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{September 23, 2011}   Week 3 Predictions: It’s about to get serious!

More divisional action and big time matchups to help weed out who is serious and who just got lucky. There are a few teams that I am excited to see which is the Texans and the Bills. They have been dominant on their first two outings and now they start playing with the big boys. I would love to seem some upsets as long as Brees still does good for my fantasy team!

Jaguars V. Panthers- The Jags have issues at QB but if Gabbert is their future I don’t think he can do anymore damage than Mccown has. MJD should be able to help fill the gaps, even though he didn’t have a TD he was able to get some yardage last week. The Panthers on the other hand are just itching for their first win. I have been both surprised and disappointed by both of these teams so far and I think this could be a close game. But I think Cam gets his first win this week.

Lions V. Vikings- These teams split the series last year and the Vikings to me are a worse off team this year. They have AP but with the Lions defense I am not so sure how much of an impact he can make. The Lions are out to prove that they need to be taken seriously. The numbers they are putting up on both sides of the ball have been impressive but they still have yet to face a strong team. That being said I think the Vikes are week and the Lions take this one.

49ers V. Bengals- The Niners are coming off a tough loss at home but in general are performing much better than expected. The Bengals on the other hand won against a bad team then turn around and lost against a bad team. There isn’t a lot going on except for Benson on their offense and I think that their defense is soft. The Niners have much more going for them on defense I expect Willis to be in Dalton’s face all day long. Niners on this one.

Dolphins V. Browns- The Fins actually haven’t been playing as horrible as I thought they were even though they are 0-2. Henne looks better despite losing, but the defense has been lagging on coverage. Where the Browns on the other hand seemed to have two completely opposite weeks. Mccoy isn’t as sharp as he needs to be but Hillis seems to have stepped up from week 1. I could see this going both ways depending on who shows up, but I think the Fins finally win on the road.

Patriots V. Bills- Many didn’t believe that the Bills would be 2-0 when they faced the Patriots but they are. The question is can the Patriots defense stop what has turned into an unexpected explosive offense? I think this will be a closer game than the obsessive Patriot lovers think. But the Buffalo’s defense has yet to face a great offense, let along a good one. While I think their offense should be able to score against the Pats, I don’t think that their defense will be able to keep up with the Pats offense. Would love to see an upset but I have to give the edge to the Pats.

Giants V. Eagles- The problem in predicting this is not knowing whether or not Vick is playing. Oh wait a minute we are talking about the Giants here. I honestly believe in the talent of Mccoy that even if Vick doesn’t play can gain the yards as long as Kafka doesn’t turn over the ball. Manning isn’t playing that well and their defense isn’t playing its best. I am going to say either way Eagles win this one.

Broncos V. Titans- The Titans showed a sign of life I didn’t know I would see last week. The Broncos were able to beat a weak Bengals team. This one could be a toss up especially if CJ is a no show again. I don’t want to hear the Tebow chants anymore which makes me hope for a Broncos win, but I have a feeling that the Titans take this one!

Texans V. Saints- Welcome to the big leagues Houston! This will be a huge game if the Texans can pull it off. Their running game has looked good but their defense is what has improved over the last year. The problem the Saints will have is they face a defense that is currently the best against the pass. But that was also against Collins and Henne, they haven’t seen a QB of Brees like stature. In the same respect the Saints D has been doing well against the run. It could be a close game but the Saints at home? I can’t bet against that!

Jets V. Raiders- The Jets are coming off a motivating beatdown of the Jags while the Raiders are coming off a last minute loss. I think this is where Plax will come off with some big catches against a Raiders secondary that lacks a superstar. Hopefully Greene may be able to run a little too. But you can’t count out the Raiders as Mcfadden is climbing upwards each week and the Jets haven’t been able to be the shut outs they were a year ago. In the end I will take the Jets as besides Mcfadden the Raiders are quite unimpressive.

Ravens V. Rams- Which Raven team is actually going to show up this week? Talk about the biggest flip/flop of superiority. However, I haven’t heard either way if Jackson is playing or not. We all saw what happened last week when he did not play. The Ravens have massive talent and a newly resigned Ngata. I can’t put doubt on them when they have the talent. I will take the Ravens in this one.

Chiefs V. Chargers- The Chiefs have lost a lot of big players, and Matt Cassel has pretty much been non existent. The Chargers have the talent but not the follow through. I was tough watching both teams last week. The Chiefs need to figure out a new game plan in order to get any momentum. The Chargers on the the other hand need to just stay focused because they can win games. I don’t think Gates will be shut out in this game. I pick the Chargers.

Falcons V. Buccaneers– This is a big matchup for the Bucs who have had a wobbly first two weeks. Its the youth of the team that is both so good yet so bad at times. Blount closed the game well last week, but just like last year he is slow going to make a big splash. The Falcons coming off a win against the Eagles should hopefully shape up and start getting the offense going early. This could be a very close game or a total blow out. But I have to go with more experience and pick the Falcons.

Cardinals V. Seahawks- I am starting to wonder if the Hawks will win any games this year. Lucky for them they are in the worst division in the league. However, playing against a Cardinals offense that is really starting to come together despite a loss could be harmful to them winning a game. Seattle can’t seem to get any momentum or make any big plays. The Cardinals seem to be building their chemistry every week and I see good things in the future for Kolb and Kompany. I will go with the Cardinals.

Packers V. Bears- Here it is y’all the NFC Championship game from last year. Except this time I am sure Cutler will play the whole game. The bad news is he will probably get sacked often. The Bears have a lot of talent but they have gaping holes in their play that stops them from being the elite team that their fans want them to be. I still think they will be vying for a wild card spot. However, as long as the Packers are playing they will win this one.

Steelers V. Colts- Oh boy to the poor schedulers who created this game thinking of the hype that would come with it. But now they have a Manningless 0-2 Colts team and a 1-1 Steelers team. They probably thought these would be both 2-0 teams at this time in the season. The good news for the Steelers is that since last week was so easy this week will probably be easier. The Colts obviously relied on Manning for much more than being  QB he was the heart of the team. Their motivation seems to be gone and I think that the Steelers take this one easily.

Redskins V. Cowboys– Uh oh….I better be careful with what I say about this one. The thing is the Skins are surprising many people especially on defense when they were one of the worst in the league last year. However, the Cowboys are hurting right now and it is still unknown whether or not Romo plays or Austin or Bryant for that matter. I don’t see how they can keep winning games without the playmakers playing. They split the series last year but it is in Dallas. I am picking the Skins unless two out of the three above mentioned players play then I pick the Boys’!


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