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{September 7, 2011}   Week 1 Predictions

Football season is officially upon us….seems to have taken forever to get here. But now we must rejoice and see how thing will go for our respective teams oh and of course our fantasy teams!

Here we go!

Saints V. Packers- I think that this game can help define the season for the winner of these teams. The last two Superbowl winners that both have a lot to prove. The Saints were eliminated early in the playoffs this year while the Packers were thought to have been riding a wave of luck. The Pack has many players back off IR and I think that they make a statement to win the game.

Steelers V. Ravens- Steelers need to prove themselves after the Superbowl loss but more importantly, the Ravens need to prove they are better than the Steelers. This has become one of the most heated rivalries in the NFL the last few years and I can honestly say that I don’t know who will win this one. They split the series last year. However, this is in Baltimore so I will give the Ravens the benefit.

Bengals V. Browns- Bad V. Worse as it should be known. I have more faith in McCoy and Hillis than Dalton and the surround offense. I don’t think either of these teams are going to do great this year but the Bengals will end up with the worst record in the AFC.

Colts V. Texans- Manning isn’t back and the team has many players coming off IR. If the Texans really want to make a statement, they need to win this game. The Texans have made improvements to their defense that has plagued them for the last few years. If the Texans can’t get past a very wounded Colts team they should be worried.

Titans V. Jaguars- CJ2K is back and the Jags just cut their starting QB. I know the Titans will be a little rough out of the gate with new QB’s. However, starting Mccown have officially made the Jaguars go down a couple of steps in my book. They do have the defense though, but I will give it to a healthy CJ and experienced Hasselbeck.

Falcons V. Bears- Julio Jones looks like a great addition for the Falcons. Roddy White and him could be a dangerous combo for the offense. I think that there is a lot of promise in this team and in the NFC, I think they will be battling for the top spot. The Bears on the other hand still have a lot of issues that they need to address. I think the Falcons take this one.

Eagles V. Rams- I like the Rams and I think they will be a playoff team, mostly due to their week division. However, playing the Eagles week 1 will be a little tough for them to make a statement. The Eagles have many weapons but no one knows if they will gel well together. Nevertheless, I think the Rams do not have the experience to win this one.

Lions V. Bucs- These are two big up and coming teams. I love this matchup, two young QB’s with great breakout players. I will go with defense on this and I do not think that the Bucs have the power to beat Suh and the newly acquired Tulloch. It could go either way but I will give advantage to the Lions.

Bills V. Chiefs- Chiefs had a very easy schedule last year that led them to the playoffs. This year they start out easy but have a much rougher schedule ahead. Playing against the Bills that are missing key play makers from last year give them the easing in to the season they need. Plus they are at home, which for the Chiefs has been a huge advantage. I will pick the Chiefs in this one.

Seahawks V. Niners- Oh lord, the bad versus the really bad. Neither has a true starting QB despite what the Seahawks say about Jackson. So, I will break it down to their ground and pound. Gore is a better back than either Lynch or Forsett. I am not so sure I am sold on either defense though. I will go with the Niners on this one but I really do not know.

Giants V. Redskins- The Giants have had major injuries on their defense during the preseason but they still have massive weapons on offense. While the Redskins although ranked 31st in defense last year have some big playmakers on their D, but their offense seems to be MIA. I do not believe it matters who starts for them the Giants 3rd string should be able to hold them back.

Panthers V. Cardinals- Kolb and Newton’s premiere, which are probably two of the QB’s people, have been waiting to see. We have yet to see Kolb play a full season but he’s had some powerful games. It doesn’t hurt that he has Fitz to throw to either. The problem is their running back situation, the Panthers on the other hand are uncertain everywhere. I will take the Cardinals in this one.

Vikings V. Chargers- The Chargers have a lot to prove after last year’s playoff hopes went down. They need to win early and stop relying on winning at the end of the season. They are healthy and should be ready to go. The Vikings lose one of their go to guys in Sidney Rice but still have AP. Will that be enough? I am not sold on Mcnabb and haven’t been since he left Washington. But I think he has a better chance then they did with Tavaris. But I have to go with the experienced togetherness the Chargers have in this one.

Cowboys V. Jets- The Cowboys at least have their starting QB back, but I didn’t see a lot of change to impress me in this new year. The Jets are at home on September 11th and need to start the year off right. The Cowboys have a weakened secondary and I think that the Jets new vertical threat will be very active. I will take the Jets in this one.

Patriots V. Dolphins- There is nothing that the Dolphins have done this offseason to make me think they will have anything going for them this year. However, interdivisional play is always up in the air. The problem is that the Patriots are out to make a statement. Their losses in the last two years in the playoffs have made them want to win even more. I think the Dolphins might want a mercy rule in this game.

Raiders V. Broncos- Umm….is there anything worth talking about in this game? Why is it a Monday Night game anyways? The Raiders need McFadden to truly break out in order to help build their future. I am not convinced with their QB situation either. Same thing goes for the Broncos though. I think this will come down to defense and special teams. While Denver has some great defensive playmakers, the Raiders have done well in causing turnovers. Not to mention their sweep of the division last year. Boring game most likely but I think the Raiders win it.


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