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{September 21, 2011}   Week 3 Rankings: Starting to feel like a roller coaster!
 Packers  1   Last Week:1 
 Slow start this week, but I can’t get enough of Woodson. Still strong still #1
Patriots 2    Last Week:4
 Another 2nd half victory….someone needs to figure out how to stay close all game long.
Jets 3   Last Week: 5
 1st TD in the 1st quarter for the 1st time in 16 games. They need to keep at it in order for them to hang with the Pats in a few weeks.
Saints 4    Last Week:6
 No INT’s for Brees makes for good football….the good thing is their defense is stepping up too.
Texans 5   Last Week: 8
 Arian who? Tate is showing that he is just as good and he’s healthy. They will have two big games coming up in order to prove themselves to the doubters.
Falcons 6    Last Week:9
  Their defense is making plays but their offense is slow going. But hey got to love Gonzalez!
Lions 7   Last Week:11
If Stafford stays healthy this could be a playoff year. Division play starts next week which begins the true test.
Eagles 8    Last Week:3
 People say its cause Vick was hurt that they loss, but it was Vick’s turnovers that made it that close in the first place.
Ravens 9   Last Week: 2
Everyone has a bad day??? Flacco needs to figure out what is going on and fast.
Bears 10    Last Week:7
And here come the sacks! Can’t win when your QB is sacked in every series.
Chargers 11    Last Week:10
The Chargers have no one to blame but themselves. They had a chance and blew it.
Steelers 12    Last Week:12
 Can’t go up when you only beat one of the worst teams in the league.
Redskins 13    Last Week:26
Not sold, but will be more interested if they beat a HEALTHY Cowboys team.
Bills 14    Last Week:25
 Next week is their biggest test. The good news is they don’t have to go into Foxboro.
Buccaneers  15    Last Week:16
Close game but they came out on top. If Blount can only play like that all game long.
Cardinals 16    Last Week:14
Last minute loss, but the chemistry is growing.
Cowboys 17    Last Week:18
The injuries may end any chances.
Rams 18    Last Week:17
 They need Jackson back ASAP!
Titans 19    Last Week:20
Don’t know what to make of their win, time will tell.
Raiders 20    Last Week:21
The Raiders need to stop with these last play games.
Panthers 21    Last Week:24
400+ yd games and 0-2…..can the ROY be on a losing team?
Giants 22    Last Week:23
Not pretty but they got it done.
Dolphins 23    Last Week:19
The “Best” CB tandem in the league has been MIA.
Jaguars 24    Last Week:13
Time to start Gabbert….I don’t think you will hear the chants though.
49ers 25    Last Week:27
Tough loss….but they are looking better than most people thought they would.
Browns 26    Last Week:31
They won, at least thats something to be happy about.
Broncos 27    Last Week:32
Why put in Tebow when Orton is winning.
Bengals 28    Last Week:30
Close game, but Dalton needs to be more on target.
Vikings 29    Last Week:28
 AP is the only thing making this team be even close to winning.
Colts 30    Last Week:15
Look who just entered the Luck raffle!
Seahawks 31    Last Week:29
Couldn’t decide who was worse….this should be a tie for last place.
Chiefs 32    Last Week:22
Wow…..if the news couldn’t get any worse. No Charles? Might as well call the season.

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