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{September 13, 2011}   Week 2 Rankings….Lots of moving and shaking….
 Packers  1   Last Week:1 
 Close game, but out of the gates dominant! They keep the top spot.
Ravens 2    Last Week:7
 I have been a big fan of the Ravens and they finally broke through the Steel Curtain!
Eagles 3   Last Week: 2
 Dream team? Not sold yet but a solid performance from Vick and company.
Patriots 4    Last Week:3
 Yes they won but It took a while to get into it against a Dolphins team who kept it close going into the 2nd half.
Jets 5   Last Week: 4
  They barely squeaked out a win, but it was a win.
Saints 6    Last Week:6
  Back to Back losses is not the norm, but they did almost come back and the offense was strong.
Bears 7   Last Week:11
They go up the ranks based on a dominant performance. But we will see if it will hold.
Texans 8    Last Week:17
 Maybe this is a leap, but I liked their dominance without their star player.
Falcons 9   Last Week: 5
Embarassing loss, but they had the offensive numbers they just couldn’t get it in. (Yes, that’s what she said) I think they will turn it around
Chargers 10    Last Week:10
Opening up with bad special teams leaves cause for concern. But they did get the “W”
Lions 11    Last Week:18
This is probably the leap people will be the most surprised about. If Stafford stays healthy this year they could be the dark horse.
Steelers 12    Last Week:8
 Just sloppy, but their home opener vs. the Seahawks should help them.
Jaguars 13    Last Week:13
They won which is what counted, however they were not dominant on their offense. I think that they can make an impact.
Cardinals 14    Last Week:19
 Kolb looked great in his debut. But the Panthers weren’t that great of an opponent. They have a fairly week schedule which could see them with more wins than expected.
Colts 15    Last Week:9
Take away Manning and you get a high school football team. I can’t fully drop them down yet but I don’t forsee good things for them.
Buccaneers 16    Last Week:16
Yes, they lost but they still have some good things going for them. Blount needs to break out.
Rams 17    Last Week:14
I don’t know how they will do without Jackson, but at least Bradford will play.
Cowboys 18    Last Week:20
 They lose but move up based on the 1st three quarters. They made plays that no one expected from them.
Dolphins 19    Last Week:22
Another team that impressed in a loss….did anyone expect Henne to play as good as he did?
Titans 20    Last Week:21
If CJ doesn’t get the yards they will not win.
Raiders 21    Last Week:23
63 yard field goal? They need to have more than Janikowski’s foot to rely on.
Chiefs 22    Last Week:15
Losing at home? Just proves that last year could be a fluke.
Giants 23    Last Week:12
Thje injuries of the off season have carried over, Giants fans should be worried.
Panthers 24    Last Week:27
Cam looked great in his debut, their problem will be losing Beason on defense.
Bills 25    Last Week:26
I was surprised but probably not as most. I like Fitzpatrick.
Redskins 26    Last Week:31
Their star players on defense are finally working as a a complete unit.
49ers 27    Last Week:28
They win, but Ginn can’t do this every week.
Vikings 28    Last Week:25
Just bad, its a shame that AP will go to waste.
Seahawks 29    Last Week:28
 I still don’t know what Carroll was thinking with Jackson, but their random playoff win last year will keep his job.
Bengals 30    Last Week:32
Benson won the game, but I don’t think Bengal fans should get excited.
Browns 31    Last Week:29
Madden Curse begins
Broncos 32    Last Week:30
They couldn’t get anything going, I think we will see every QB play this year on their roster.

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