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{October 26, 2010}   Week 8 Rankings
 Steelers  1   Last Week:1 
 They barely won, but they won and that’s what counts.
Jets 2    Last Week:3
 BYE week to rest the boys, they have the Pack next.
Patriots 3 Last Week: 5
 They keep winning even when the team doesn’t look the best, hurts to put them here but no one is impressing me.
Colts 4  Last Week:4
 I don’t know what they are going to do without Clark and Collie, we shall see.
Falcons 5 Last Week: 6
 I still like the Falcons in the NFC, although people are leaping on the Giants error boat
Ravens 6  Last Week:3
  Sloppy play lowers them, but the win keeps them pretty high.
Chiefs 7 Last Week:10
 They are proving that they are a threat in the AFC, an easy schedule is helping them along.
Packers 8  Last Week:7
 Can’t tell if they’re going up or down, they have a tough schedule coming up.
Redskins 9   Last Week: 12
I can really see the Skins’ making the playoffs this year.
Giants 10  Last Week:13
People are loving them, but I still think they are making too many mistakes even with the wins.
Titans 11  Last Week:17
The Titans really worked the Eagles this week, I wonder what else they have.
Eagles 12  Last Week:11
Looks like Vick is back in the pocket after the BYE
Saints 13  Last Week:7
Losing to the Browns? I can’t imagine what’s to come.
Texans 14  Last Week:13
 Bye week hopefully helps get things together consistently
Bears 15  Last Week:7
Cutler can’t get protected and can’t not throw an interception, they might be trickling their way down.
Dolphins 16  Last Week:15
They hung with the big boys, but in a crowded AFC they have to win.
Bengals 17  Last Week:17
They got a good flow going with the passing game, but they just couldn’t finish.
Seahawks 18  Last Week:18
 They’re division sucks, so a win in it doesn’t say much.
Rams 19  Last Week:19
They lost a tough one but are still a good young team
Buccaneers 20  Last Week:21
The Bucs capitalized on a team that couldn’t finish.
Raiders 21  Last Week:25
Throwing it out there, they want to be taken seriously
Chargers 22  Last Week:23
Showed some life, however they need to win games and step it up.
Broncos 23  Last Week:20
Its not looking good in the Mile High
Jaguars 24  Last Week:21
MJD needs to step it up, if they want to go anywhere
Vikings 25  Last Week:22
It could be over after this week, they need to set it up.
Cardinals 26  Last Week:24
Bad plays, weak division, still have a chance.
Lions 27  Last Week:28
BYE week might help them figure things out.
Browns 28  Last Week:30
Mangini might not get fired now.
Cowboys 29  Last Week:27
 Its Over for them, I think its time for a real GM.
49ers 30  Last Week:29
Still killing themselves.
Panthers 31  Last Week:31
Moore hung in there this week, but they aren’t moving up til he doesn’t two weeks in a row.
Bills 32  Last Week:32
Made some great place but couldn’t hold on, can’t move them up as they are the only winless team now.

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