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{September 20, 2011}   Week 2 Round up! Yes, I do know what I am talking about!

 I was 13-3 in this weeks selections. Pretty good for a girl if you ask me and on par with a lot of the “Expert” picks. The ones that I got wrong were close games but more so I think everyone got the Ravens game wrong. It was a pretty good week but injuries are looming large and that should have a lot of people worried.

I do need to say one thing about the season so far that has been bugging me. I know technically this new rule was created to make things more “Fair” but the reviewing every scoring play that is questionable not only is taking too much time but its ruining the flow of football. Football shouldn’t be fair it should be called as it is and if a team wants to challenge let them. The time it takes to review is driving people crazy in fact the Bills fans left even though technically the officials were still reviewing the INT at the end of the game. Quit the reviews, quit the flags and let them play!

Chiefs V. Lions-  The Chiefs may be the worst team in the league at this point, and even more so now that Charles is out for the season with a torn ACL. Thank god I didn’t draft him when he was the next logical choice! But two weeks in a row a team scored 40 points on them. Their defense is just as much to blame as Matt Cassels pitiful playing is. The Lions on the other hand are showing why some are seeing a playoff berth in their future.

Seahawks V. Steelers- Not much to say except for it was expected from the Steelers after their pitiful showing last week. It helped that they were at home against a team that doesn’t quite know where they fit. The Seahawks were shut out for the first time since they last played the Steelers four years ago. I don’t see much that I like from the Seahawks and between them and KC I don’t really know who is worse.

Bears V. Saints- Its not like the Bears didn’t try its just the Saints are the better team. Which is why I don’t consider the Bears a top tier team in the NFC. Six sacks and a fumble for Cutler will win no one games. The Bears have a good defense but the Saints were able to score 30 on them. The Saints showed why last week was just a close game against two dominant teams. I think that if the Saints and Packers play again you may see something different. It also looks likes Sproles will be the back that Bush couldn’t consistently be.

Jaguars V. Jets- It was a very difficult day for the Jags, Mccown was intercepted 4 times and sacked by the rookie Wilkerson for  a safety. It didn’t help that the Jets offense started off strong and kept going. Sanchez was far from perfect but the Jags D was on the field so much I think they just tired out. Gabbert came in the 4th quarter and actually looked pretty good, I think he will start next week. The Jets running game still hasn’t gone anywhere and if they want to keep winning they need to get it started.

Browns V. Colts- I hate to be right about how bad the Colts are but it is just sad right now. I started thinking how have they not had a contigency plan in place? Peyton isn’t young by football standards, even the Patriots have Mallett in their back pocket. The Browns on the other hand have Hillis to thank again even though Mccoy had a good game.

Cardinals V. Redskins- I knew this would be a close one and it sure was. It was a back and forth match up while Kolb is still getting his Cardinal’s footing. Grossman didn’t get picked off by Rhodes but he did get picked off twice. Wells is doing good as the Cardinals front man while the Skins seem to be a great fit for Hightower. I think that these are teams that can only get better, but I am not sold on Grossman or the Skins as a playoff team.

Packers V. Panthers- This started out quite odd and the Panthers ran up to a 13-0 lead. Cam Newton was looking like a phenom until reality set in and we was introduced to one  Charles Woodson. It doesn’t seem to matter how old he gets in his 14th season he still can read a QB like no one else. In the mean time Rogers was able to get into his groove and showed why the superbowl champs should be considered a repeat threat.

Buccaneers V. Vikings- Watching this game up until the 3rd quarter I thought what the hell was I thinking? Betting against AP? But then I remembered what I like about this Bucs team and that is their youth. Blount helped to finish them off with a last minute TD. The Vikings have a lot of talent but they seemed to lack the leadership that they need. When is the last time the Vikings had a true QB leader? Until they get that they have a long season to get through. AP can’t do it all.

Ravens V. Titans- Ummm….I don’t know what to say or which is more shocking. The fact that the Titans won with very little coming out of CJ or the fact that the Ravens looked like a big hot mess! The Ravens caused the Steelers to 7 turnovers, where they could only get one from the Titans. I don’t know what to make of this game at all and it will be the HUH? game for the next couple of weeks. But riddle me this….if the Jets beat the Jags who beat the Titans who beat the Ravens who beat the Steelers does that make the Jets better than the Steelers? HA! That one is for my Steeler friends.

Raiders V. Bills- At first I thought this was going to go the Raiders way and I thought to myself how could I think the Bills would go 2-0? But then something set off Fitzpatrick and Freddie J, I like these two and hopefully for their sake they stay under the radar. Big heads usually cause big mistakes when given too early. Let them hang with the Pats next week and they can start talking. The Raiders were still looking pretty good and just like last year between the Texans and Jags a last minute hail mary was the decision maker. Mcfadden will be their saving grace.

Cowboys V. Niners- Oh lord here come the Romo is a hero stories. Dude has a broken rib and comes in and wins the game. Great good for him, I think that is what Cutler should have done last year in the post season. However, doing it week 2 is not the smartest thing for a team that is getting injured like crazy. Dez Bryant didn’t play and Miles Austin hurt himself again. Oh be carefull Romo one game isn’t worth your whole season. The Niners on the other hand are showing more life than even I gave to them but I just don’t know if that is going to equate into many wins.

Chargers V. Patriots- The UGH! game of the week. I think more teams are intimidate by the Pats in name more than in game. Brady’s great don’t get me wrong but the defense not so much. The Chargers have some weapons that should have made this a much closer game than it was. I hope that the Pats future opponents are paying attention to their Tight end plays otherwise it will be quite a while before the Pats drop a game to anyone.

Bengals V. Broncos- So apparently I actually didn’t pick a winner last week in my predictions I was so torn on who was the worst out of the two. But I know I was leaning towards the Bengals to win cause of Benson so I will say that I didn’t get this one. But it was pretty close and the awfulness was just the same. The Broncos keep hurting themselves and there is no consistency with the Bengals.

Texans V. Dolphins- Someone in my league unfortunately drafted both Manning and Foster. However, he has such a good draft he still won both games so far. It goes to show just like the Texans are proving you need to have a good team not just a great player. Foster was limited in play but it didn’t matter because Tate for the second week in a row that he is just as good. One of these guys will probably not be in Houston next year. The Texans are more and more looking like the real thing however the next two weeks will help define their season when they play the Saints and Steelers. Miami on the other hand can’t be too disappointed besides an 0-2 start. Henne isn’t playing horribly and they do play the Browns next week. So things could be looking up.

Eagles V. Falcons- What everyone loves about Vick is what I don’t like about him. He is quick and knows how to make plays but he is also careless when he has the ball. It proved to be the downfall in this game with Vick’s 3 turnovers. It also didn’t help that he injured himself towards the end either. The Falcons didn’t play that well they just got the ball in nice places. If they want to keep winning games they need to get out of the gate faster.

Rams V. Giants- I hated to be right on this one. But Bradford does not have enough weapons to cover the fact that Jackson isn’t playing. Its not like the Giants were dominant in any way its that their offensive weapons were available to make crazy catches and their weakend defense were able to breathe not having to chase Jackson down. It wasn’t a pretty game, but if the Rams don’t get a healthly Jackson back it won’t be a happy season and that means we may see a losing record win the division again!


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