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{August 17, 2011}   TheSportyGirl’s Back with Pre-Season Rankings
 Packers  1   Last Week:1 
 The Reigning Superbowl Champs may have not been big in the Free Agency market but they bring back some major players that missed out on their Superbowl run due to injury. I think they deserve this rank.
Eagles 2    Last Week:10
 Just basing it on paper, this team is the most dangerous in the NFC behind the Pack.
Patriots 3   Last Week: 7
 They seem to always have a good squad but it hasn’t translated into playoff wins the last two years. People seem to be impressed by the addition of Ocho and Haynesworth…I on the other hand am not.
Jets 4    Last Week:4
 I think they made some mistakes in the off-season but solid veterans joining on offense and strong young guys on defense makes a 3rd time possible.
Falcons 5   Last Week: 6
  I don’t think people give this team enough credit. I like them and I think they have been the quiet but dangerous team in the NFC.
Saints 6    Last Week:12
  They can win all the games they want but they need to make up for that embarrassing loss in the playoffs.
Ravens 7   Last Week:5
 I think that one of the most interesting rivalries has been between the Ravens and Steelers. I had a hard time picking who to put in front of who. But I thin the Ravens have the edge.
Steelers 8    Last Week:7
 It’s odd to put the current AFC champs down this low, however they didn’t convince me in their playoff run that they still have the juice to go at it again this year.
Colts 9   Last Week: 9
Manning coming off neck surgery, and a core coming off injury I just don’t know if this will be the best year for them. It may be the time for them to step off their AFC South pedestal.
Chargers 10    Last Week:15
They finally had a year without the December miracle to save them. However, I still think they are dangerous team in a weak AFC west.
Bears 11    Last Week:4
Da Bears….have not done much to improve their team this year. I think they are still strong enough to make an impact but not as impressive as the team that made it to the NFC Championship.
Giants 12    Last Week:13
They kept a lot of players, but they were able to add a few too…I just don’t know if I believe yet.
Jaguars 13    Last Week:16
People are not high on them right now, but I like them. They bulked up where needed, it’s the QB situation that could make or break them.
Rams 14    Last Week:19
  I am disappointed in the Rams free agency. They still haven’t helped Bradford with some big targets, but the did bulk up the backfield. In the weakest division in the league, I think this may be a playoff year for them.
Chiefs 15    Last Week:11
I do not want to say last year was luck, but it was definitely helpful that the division was just bad altogether. I think the Chargers bounce back which in turn the Chiefs will bounce down.
Buccaneers 16    Last Week:14
I wish I knew what the Bucs were thinking with all that cap space and no major signings.
Texans 17    Last Week:22
Kubiak is still the coach and they bring in Wade? I smell disaster…but they do have the talent and have made some major changes on defense.
Lions 18    Last Week:21
 They aren’t starting out well with rookie injuries. However, if they can keep healthy they could surprise a lot of people.
Cardinals 19    Last Week:27
I think Kolb can help them overcome a disastrous year. But he’s not a solve all.
Cowboys 20    Last Week:20
Talent? Yes, Consistency? No.
Titans 21    Last Week:25
Chris Johnson holdout is making things look meek. But I like the way Locker is looking and Hasselbeck is good when healthy.  
Dolphins 22    Last Week:17
They lost their wildcat and backfield. I think they could end up a gigantic disaster this year, but I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.
Raiders 23    Last Week:24
I still do not think that this team will make it back to the playoffs until Al Davis is ready to let go of the control. Which will probably be over his dead body.
Seahawks 24    Last Week:8
The only reason they are even this high is because they were able to do something in the playoffs. However, they also could be a hot mess waiting to happen.
Vikings 25    Last Week:23
Mcnabb in purple and gold?
Bills 26    Last Week:29
I think they can surprise people this year, but based off last year and their major losses on defense. I just don’t see it happening.
Panthers 27    Last Week:32
Cam Newton may have something, but I don’t think it’s a game changer in this division.
49ers 28    Last Week:24
They haven’t made as many changes as I think they would have liked to, and Gore isn’t helping. I said it at the end of last year and I will say it now, they will seek Luck in the draft.
Browns 29    Last Week:28
 Madden Curse on an already mediocre team….bad combo.
Broncos 30    Last Week:31
The QB issue isn’t their only problem.
Redskins 31    Last Week:26
I believe Shanahan has made more of a mess than helped
Bengals 32    Last Week:30
I don’t think anything can save Marvin Lewis’ job after this year. This will be a disastrous year.

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