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{November 23, 2010}   Week 12-Happy Turkey/Football Day!

New England V. Detroit- The Pats have a pretty easy schedule coming up minus the Jets and Packers. I think it might come down to week 13 vs. the Jets on who is going to win the AFC East. I think that the Lions have a lot to be proud of their season thus far. But they will suffer another Thanksgiving day loss. Maybe next year it will be better for them.

New Orleans V. Dallas- The Cowboys are probably on a high thinking their interim coach is a god send. While things seem to be clicking a little better than before I don’t think Brees and company is going to let them get anywhere. Kitna made some nice plays last week but I don’t see the Saints D letting that happen this week. I call a win for the Saints on turkey day!

Cincinnati V. New York Jets- Average corner? Come on T.O. at least Ocho gives my man respect! But then again T. O. called his team terrible last week so I don’t know how much faith one can have that they will be able to change that this week. The Jets on the other hand reallllllllly need to finish a game off before the 2:00 mark. I think they have the talent they just need to put it together faster. The Bengals are circling the drain right now, I call the Jets.

Jacksonville V. New York Giants- The Jags put themselves in great position last week, they are now first in their division with a head to head win over the Colts. But I don’t see the Colts backing down, so if the Jags want to be taken seriously this would be a great way of doing it by burying baby brother. The Giants on the other hand lost their upper hand by losing to divisional rivals the Eagles last week. Both teams have a lot to prove and as much as I want to call the Jags, I like the Giants defense in this. They were able to restrict Vick and Garrard is no Vick. The Giants win this one.

Pittsburgh V. Bufffalo- While the Bills were able to come back and take control of the Bengals last week the Steelers still have a lot to prove. They have tough losses and like they did last week against the Raiders I think they will take control early and smack it down on the Bills. The Bills should be able to score at least with the way they’ve been playing. But I will take the Steelers here.

Tennessee V. Houston- Unfortunately for these two teams it seems that their goose….I mean turkey is cooked! The Titans lose Young and Collins really isn’t playing either with two teams currently ahead of them I just don’t see them making a play for the playoffs. The Texans on the other hand really do have the talent its the inconsistency that is the problem here. I know every one thinks CJ is the best back, but right now I have to go with Foster. I am taking the Texans.

Green Bay V. Atlanta- This is probably the first important match up in the NFC to decide who is the #1 team. The Falcons get the pleasure of playing at home, however the Packers are coming off probably their best game of the year. This is a hard one and even though at the beginning of the year I called the Pack, I have said it week after week I like the low down under the radar football the Falcons have been playing. I will take them.  

Carolina V. Cleveland- The Panthers aren’t good at home, aren’t good on the road, aren’t good anywhere really. I mean poor John Fox in his last year and the team is in shambles for him, they don’t want to do anything to help him cause well let’s face it there is no reason to. The Browns on the other hand I believe have officially saved Mangini, and the way they have been playing each week has really impressed me even when Hillis isn’t on fire. I will easily take the Browns here.

Minnesota V. Washington- Well finally Childress is fired, now if they can only bench Favre. I know a lot of people are saying what’s the point. But the point is he’s not winning the games why not throw Jackson in? Well, at least Mcnabb and company have some motivation coming into this they are still technically in it! I really think it’s the Skins’ here.

Kansas City V. Seattle- The Chiefs have been struggling to recapture that fire they had at the beginning of the year. But in order to keep the Chargers off their tails they are in must win mode. The Hawks on the other hand are winning their division with .500 so really they could lose and still technically be winning their division. I like the Chiefs when at home but they have been struggling on the road. Where usually the Hawks are unstoppable at home. Oh it’s so hard, cause both teams are so back and forth. Ok I will give the Hawks home field with total hesitance.

Miami V. Oakland- The Fins still haven’t said if Henne will be back or not this week which to me means he won’t be. If that’s the case they will have to rely on Thigpen again going into the black hole. I don’t like his chances. I really hope Seymour will be more comfy at home and won’t punch anyone. The Raider just like with the Chiefs really need to win in order to stay in it with what the Chargers are known for. But I think they will take this one against an ailing Fins team. Go Raiders!

Philadelphia V. Chicago- The Eagles showed last week that they don’t need Vick to do everything in order to win. The Bears also showed that they can have Cutler almost collapse and still win. However, I think the Bears was more due to the fact that the Fins played horribly. The Eagles are the real deal here, I am taking them!

St. Louis V. Denver- The Rams have some really great things going the only problem is they can’t seem to get it together on the road enough. The Broncos on the other hand are on a roller coaster of unpredictability. It’s hard to guess what will happen here. But I like the young Rams team and I will take them even on the road.

Tampa Bay V. Baltimore- The Bucs want to be a contender but they haven’t really played teams that are contenders. This is one challenge that if they want to prove themselves. They are good against bad teams and have a soft schedule this year. The Ravens on the other hand have to keep pace with the Steelers. Currently they hold first place solely based on their win against them. If they want to stay on top they need to keep winning. I think it won’t be a problem here. Ravens all the way.

San Diego V. Indianapolis- This is the last big test for the Chargers besides the rest of their divisional play. If they don’t win here luckily for them it does get easier. The Colts on the other hand need to win here to make sure the Jags don’t get the upper hand. They have a lot of divisional play coming up and as this season has shown they aren’t doing so well in that category. The Colts are undefeated at home and I think they will stay that way.

San Francisco V. Arizona- The Cardinals are a crashing team, but the Niners don’t seem to care. So in reality this one could end up in a 0-0 tie. The funny thing is they are both very much in the playoff race because no one seems to want it in this division. I will take the Niners, mainly based on having Gore on my fantasy and hope that he has a big game. But in reality this is a waste of MNF!


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