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{September 16, 2011}   Week 2 Predictions-Best week yet!

For the first time since Week 13 of 1968, there are no division games scheduled. Which to be honest makes for an interesting week. There are a lot of interesting matchups between good teams, bad teams, and the mediocre teams. This may help to find out who is for real and who just had a good week 1!

Chiefs V. Lions-  The Chiefs need to figure out what is and isn’t working after a blow out at home. The problem is they are playing and up and coming play maker in the Lions. The lions looked good last week and made the running game of the Bucs disappear. Unfortunately the Chiefs best game lies in their running backs. Its not looking good for the Chiefs this year! I am taking the Lions in this one.

Seahawks V. Steelers- Lucky for the Steelers they have the Seahawks in their home opener. Nothing seemed to work for the Seahawks last week against a pretty weakend Niners team. They definitely can’t win if they let two TD’s happen on special teams. The Steelers on the other hand to me just faced a crazed opponent that had their number since the post season. I think they bounce back easily this week to win their home opener.

Bears V. Saints- There is a lot of talk this week about the Bears after their win over the Falcons. I am still having a problem with their offensive line. I know their defense is good, but the Saints is a whole other level of offense. This will be a test of the Bears and prep them for the Packers. The Saints looked good in their premiere despite the loss, if given a few more minutes they could have won that game. I know my Bears friends hate when people doubt them but I like the Saints. If the Bears do win though, I will have them as the number 2 team in the NFC.

Jaguars V. Jets- This could end up being an interesting matchup. The Jets defense didn’t perform up to expectations, however the Jags have a very vulnerable QB. But in the same sense the Jags defense stopped CJ2K from doing pretty much anything. This game will only go the Jets way if the offense can throw the ball and their defense plays better. I think that the Jags offense with MJD can make plays but I will give this one to the Jets.

Browns V. Colts- The Browns had a rough week last week against a bad Bengals team. The Colts have realized that they can’t survive without Manning. I do not see much changing for the Colts this week. They couldn’t stop Ward/Tate, and I don’t think they will be able to stop Hillis. If the Browns can’t win against a weakend Colts team then they have a very long year to look forward to.

Cardinals V. Redskins- Both teams won but against questionable teams. It will be an interesting match up to say the least with Hightower playing against his old team. Kolb looked good last week during his premiere and the Skins’ defense finally showed some teamwork. I think this could come down to defense and it really could go either way. This is hard but I am will pick the Cardinals. I think Rhodes will pick Grossman.

Packers V. Panthers- Poor Cam Newton…he shines in his debut and losses and now? Well he gets to face the defending superbowl champs who looked unstoppable last week. The bigger issue? Beason is out for the season. I really don’t think that Cam has a chance against this defense but more importantly Rodgers will be able to pick apart that defense. I think that the Packers will easily win this one.

Buccaneers V. Vikings- The Bucs had a close game last week against the Lions, while I think Mcnabb may have had his worst game ever with the Vikings. There is a lot of promise in the Bucs but they need to get the running game going. On the other hand the Vikings running game seems to be all they have. I don’t see another Harvin TD return this week….so I pick the Bucs.

Ravens V. Titans- The Ravens looked the best I have seen them since they beat the Patriots in the playoffs two years ago. The Titans on the other hand are still trying to figure things out. CJ2K couldn’t get things rolling last week and I don’t think he will have the ability to do much against this defense. If Ray Rice stays being a factor and Flacco is clean they should pick up this win.

Raiders V. Bills- The Bills surprised a lot of people last week, me being one of them based on the losses on defense. However, it was more Fitzpatrick that helped this team. While Raiders have been great at special teams and running the football. However, I think both of these teams are too unpredictable. Mcfadden may be the decider in this one but last week Charles couldn’t get going last week against the Bills. So I will go with the Bills on this one.  

Cowboys V. Niners- Talk about a bitter rivalry. These teams saw a lot of each other in the 90’s but we are far removed from their glory days. The Niners started out fresh and were able to capitalize on a weak Seahawks team. However, the first 3 quarters the Cowboys looked like they were going to live up to last years hopes. Its hard for me to say this since my brother will hate me, but I like the Cowboys in this one.

Chargers V. Patriots- If the Chargers want to be considered a top tier team they need to beat the Patriots. The Chargers had the best offense and defense last year but they also had a fairly weak schedule where they were able to walk all over teams. The Patriots on the other hand have the explosive offense. This could end up being a very high offense game. I do not think either defense is equipped to battle the others offense. In the end at home I have to go with the Pats.

Bengals V. Broncos- These two teams in my opinion are two of the worse teams in the league. However, The Bengals have Benson and the Broncos? Well they have a big mess. They had big playmakers on defense get injured as well as zero running game. I am not sure how to feel about either of these teams

Texans V. Dolphins- The Texans looked good in their debut against a very weakend Colts team. While even though demolished the Fins actually looked better than what most people thought they would. In the 1st half at least. However, I think the Fins are a better team than the Colts and should give us a better look at the Texans capabilities. I think this will be a defining week for them and I think the Texans will take this one.

Eagles V. Falcons- This one is hard cause based on last weeks performance I believe that the Eagles should win this one hands down. The problem becomes that Vick will be in Atlanta for the first time as a starter and the Falcons are pretty dominant at home. I belive that last week was a fluke for the Falcons and they are better than that. The Eagles weren’t perfect on defense and I belive that the Falcons will win.

Rams V. Giants- First Oakland V. Denver on MNF and now this? I like the Rams don’t get me wrong, but this match up in general is so boring. Especially when you look at the other games on the schedule. However, both of these teams are beat up and it could go either way. Stephen Jackson is out, and the Giants defense is weak. Good news is Nicks should be playing. But Eli didn’t throw a TD last week. Its hard because I like the Rams but without Jackson and Bradford not 100% I have to give this one to the Giants.


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