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{November 2, 2010}   Week 8 Wrap-Up- Everything is up for grabs!

I don’t think I can predict at this moment who is even going to make the playoffs at this half way point! It’s a constantly turning table, and I think there will be lots of surprises!

BYE’s: Falcons, Ravens, Bears, Browns, Giants, Eagles

Denver V. San Francisco- Apparently when you get the Niners out of the country they all the sudden know how to play American football! It took another QB by the name of Smith to do it, but I would hand the game ball to Gore who looked like the running back that his stats seem to say he is. The Broncos need to stop trying to have a running game, its not working for them. Except when Tebow is on the 1 yd line. The Broncos just don’t look good even though they have a QB throwing the 2nd most yards so far this year.

Jacksonville V. Dallas- Well no surprise nothing came from the Cowboys as I think their whole morale is gone. But Kitna’s 4 INT sure didn’t help. The Jags however I think looked the best they have all season. Not only did Garrard come back looking great but MJD finally started making some strides in it.

Miami V. Cincinnati- The Bengals came out swinging but carried that momentum straight into the locker room at half time and apparently left it there. Its not like the Fins dominated as they only ended up with 1 TD, but they were persistent in their attempts and 5 field goals gave them the win.

Buffalo V. Kansas City- Two weeks in a row the Bills come thisclose to their first win. I think the Bills are on the brink and I think the hurting Bears need to watch out next week. The Chiefs on the other hand again showed their strong suit with a 200+ running game between Charles and Jones. I think the Chiefs need to watch out for the Raiders though next week they have been coming out strong.

Washington V. Detroit- Stafford’s finally back and in a big way. 4 TD’s, with 3 of them going to Calvin Johnson really made an impact. I don’t think benching Mcnabb did anything for the Skins’ it made it worse. Mcnabb was the top rusher for the Skins’ and that’s a problem all of its own. The Lions are moving up though, but the Skin’s can’t lose games like this in order to be taken seriously.

Carolina V. St. Louis- The Panthers showed how bad they are even with their one win. I knew Moore was a one week freak! The Panthers will have a new coach and a veteran QB next year guaranteed! The Rams on the other hand have the offensive rookie of the year and their 4th straight home win! You gotta like this young Rams team!

Green Bay V. New York Jets- Words cannot describe how boring and stupid this game was. I don’t understand how you can’t challenge those 2 INT, as each time the Jets caught it and then the defender grabbed it and tie goes to the receiver. Yes, I am bitter! At least the defense till did what they could to stop the Pack’s offense. Both teams didn’t look good, I think they both have much greater potential!

Tennessee V. San Diego- Britt was out after like the 1st minute and the Titans offense couldn’t seem to get going. While, CJ had some nice moves, the Chargers decided to step it up. Too bad it was the same time the Chiefs and Raiders win as well. The Titans can’t lose like this when they are in such a tough division.

Minnesota V. New England- I know that everyone will place the Patriots as #1 now, the brightest side for them is they may finally have a running game with Green-Ellis. They are doing their quiet creeper again with no names. However the Vikings seem to have given up, as they started Favre and cut Moss. They’re done!

Tampa Bay V. Arizona- The Bucs are another young  team I really like, I wouldn’t be surprise to see them with the Lions and Rams moving on up in the NFC. Blount had a breakthrough game and Freeman looked good as well. The Cards on the other hand were lucky to keep it so close with as many errors as the had. 4 INT between 2 QB’s, I bet they aren’t voting for Warner on Dancing with the stars.  

Seattle V. Oakland- Wow, Tom Cable will probably keep his job now with how scary the Raiders have been looking. Campbell and Heyward-Bey connected and finally got the latter going. In addition, Mcfadden and Bush seem to be a great team. I love the way the Raiders are playing right now and in a weak division anything’s possible. The Seahawks should be worried, there is way too much going the Rams way that they can totally take this division from the Hawks!

Pittsburgh V. New Orleans- I guess I should have listened to myself, New Orleans + Halloween equals Saints win! They needed it though in a division that is getting very crowded with the Bucs coming up. The Steelers on the other hand could afford this loss, Big Ben just looked rusty though. They just couldn’t complete anything.

Houston V. Indianapolis- WOW! I can’t believe that the Texans couldn’t capitalize on a very broken down Colts team. I think Kubiak needs to be fired, he keeps holding Foster back and putting in Ward which isn’t doing anything for them. Once Foster gets in he tears it up, I don’t know why Kubiak has a problem with him. But then again, you really can’t expect Manning to do poorly at home regardless who’s in there.


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