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{November 5, 2010}   Week 9-It’s becoming do or die…..

 Things are getting interesting, some teams can no longer rely on the end of the year play. So many close division every win and every loss counts!

BYES: Broncos, Jaguars, 49ers, Rams, Titans, Redskins

New York Jets V. Detroit- The Lions have been doing some good things as of late, however I don’t think Stafford is ready for gang green’s defense. I see Rex Ryan going after the young kid blitz a blazing! If Sanchez can get it together with their running game I can see the Jets taking this one, but right now I wouldn’t doubt the Lions. But I will take the Jets.

Miami V. Baltimore- Now this could be interesting as the Fins are fighting to stay in the race. But the Ravens are a team that I think could still go all the way. If they can get Rice going this will be no contest but they need both sides of the ball to be very aware of whats going on here. But even with that I will take the Ravens in this one.

New England V. Cleveland- The Patriots are of course are now being  touted as the best team in the league, but after this week we will see what happens. They may be playing the Browns, but after this comes two of the top teams in the AFC, Steelers and Colts. So I will give them this one, but I would make sure they make a statement. The Browns might be able to score though as I am still not convinced with the Pats defense.

San Diego V. Houston- This is an important game for both teams! This could be the beginning of a playoff run or the end. The Chargers are in a division that is usually so week it doesn’t matter how bad they start but this year there is way too much competition for them not to be worried with this game. The Texans have to worry as well as all teams in their division are still very much in the picture. If Kubiak cuts the leash off of Foster from the start I like the Texans! But I can’t count out the Chargers either. So I will take the Texans though.

Chicago V. Buffalo- Da Bears fans are going to hate me, but I like what I have seen out of the Bills the last few weeks. You heard it here first, this is where the Bills get their first win. The Bears offense hasn’t looked good and they can’t protect Cutler. It will be embarrassing but I like the Bills.

Arizona V. Minnesota- Oh geez, I don’t even know what to say here. I think both of these teams have given up. Its obvious the Vikes can’t rely on Peterson to win for them anymore. But then again all the Cards wins have come off of turnovers and such. This one is difficult as I think they’re both bad. I will take the Vikings, maybe their D will finally break out a little more.

Tampa Bay V. Atlanta- This could be very interesting. Inter-divisional matchups are always fun and these two teams are in a 3 way tie basically in the NFC South. I really like how the Bucs have been playing and they have such a great young team, however I really like the Falcons in the NFC right now. I am not going to bail out of this one, but with IDM anything can happen. But I will give the Falcons the edge at home.

New Orleans V. Carolina- Heck if the Saints play like they did last weekend they will have this one, but if they played like they did against the Browns I would be very worried. Lucky for them the Panthers have no idea what they’re doing anymore. They will have a lot of changes this off-season and start rebuilding. I like the Saints in this one.

New York Giants V. Seattle- I always like to go against the Giants, but they are pulling things off as of late. Plus I really want to see the Hawks lose! Mainly because I want to see the Rams win the division. The Hawks looks sloppy but they do play well at home, and the Giants seem to have a different weakness every week. I will take the Giants thought but an elbow to Eli’s face would be nice……sometimes I really should keep what I think inside my head! HA!

Indianapolis V. Philadelphia- The Texans couldn’t capitalize on the injury plagued Colts, can the Eagles? Vick will be back starting and he says he’s going to be smarter about his plays this time. I don’t really want to go against Manning but I think Vick can rejuvenate the Eagles and make them a better team who really needs a win to keep up with the Giants. I am going to go the opposite of most and pick the Eagles!

Kansas City V. Oakland- Who would have thought that this would be the best game of the week? These two formerly horrible teams are knocking on the playoffs door. I think these two teams are very evenly matched up, their defense can make plays as well as their running games have been coming out. They both also have pretty mediocre QB’s. I am going to call the Raiders in this one, I like how they’re playing and this one is for my grandma!

Dallas V. Green Bay- I don’t think the Cowboys can win a coin toss let alone a game. They look so broke down that I don’t think anything will help. Even though the Packers have had their injury issues they have worked around it and are still a great team. This old rivalry probably won’t turn into a good game. The Pack all the way!

Pittsburgh V. Cincinnati- Hmmm, this is hard as the Bengals have always been the thorn in the AFC North’s side. They are good at interdivisonal play, but the Steeler are coming of an awakening loss. Its up in the air really, cause either team could take this one. I am going to give it to the defense and pick the Steelers!


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