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{November 14, 2010}   Week 10-Better late than never

Forgot to Post this before Thursday, but I did pick the Falcons

BYE week-New Orleans, Green Bay, San Diego, Oakland

Baltimore Vs. Atlanta- This could be a very interesting game, Both teams have something to prove to not only their divisions but a conference as a whole. I have said it all season, I like the Falcons. But this could go either way. I will call the Falcons but wouldn’t be surprised to see the Ravens win it.

Detroit Vs. Buffalo- I think the Bills are on the verge of their first win, I know Detroit has been playing well but I think the Bills at home will help them out and they will see their first win here.

Minnesota Vs. Chicago- Both teams are not doing well, the Bears started out great but have been going down since. If the Bears can’t protect Cutler, and if he can’t protect himself the Vikings could be all over them. Interdivisional is hard to call, but the Bears are at home. So I will reluctantly go for them.

New York Jets Vs. Cleveland- The twins go at it, Rex V. Rob. I like the way the Browns have been playing, and the Jets haven’t looked good since the BYE. But the Jets defense is much better than the Patriots. So I don’t expect Hillis to be able to pull it over on them. If Sanchez can get into the swing of things early like he did at the end of the game versus the Lions, I am calling the Jets.

Cincinnati Vs. Indianapolis- The Colts are beat up with injuries, but the Bengals can’t seem to get things together. I think their the Owenscinco combo is paying too much attention to themselves then the game. I am not going to bet against Manning, he always finds a way.

Houston Vs. Jacksonville- This is an important game for both teams trying to find their way into the postseason. The AFC south is truly competitive for the first time in years. Its anyones division, and whoever loses this one will find themselves slowly putting themselves in reverse. I really believe that the Texans have a great team they just aren’t consistent, where the Jags still haven’t exploded with MJD. I am going to go with the Texans on this one.

Tennessee Vs. Miami- If the Fins want to keep up with the rest of the AFC they have to win this one. The Fins however have been horrible at home while the Titans are trying to keep up with the Colts. I think the Titans need to come out swinging and I believe that they can against the Fins at home. I am taking the Titans.

Carolina Vs. Tampa Bay- The Panthers should just lose the rest of their games to get a good draft pick, there is nothing going well for them right now. The Bucs on the other hand have a lot to be proud of and I believe an interdivisional win will come to them here.

Kansas City Vs. Denver- The Broncos have lost a lot of battles this year, Mcdaniels really should start to worry. They need this win to save face. However, the Chiefs have been looking good and they are trying to create one of the best turn arounds we have seen in a while. They need to win as well to keep the Chargers at bay.

Seattle Vs. Arizona- Two bad teams that still have very much alive playoff hopes. The Seahawks seem to have collapsed the last few games, while the Cards are getting pretty lucky with the wins they have had. Whoever wins if the Rams lose will take small control of the NFC west. I will take the Hawks barely in this one.

Dallas Vs. New York Giants- New coach? Who cares? The Giants take this period.

St Louis Vs. San Francisco- This game is do or die for the Niners. If they don’t win here their playoff hopes get a little bit smaller. The Rams are also trying to prove they’re not the same old team that has been in the bottom for the last few years. I am going with the Niners as it is crucial for them to win this and I think they will show it.

New England Vs. Pittsburgh- The Patriots have a tough couple of weeks coming starting here, I don’t think they expected to come into Heinz field with a loss to the Browns. The Steelers have struggled a little bit the last couple of weeks but they are comfortable at home. I will take the Steelers in this one.

Philadelphia Vs. Washington- Here we go again…….Skins took the last game but Kolb was the main player. I think the Skins have a lot of issues going on internally that they won’t be able to come out and take the series. I like the Eagles in this one.


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