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{November 23, 2010}   Week 11 Wrap-Up-Who is #1?

Chicago V. Miami- Not the prettiest game, but Da Bears get it done. Cutler still needs so much help at this point and thank god for their running game and defense. The Fins need someone else at the helm, however I think its too late entering week 12 with two team ahead of them in the east.

Baltimore V. Carolina- Priority one for Coach Harbaugh, BALL CONTROL! 4 fumbles? Just sloppy, if they were playing anyone but the Panthers they probably would have lost the game. I think the Ravens are falling a little bit and they have not time to if they want to win their division. The Panthers on the other hand, hmmmm…..positive……Goodson ran good.

Buffalo V. Cincinnati- Wow is all I can really say about this one. I wanted to pick the Bills but I though there’s no way that the Bengals are going to collapse against the Bills. But Fitzpatrick and his creep civil war look led his troops to victory. Steve Johnson went crazy and said “Why so Serious?” please don’t play into TO and Ocho! But then again it must of burned a little bit to have the Joker come in and beat Batman and Robin. I said it before and I will say it again when are we going to see baby Palmer play? I am tired of Carson and his mistakes.

Detroit V. Dallas- The Cowboys win, and you would think it was the superbowl! They beat a Lions team that haven’t won a road game in I don’t know a decade? So calm down Cowboy fans I wouldn’t get too excited this is only win #3! The Lions tried their best, but at least they know they’re still rebuilding. Oh and PS, if you are going to have long hair you can be grabbed by it another bad call by the refs!

Cleveland V. Jacksonville- Its really too bad that the Browns couldn’t capitalize on some costly mistakes the Jags had minus MJD surrgence. Hillis couldn’t get his running game going though and that hurt them. But MJD was finally the unstoppable player we all know he can be. The Jags needed this win especially since the Titans ended up losing.

Arizona V. Kansas City – The Chiefs needed this win but looking at the 1st quarter it was a little scary to be honest. The Chiefs have to keep winning in order to hold the Charger at bay. The Cardinals sadly are still in it all cause everyone else lost!

Green Bay V. Minnesota- The Pack is finally starting to look like a team that can go to the playoffs and win. The combo of Rodgers and Jennings looked good, but then again I think the Vikings are all around already defeated!

Houston V. New York Jets- How many last minute wins can the Jets come away with? That was really unexpected less than a minute left and they pull it together. But for the Texans that was the nail in the coffin, a team with so much talent but can’t get it together. I think its time for Kubiak to go!

Oakland V. Pittsburgh- The Raiders can say they were on the top of their division for a little while. They played awful against the Steelers. It was like a totally new team took over and stopped playing altogether! Then again Polamalu finally played like he did before the injury last year and looked great. However even though sometimes I want to hit Rothlisberger, it really didn’t help morale when Seymour actually did. The Raider need to stop actung like the Raiders and get back to winning.

Washington V. Tennessee- Time management is why the Skins’ took this one in my opinion. They controlled the ball when they had it so that the titans needed to get things done. The Titans did suffer another injury plus hissy fit by Vince Young. I do know Jag fans were happy to see them go down……wait do the Jags actually have fans? The Skins keep themselves in the hunt but probably not for long.

Seattle V. New Orleans- Its easy for the Saints to look like superbowl champs against the Hawks. It wasn’t so much the Hawks looked bad either, its just that they are JV compared to the Saints. Brees made mistakes but there was nothing the Hawks could do to capitalize. But the Saints have two teams in their division that want to make sure they don’t repeat in the superbowl.

Tampa Bay V. San Francisco- If the Bucs make the playoffs then Morrison deserves coach of the year, how he has turned around this team is nothing short of a miracle. The problem is just like the Saints they have two teams that would love to see them go down. I don’t know if this is their year with the way the Falcons have been looking but they have to be excited for what’s to come. On the other hand, I sadly think its time to let Singletary go this year and try something new in the bay.

Atlanta V. St. Louis- I still don’t think people are hearing the Falcons, they are acknowledging the wins but not the skill. I still think they are playing the best ball in the NFC. But let them quietly sneak in and get their due. The Rams on the other hand are still in the chase as everyone lost in the NFC West now the question is will the winner of this division be under .500?

Indianapolis V. New England- I hate being right about the Pats winning, but they made the right choice this year to punt and not that dumb 4th and 2 call that Belachik defended to the death last year. The Colts did what they could do to almost even it up, but Dungy said it best “Peyton won’t settle for field goals”. But that’s what hurt them.

New York Giants V. Philadelphia- Vick needs to stop trying to be everything to everyone. He’s a quarterback, not every defense you play against can you move like you have. But besides that the Eagles were able to pull it out with making Eli make a lot of mistakes which seems to be their weak point every other week. The Giants do have a lot going for them but sloppy play hurts them. The Eagles can now say they are the team to beat in the NFC East!

Denver V. San Diego- Everyone expected the Chargers to win, that’s not surprising. But I do have to say the fact they did it with Rivers only having 233yds is pretty good. I know that a lot of commentators are calling the Chargers to make there normal Nov/Dec come back. They have to get through Indy next week then some interdivisional play. They definitely can make it to the playoffs but I wouldn’t count the Raiders and Chiefs out yet either. The Broncos just can’t get things together and Mcdaniels is in danger.


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