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{October 21, 2010}   Rankings After Week 6: AFC is Strong, NFC is looking weak.
 Steelers  1   Last Week:1 
 Big Ben improved an already great team, right now I think they are the most well rounded in the bunch.
Jets 2    Last Week:3
 Sanchez can’t be perfect every week, but they still won
Ravens 3 Last Week: 2
 They lost a tough OT Duel, but I still think they’re a better team than others in the AFC
Colts 4  Last Week:6
 Manning and company might start coming down this list with the sloppy plays they’ve been happening even with wins.
Patriots 5 Last Week: 10
 They won when they needed to and its obvious that Brady and Branch still have the chemistry.
Falcons 6  Last Week:5
  I still think the Falcons are the best team in the NFC even with a loss, we will see what happens after this week.
Saints 7 Last Week:9
 Who is Chris Ivory? Where has he been all season? I think this might be the offensive boost the champs needed.
Bears 8  Last Week:5
 The NFC North might keep slipping down, while the NFC keeps climbing up
Packers 9   Last Week: 7
Ouch, losing so many players is really hurting them hopefully they can stay healthy the rest of the week
Chiefs 10  Last Week:8
The running game and defense is what’s carrying this team. They need Cassel to keep stepping up.
Eagles 11  Last Week:12
Kolb or Vick it doesn’t matter the Eagles are putting it out there that they are for real
Redskins 12  Last Week:11
Mcnabb needs to clean up but Torrain is looking like a great replacement for Portis.
Giants 13  Last Week:23
It seems they can’t be all around good, when the D is good the offense isn’t and visa versa.
Texans 14  Last Week:13
 When the Offense comes together it can really work.
Titans 15  Last Week:17
Injury to Young could hurt but they beat a division rival nicely.
Dolphins 16  Last Week:15
Still can’t decide if they’re for real or just lucky
Bengals 17  Last Week:15
Hope the BYE week helped them figure out their offense better.
Seahawks 18  Last Week:26
 They are looking good in the west, but that’s not saying much.
Rams 19  Last Week:25
Who needs a #1 receiver? Defense really came out.
Broncos 20  Last Week:20
Limiting Orton’s throwing was  a big mistake, their running game isn’t working for them
Buccaneers 21  Last Week:18
They lost to a strong team, but still a great young team with a lot of talent!
Vikings 22  Last Week:22
Sloppy win, but got it done, Harvin saved the day
Chargers 23  Last Week:19
Helps that everyone else lost in the AFC West too
Jaguars 24  Last Week:21
Horrible showing on MNF, they need to get it together in a strong division
Raiders 25  Last Week:23
So many things could help this team, but they first need to believe in themselves.
Cardinals 26  Last Week:24
BYE week may or may not help their QB situation, see Panthers
Lions 27  Last Week:28
They may have lost but they keep showing some great things even with a 3rd string QB in.
Cowboys 28  Last Week:27
The Cowboys are not able to finish anything at this point
49ers 29  Last Week:30
NINERS WON! But they are still making costly mistakes.
Browns 30  Last Week:29
They took some hits this week, and really showed they aren’t good all the time.
Panthers 31  Last Week:31
I don’t think a BYE will help their QB mess, its too bad.
Bills 32  Last Week:32
Maybe the BYE did them well….on the other hand maybe not.

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