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{November 18, 2010}   Week 11- and the positioning for the playoffs begins!

Chicago V. Miami- I know that the Bears are technically leading their division right now but they are the most likely right now to fall down. Cutler can’t stop throwing picks and the O-line can’t protect him. On the other hand the Fins are losing people to injury, and have a hard time winning at home. I think this might be a very boring game a lot of back and forth blahness. This is a hard one. hmmmmm……..I don’t trust Thigpen so I will say the Bears.

Baltimore V. Carolina- The Ravens did lose last week to a good team, but the Panthers are a bad team playing their 4th or 10th running back and quarterback of the year. I think the Ravens will take it out on them and get back up from a close loss.

Buffalo V. Cincinnati- The Bills got their first win, I just don’t know what to expect this week though. The Bengals have been unable to connect in any game. I wouldn’t put it past the Bills to win this one but I will call the Bengals.

Detroit V. Dallas- The Lions are horrible on the road, and the Cowboys seemed rejuvinated last week. But I don’t know if all their problems are solved. I think they might go into this a little cocky thinking that they are now fixed. So I will call the Lions with their first win on the road in a very long time.

Cleveland V. Jacksonville- The Browns are up and the Jags got lucky last week. I like pizzaz the Browns have been playing with, I just don’t know how much they actually can continue having. The Jags have the same problem however if they don’t keep winning they could fall back quickly in a competitve division. I will pick the Browns on this.

Arizona V. Kansas City – The Chiefs seem to be on a skid as of late, however they are still undefeated at home. The Cardinals seem to have talent just wasting away on their team. I really think the Chiefs will be able to put things together at home and take care of this.

Green Bay V. Minnesota- You have to love these match ups, I think the Packers coming off their bye week will be able to handle the broken down Vikings even if Sidney Rice comes back. The Vikings are broken and I don’t think nothing they can do will fix it at all.

Houston V. New York Jets- The Texans have a powerful runner in Foster but Schaub has been up and down. An emergency trip to the hospital for him doesn’t help the cause. While Sanchez keeps maturing in every game and the Jets have been really starting to connect. I think the Jets pull this one off.

Oakland V. Pittsburgh- The Steelers have shown some weakness the last few weeks, while the Raiders coming off their bye now hold the tie breaker in the AFC west. The Raiders really need come out and hammer down on the Steelers if they want to be taken seriously. However I don’t know if they can work their magic on the east coast and against the steel curtain. I will take the Steelers in this.

Washington V. Tennessee- These are another two teams where every win counts. Neither looked their best last week. However I think the Titans have the better tools to put out there. The Skins’ had a streak of time where they seemed to really have a chance but I think they will find themselves losing a lot more games. I will take the Titans in this one.

Seattle V. New Orleans- The Hawks pulled it out last week against a sad Cardinals team. The Saints are coming off their bye, and get to play at home. I think being at home and the Hawks really not playing as well as last week showed. I will take the Saints in this one.

Tampa Bay V. San Francisco- The Bucs want to be taken seriously but there are so many other teams that do to like the Niners. The Niners are starting to come up in their weak division and every win is extremely important to them. The Bucs are in a division that has two teams that currently ahead of them. This is important for both, but I think the Niners really have something going on with them and they will be near the top of their division in no time. I will call the Niners here.

Atlanta V. St. Louis- The Falcons are the best team in the NFC in my opinion. I have been speaking about them for a while now and I like how they played last week. The Rams are still fighting for position, however I don’t see it coming against the Falcons this week. I will take the Falcons.

Indianapolis V. New England- This is a great rivalry that I have enjoyed watching for years. The problem for Peyton is Brady is on one of his rolls at home. It will be a difficult game for the Colts to win on the road. Its hard to really pick here but I will go for the home team and pick the Pats.

New York Giants V. Philadelphia- If Vick can lift the Eagles like he did last week then the Eagles may be unstoppable. The Giants on the other hand got a reality check from the Cowboys last week. Like I always say with interdivisional play anything can happen. But I really like the way the Eagles are playing.  

Denver V. San Diego- The Broncos surprised a lot of people last week with their scoring craze. However the Chargers seem to be doing their normal upswing in November and being at home does help. They are one game away from possibly tying for the lead in the division. I don’t believe that the Broncos can duplicate last week, and I will take the Chargers in this.


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