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{September 13, 2011}   Week 1 Round Up

On a very emotional weekend for America, the NFL was back to business. For a few moments all the teams were just citizens of this beautiful country. Then to all of our enjoyment they went back to their respective teams and tore each other apart.


Saints V. Packers- This game was just as I suspected high scoring craziness! The Pack jumped right back in from where they left off last year. They jumped early to a 14-0 lead and the Saints were playing catchup the rest of the game. Both teams looked good once they got into the 2nd half, but the Packers had the early motivation. These teams may meet up again in the playoffs.

Steelers V. Ravens- My favorite game of the week. I have been a major supporter of the Ravens the last few years. I think that they are a great team that has been underrated. Where I think that the Steelers are overrated. But in this competition the Ravens always seem to falter when it comes to this rivalry. Well step child no more. The Ravens made a statement that they will play second fiddle to no one. We will see what happens when they meet again in Pittsburgh Week 9.

Bengals V. Browns- Even the injury of their starting QB didn’t stop the Bengals some how. I think Benson not having a cloud over his head going into the game helped as did their back up QB. I knew this could go either way being two of the most consistently inconsistent teams in the league and in the same division. I think it will be a few weeks before we know what either these teams are capable of.

Colts V. Texans- There’s a reason why certain teams succeed without any one player, and why others collapse. Case in point are the Colts, not much has changed except for the gaping hole behind the center. The Texans on the other hand proved that Foster is a bonus not a necessity to win games. I like the way they played and if Schaub can stay consistent they have a good chance for a lot of wins.

Titans V. Jaguars- What this comes down to is MJD performed while CJ2K did not. It ended up being only a 2 point game. The Jags did prove their doubters wrong after a lot of questions came up from dumping Garrard less than a week prior. However, their defense did their job and MJD came out swinging. Another two teams that we will need to see play more to truly know how they will play.

Falcons V. Bears- The Falcons surely didn’t deserve my pre season hype. However, when you look at the numbers there were some great supporting stats. It was the Bears defense that ran this game, they were able to hold the Falcons to just field goals. I do not believe in the Bears as of yet I am sure I will hear about it from my Chicago peeps. If they continue to play this good then the Packers will need to keep an eye on them. The Falcons however I believe will improve off of this game. I still think they are a high caliber team!

Eagles V. Rams- This played out exactly the way I thought it would. The Rams tried their little hearts out, but the big bad “dream” team pounced on them. I am not big on Vick, he makes the plays but he puts himself in very dangerous territory. McCoy proved he’s a great back and I wish that Vick would let him do the running before he hurts himself yet again. The Rams on the other hand had their two top players get injured which makes me a little worried.

Lions V. Bucs- I loved this game, both young teams played hard. I wouldn’t be surprised to see either of these teams as serious contenders in the next coupld of years. However, I think the Bucs need to work on their running game some more. These will be two fun teams to watch grow and I think they have a lot going for them.

Bills V. Chiefs- I do not know what to say on this one. The Bills surprised a lot of people, but I have liked Fitzpatrick since the end of last season. But I did not believe in the gaping holes in their defense. I think this was more about the Chiefs and their known easy schedule last year. Losing at home was something they don’t often do. I think this year might not be good for them.

Seahawks V. Niners- Not that I expected much from this game, but I will say that Ted Ginn Jr. was the star of this show. Other than his two returns for TD’s the game was pretty tame. Both teams didn’t see much from their offense and running games were non existent. I don’t expect much from either team but I think that maybe we will get a better idea next week.

Giants V. Redskins- Wow! That is really all I can say about this game. Grossman actually looked like a professional football player. Hightower helped the run game and the passes were spread out. The Skins defense looked great as well. I still am not sure what happened with the Giants as I don’t fully buy into the Skins’. However, I think it seemed obvious after the preseason that they have a lot to overcome. They better hope that Nicks injury isn’t too serious.

Panthers V. Cardinals- This is a game I believe everyone was interested in seeing. Two new QB’s with a lot on their shoulders. Both actually did very well but it ended up being the AZ defense holding the Panthers back with seconds winding down. I like what I see so far with the Panthers but Beason being out for the season will have some serious effects on their defense

Vikings V. Chargers- The Chargers did not start out well, in fact they started the season how it ended horrible at special teams. They said getting a kickoff returned would be rare this year and Harvin made it seem like a daily thing. Then at the half it seemed as maybe people were over hyping the Chargers all over again. But they ended up with 17 unanswered points in the 2nd half. Rivers started out the year with 2 INT’s he needs to keep an eye on those. Mcnabb on the other hand brought nothing to the team as most thought. Unfortunately, I think he needs to be done after this year.

Cowboys V. Jets- The Jets should count their lucky Romos! They did not play well but thanks to last minute costly errors by Romo and a blocked punt they some how were able to pull it off. Thank you Nick Folk. However, the Cowboys did play a great first half and they need to focus more on that. But with a very weakened secondary they need to be worried about that. The Jets on the other hand need to find their way back to ground and pound or they will be playing catchup all season long.

Patriots V. Dolphins- Brady’s a god on a pedestal! At least that is what Jon Gruden would make you think. I thought commentators were supposed to be a little more unbias. They kept talking about this being is 1st INT since October. Apparently everyone has forgotten about his INT during the playoff game against the Jets. The Dolphins did surprise me though, and I think if they continue to play hard they will win more games. However, I think their CB’s just proved they aren’t the best tandem in the league.

Raiders V. Broncos- This game was difficult to watch. It was a mess to begin with and kept having issues. The Broncos couldn’t get a running game going and The Raiders had no passing game. The Broncos had a bigger blow with injuries to Dumervil and Bailey. The Broncos have a lot of issues that they need to address, and I don’t see things looking up. However, the Raiders have to be happy with Mcfadden and thankful for Janikowski’s leg.


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