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{October 28, 2010}   Week 8- Ghost, Goblins, and London?

 Happy Halloween! Be Safe!

BYE’s: Falcons, Ravens, Bears, Browns, Giants, Eagles

Denver V. San Francisco- The Broncos are coming off an embarrassing loss against the Raiders, while the Niners not only lost the game last week but also lost their inadequate QB due to a separated shoulder. So the other Smith will be starting when these two duke it out in London. Because its out of the country, I don’t know how that will affect either team. But the Niners are undefeated outside the U.S. I will go with them.

Jacksonville V. Dallas- Romo is out, and Garrard might be out as well. I think its important that some sort of running game gets going for the Jaguars. However it’s not like the Cowboys look like they can do much damage at this point. I will take the Jags in this.

Miami V. Cincinnati- These are two teams that are stuck in middle of the AFC. If either want to be taken seriously they need to make a big statement and win big this week. The Fins are undefeated on the road this year, but the Bengals need the win at home. I liked the way the Fins looked last week even with the loss, I will take them this week.

Buffalo V. Kansas City- The Bills showed a little bit of life last week but couldn’t keep it going to finish the job. The Chiefs on the other hand threw it down and won last week showing that they should be taken seriously. The makeover of the stadium and this team is having an impact in the west. The Chiefs win this one!

Washington V. Detroit- I always want to root for the underdog like the Lions, but with all the injuries I don’t think they can take this one. The Redskins are improving every week and seem to be showing themselves as a competitor. I really think they are playoff contenders in the NFC, Torrain is really coming out of his shell. The Skins’ got this one!

Carolina V. St. Louis- The Panthers might have got their first win, but I don’t know how consistent they can be. The Rams are good at home and have the fire to win. I like the Rams to take this one.

Green Bay V. New York Jets- Revis says he’s 100% now, and the rest of the Jets got some rest from their BYE week. The Pack on the other hand is tired and hurting. They still have the talent but they look exhausted. I like the fresh Jets to take this one at home.  

Tennessee V. San Diego- The Chargers are still statistically the best team in football but can’t get a win for the life of them. The Titans on the other hand keep finding ways to win and different players to win it for them. If they play like they did last week they have this one. Charger fans might not get the comeback they normally expect every year if the Titans pull it off. I think the Titans will do it.

Minnesota V. New England- Favre is making his team worse, he needs to stop being selfish and let someone who is healthy play. The Patriots are doing their calm under the radar winning streak, which makes them pretty scary. I don’t think the Vikings are healthy enough nor strong enough to pull this one out. I have to take the Pats with this one…….unfortunately!

Tampa Bay V. Arizona- The Cardinals don’t seem to be really put together right now, its like they still having missing pieces. The Bucs on the other hand are still in the race and are a great young team taking wins where they can get them. I see the Bucs coming out on this.

Seattle V. Oakland- The Raiders had a crazy good week last night, while the Hawks just passed a dismal Cards team. I really like the Raiders spunk this year. I think they are finally believing in themselves. The Hawks on the other hand are just trying to hold on to the NFC West as long as they can. But its Halloween, the Raiders, and their in Oakland!

Pittsburgh V. New Orleans- Oh boy! Now the superdome can be hard to play in normally, but I can’t imagine what it will look like on Halloween. But the Saints are playing horribly and Bush is still out. The Steelers on the other hand have been the dominate team in football although they almost floundered last week. But their ok play has been way better than what the Saints have been showing all year. Steelers win this one.

Houston V. Indianapolis- This is a week 1 rematch, the problem for the Colts coming off their bye is a very hurt receiving core. The Texans on the other hand seem to be getting stronger. It’s hard to go against Manning at home, but the Texans have something to prove. I like the Texans!


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