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{September 28, 2011}   Week 4 Power Rankings
 Packers  1   Last Week:1 
 Definitely taking the lead on best team in the league.
Saints 2    Last Week:6
 Brees was shaky, but he wasn’t about to lose in his house!
Ravens 3   Last Week: 9
 If Flacco can play like that every game, everyone else needs to watch out!
Patriots 4    Last Week:2
 4 INT = Loss
Jets 5   Last Week: 3
 Too confident too early…..two more tough road games ahead.
Lions 6    Last Week:7
  3-0? Lions fans must be dreaming right now!
Bills 7   Last Week:14
Or is it the Bills fans that are dreaming?
Texans 8    Last Week:5
 Can’t be too disappointed in the fight they gave in NO.
Steelers 9   Last Week: 12
Hesistantly raising them up, but the Colts almost had their number.
Chargers 10    Last Week:11
Too close for comfort….but they won.
Buccaneers 11    Last Week:15
Win in the division is a huge win for the Bucs!
Eagles 12    Last Week:8
 Let Vick sit, better to lose him for a week now than weeks later in the season.
Falcons 13    Last Week:6
I do not know what’s going on but for some reason I still believe.
Raiders 14    Last Week:20
 If Mcfadden keeps running then the rest of the AFC West should be worried.
 Cowboys 15    Last Week:17
 An ugly win is still a win….don’t know how much more the injured players can take.
Redskins 16    Last Week:13
I still like what I see and it will be interesting to see who gets the division this year.
Giants 17    Last Week:22
There is some light coming in, and they may be taking charge of the division.
Bears 18    Last Week:10
 Same issues as last year, if you can’t protect your QB you will go no where.
Titans 19    Last Week:19
Winning despite CJ’s complete lack of yards….he needs to breakthrough at some point right?
49ers 20    Last Week:25
Maybe its a little high for them, but with the expectations coming in I am pleasantly surprised!
Panthers 21    Last Week:21
First win and Cam plays bad….not a good pattern to continue.
Cardinals 22    Last Week:16
Something will happen with this franchise….their luck now falls in with the bad NFC West
Browns 23    Last Week:26
Win without Hillis is pretty impressive. Even if its by 1 point.
Broncos 24    Last Week:27
They are keeping pace every game win or lose…that’s the bright side.
Jaguars 25    Last Week:24
MJD just can’t breakthrough, getting the yards but not the TD’s.
Dolphins 26    Last Week:23
Sparano is on thin ice.
Rams 27    Last Week:20
I want them to win, but a 60% Jackson is not going to help anything.
Bengals 28    Last Week:28
Just not working for them, any momentum from week 1 is gone.
Seahawks 29    Last Week:31
They won, but its not because they’re good.
Vikings 30    Last Week:29
If this was based on player AP would be high up, but his team keeps dragging him down.
Colts 31    Last Week:30
Showed barely a spark but they have a tough schedule and its only going to get worse.
Chiefs 32    Last Week:32
Yes they almost beat a flawed Chargers team, but they still aren’t good.

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