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{October 23, 2010}   Week 7- Important interdivisional games this week may decide fate of some middle of the road teams!

Sorry for the delay, way too busy of a week. But here are your week 7 picks!

BYEs- Lions, Texans, Colts, Jets

Cincinnati V. Atlanta- The Bengals are coming off a bye week, I don’t know if this will help their offense or not. But hopefully it didn’t hurt it, while the Falcons didn’t look good last week. I think this game could go either way, as both of these offenses have been back and forth. But I am going to call the Falcons and give their defense the win.

Pittsburgh V. Miami- The fins have been known to surprise people but can they stop the Steelers? I just don’t know if they’re strong enough to be able to go up against this crazy defense and I don’t think that the Fins defense is good enough to contain Big Ben. Sorry dude, I will always call you that.

Buffalo V. Baltimore – I don’t see the Bills getting their first win in this match up. The Ravens are at home and they are going to take out last weeks tough fought lost and beat the Bills to pieces. I see Ray Rice coming out strong and a Ravens win.

Jacksonville V. Kansas City- The Jags were embarrassed on MNF, and Garrard looks to be sitting out this weekend with a concussion. The Chiefs on the other hand seem to be getting their passing game together, that with a great running game I see them winning this one at home.

Cleveland V. New Orleans- Mccoy is going to get the start again this week, but I think he will have another uphill battle. His first two starts against two top teams in the league kind of tough. But at least you can see he’s trying, Cribbs will be out so I don’t think Hillis can hold the team together. The Saints should be getting things together even more with the return of Sharper (the active player with the most INT in his career) and Bush might be back as well. I don’t think the Browns have a chance in the Superdome, Saints all the way.

Washington V. Chicago- These are two teams that are bordering on becoming great teams in a weak NFC. This game is important to both of them as they are both in divisions that can be and are competitive. I think both really rely on their QB’s in this one as both defenses have been doing their job. I really like what Torrain has done filling in for Portis, I am giving the Skins’ this one but could see it go both ways.

San Francisco V. Carolina- a 1 win team vs. a no-win team. I think the Panthers are such a mess though that I don’t think that they will be able to get their win here. I think the Niners are on a high from finally not beating themselves, although they have a lot to improve on. I think the Niners can get this together and pull it off against a hurting Panthers team.

St. Louis V. Tampa Bay- The Rams are coming off a great win where the defense really stepped it up, this would be their first road win of the season if they can pull it together. Both of the these teams are still in the playoff race, but for the Bucs with a harder division really need to keep pace and win this one. However, I really like how the Rams have been playing and I think they are coming in the better team. Jackson just needs 32 more yards to become the teams all time rusher, it’s too bad he will be on the road when it happens. I pick the Rams in this one invoking fear into their division that leagues worst team last year may be a division winning playoff team this year!

Philadelphia V. Tennessee- The Eagles are starting Kolb again, but Vick looks to be at least dressing and possibly playing some snaps. While Young is listed as questionable and didn’t really practice this week. I think its important for both running games to really heat up in this one. I really like how the Eagles have been playing though, even with the Titans strong win on MNF. The Titans have been too up and down for me this year. I am going with the Eagles on the road.

Arizona V. Seattle- This is an important game for both teams as there still isn’t a clear leader in the division. I really don’t know what’s going to happen here as the Cards have been winning by miracles practically and the Hawks have been really good when they win and really bad when they lose. I am going to give experience the upper hand on this one and take the Hawks at home.

New England V. San Diego- The Pats are coming off a OT win against a tough team, while the Chargers are coming off a tough loss against the Rams. I would love to say the Chargers rebound nicely at home but I don’t see that happening. I think the Patriots are going to be all over them.

Oakland V. Denver – This should be an actually good match up of interdivisional teams. Most people may not be interested in seeing it but I think it could be a great game. These two teams are still very much in the hunt and its an important game for them. The Broncos need to forget about their running game as it didn’t work for them last week and go back to passing the ball which has been working for them. The Raiders on the other hand really need their running game with beat up QB’s. Based on injuries and home field advantage I am going with the Broncos in this one.

Minnesota V. Green Bay- Another really important interdivision game this week. Both need to win, but the Vikings really need to win in order to keep in step. But the Pack can’t afford to fall another game behind the Bears. I really think this year is when the Pack comes out against Favre and hopefully Matthews will be all over him after missing last week. I like the Pack in this as last week really hurt them.  

New York Giants V. Dallas– The Cowboys may have at this point dug themselves way too deep of a hole to get out of this one. But the Giants still can’t get fully together on all sides, they are good on offense one week, good on defense the next. I just don’t see the Cowboys being able to figure all of this out for Monday nights game. I am taking the Giants in this one.


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