

Oakland V. San Francisco- The Niners got their win, even though they still had plenty of mistakes. I don’t know how they will improve but at least they have the weak division. The Raiders on the other hand are good since everyone else lost in the division.

Dallas V. Minnesota- The Vikings won when they needed to, it was sloppy both teams made major mistakes. But Harvin’s kickoff return for a TD basically won the game for them. The Cowboys in my opinion are dead, in the most competitive NFC division every other team keeps winning and they keep losing.

Indianapolis V. Washington- The Skins’ were able to make it close at the end, but costly INT from Mcnabb stopped them short of where they needed to be. Strong running games, and even passing game made this competitive. The question is was it closed because the Skins’ are a strong team or have the Colts become weak. Personally I think its a little bit of both.

Tennesse V. Jacksonville- The Jags took themselves out of the 4 way tie for 1st place in the AFC South while the Titans really stepped it up to show that no one should forget about them. However a hurt Young isn’t good, we will see if he starts up next week or not. The Jags are on their way down in my opinion. The AFC is way too competitive for a team playing like this.


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