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{November 9, 2010}   Week 9 Wrap-up: Its anyones Superbowl!~

BYES: Broncos, Jaguars, 49ers, Rams, Titans, Redskins

New York Jets V. Detroit- There are so many things I could say about this game. The Lions had control but lost it at the end and showed how young of a team they are. Sanchez on the other hand looked like a vet at the end of the game leading the Jets to 10 points in the last 3 minutes of regulation. I think Stafford is way too injury prone for them to rely on him. But when it comes to it the Jets got lucky today. Suh kicking was hilarious though!

Miami V. Baltimore- The Ravens took the top receivers out of the game for Miami. Marshall and Bess were well covered all game. The Ravens however should look at how they play in the red zone as they had some sloppy play and couldn’t finish drives. Rice is still the favorite but not in the red zone maybe they need to get the ball to him!

New England V. Cleveland- I expected the Browns to score but I didn’t expect them to walk all over the Pats. Even though I didn’t see the game, it was so enjoyable to see all the updates. Another crazy kicking thing Welker kicks the extra point! Can’t the punter kick a frickin extra point? Welker made it but that didn’t help the cause. The Pats just looked bad, and Hillis proved he should be taken seriously!

San Diego V. Houston- The Texans defense will remember this name Seyi Ajirotutu. Who is that you ask? I was asking the same thing. Rookie from Fresno State, over half of his yards so far this year came from his catches today. Apparently they didn’t need Gates or Floyd this week, they have tutu. That’s what I will call him cause I have no idea how to pronounce that! Foster did his part and kept the Texans in the game. But the problem for them is Schaub who can’t be consistent this year. I really don’t like Kubiak and how he keeps trying to get Ward in the mix its not working. The Chargers keep themselves in the AFC west race, while the Texans put themselves down a notch.

Chicago V. Buffalo- So the Bills didn’t win but the Bears winning by 3 isn’t impressive either. This was definitely the Bills ruining the fun for themselves. Oh and why again are we playing in Toronto? Blah! Cutler only got sacked once, but he also fumbled. The Bills will get a win some day this year. I think.

Arizona V. Minnesota- Could this game be any weirder? Favre throws for 446yds! But they have to go to OT to win the game. When one looks at the Cards offensive stats it’s hard to see how they win games. But some how they have a great special teams. We shall see if the Vikings are keeping themselves in it or not.

Tampa Bay V. Atlanta- The Bucs made it close, but the Falcons finished it off by stopping a run by Blount. I like the Bucs, but like the Lions and Rams they are a young team that needs more time to fully come to maturity. The Falcons have had that time already and proved that understated is the way for them. Turner turned it out, but Roddy was kept quiet. If they see a superbowl in the future they need both sides of the offense to function. People forget that this is Freeman’s second year, he has plenty of room and time to grow!

New Orleans V. Carolina- I thought things couldn’t get worse for the Panthers, then they did. So Williams is out already then in the 1st half alone Stewart and Moore goes out. It was another just horrible game for the Panthers their 3rd QB Pike came in, who’s that you ask? A rookie out of Cinci, but he didn’t do anything either. The Saints didn’t really have to try in order to win this one but win they did. They weren’t spectacular they just got the job done.

New York Giants V. Seattle- The Hawks made the Giants look like the best team in the league. I don’t buy it cause the Hawks are just awful right now. So bad I am calling the Rams right now for the NFC west winners. Whitehurst didn’t play well and I don’t expect him to be the heir apparent for an aging Hasselbeck. Manning did make it look easy though, but the NFC is weak and I don’t know if they would be as good against the AFC.

Indianapolis V. Philadelphia- Like I said the Colts couldn’t get lucky forever. The injuries finally added up with Collie being added to the list. They are hurting and the Eagles really came out and played. However, Vick needs to stop running the ball so much. This is how he hurt himself last time. There is a reason Mccoy plays he’s the RUNNING back! I think Vick just has to be the center of attention. But they did get the win and that’s what counts. The Colts on the other hand have a lot of problems going on, I do like their new pretty blue helmets!

Kansas City V. Oakland- The Chiefs had a chance to take another step up and away from the Raiders and the Chargers. But it was not to be. The usually dominant running game couldn’t get anywhere against the Raiders. The Chiefs looked like they had this until the 2nd half started with a Raiders TD, then a Chiefs fumble. The Raiders aren’t playing they are taking themselves seriousl and think everyone else should too!

Dallas V. Green Bay- The Cowboys were so bad that less than 24 hours later Phillips was finally fired, but I don’t think their woes are even close to over. The Pack however are coming back together after a season filled with injuries now if they can play this way against everyone!

Pittsburgh V. Cincinnati- the steelers squeaked by in this but stilled showed to me that they still have the most complete team and are dangerous in the AFC! The Bengals on the other hand still can’t get it together. It’s hard to see a team with so much potential it just doesn’t get it together at least not in time for this season.


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