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{October 26, 2010}   Week 7 Wrap up-Stick a fork in me, I am out of the race.


BYEs- Lions, Texans, Colts, Jets

Cincinnati V. Atlanta- The Falcons started off hot, going in to the half 24-3. But the Bengals came back swinging in the third quarter and even took the lead until the 4th quarter where the Falcons got their fire back and the Bengals couldn’t hang. Palmer was able to get out of his slump but it wasn’t enough 412 yds and 3 TD’s there is something just not clicking for them. Turner however finally broke it out for the Falcons. His play is what they have been missing.

Pittsburgh V. Miami- This was way too close for comfort for the Steelers. This was a sloppy game, by the Steelers. Big Ben had 3 fumbles! I didn’t see all of them but he was having issues, including a very lucky botched call by the refs. The Fins on the other hand could have had this, but this is where Henne’s inexperience gets him.

Buffalo V. Baltimore – The Ravens should consider themselves lucky! I don’t know which would have been worse, The Ravens losing to the Bills or the Browns beating the Saints. Either way, this was an awful 1st half for the Ravens. This seemed to be a fumble ridden week. The Ravens have their second OT game in a row. They really should look at tapes next week on their bye and work on getting Rice moving. The Bills should again be happy with Fitzpatrick, he may not be the total future but he sure is looking good for them now.

Jacksonville V. Kansas City- The Jags at least stuck with them for most of the game, but the Chiefs strong suit their running game went crazy, and their defense always has its eyes open. What’s funny is I remember the Chiefs being an offense only team for so long! MJD can’t break it out, this is what’s hurting the Jags right now.

Cleveland V. New Orleans- Colt Mccoy got his first win only having 74 yds and no TD’s! The Saints, namely Brees shot themselves this week. 4 INT’s, that right there is what handed the Browns the W. The Saints are looking bad. I just don’t know where they are going to fit in if they keep playing like this. But I didn’t know Hillis can throw the ball! 

Washington V. Chicago- The Bears are not going to win another game unless they learn how to protect Cutler. But Cutler can’t throw 4 INT to the same guy in a game. Did he think Hall was Hester? Just sloppy play all around for the Bears, the Skins’ didn’t look great themselves. Mcnabb needs to get his turnovers in control as well.

San Francisco V. Carolina- The Niners apparently are a contender next year not this year. They are losing to themselves. I think that Singletary might get one more year, but I don’t think its just him. They have confidence issues. The Panthers looked ok, but I wouldn’t say they’re coming up. I still don’t think this is the last time the QB will be switched.

St. Louis V. Tampa Bay- The Rams just didn’t show up in the second half and let the Bucs win this one. These are two young teams that I think have a lot of potential. Bradford, I think still is holding on to the Offensive rookie of the year. He’s pretty impressive even when it is bad.

Philadelphia V. Tennessee- It must be nice for the Eagles to have two good QB’s that when one has a bad week they just switch them out. I don’t think Kolb was the only thing wrong this week, they couldn’t get a running game going either. The Titans defense has been doing really well, plus Britt got passed everyone. I think the Eagles need this coming bye week to rest, they’ve been playing hard.

Arizona V. Seattle- Did these two teams play? I didn’t even try to watch this snoozefest. It doesn’t surprise me that the Seahawks pulled it out like predicted. But these NFC West games are so boring, I just have nothing to say on it.

New England V. San Diego- It was all Patriots in the game until the end, where the Chargers came within a foot of tying up the game. I think this shows a spark for the Chargers who haven’t been looking good. The Pats on the other hand keep getting lucky.

Oakland V. Denver – So the Raiders scored an all time franchise high, and Mcfadden finally broke through! Their receiving core still needs work, but I think that the Raiders are putting it down that they’re for real this year. The Broncos just looked, well how they have been looking. Mediocre.

Minnesota V. Green Bay- Stick a fork in them…….Favre might look back on this and go why didn’t I retire on a high! Broken bones might finally end Favre’s starting streak, but I think the Vikes need someone to jump-start them. Rodgers didn’t look great either but he made it count. In the end the Pack is now sharing the top spot in the NFC North.

New York Giants V. Dallas– The Giants keep winning although they make mistakes that other teams can’t capitalize on. The Cowboy’s lose Romo due to a broken collarbone. But Kitna stepped in nicely and kept it competitive. The Cowboys are off to their worst start since 1989. I think they are also out for the count.


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