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{September 30, 2011}   Week 4 Picks and Predictions

This week for some is make or break for the season with the competition within their division fierce, I am looking at you Miami and Minnesota. Some are looking to get their groove back while others are trying to still get by the skin of their teeth….here’s to another great week!

Panthers V. Bears- The Panthers got their first win in a monsoon of a mess. But Cam looked like a completely different player than he did the first two weeks of play. The Bears on the other hand still are having major issues in their offense and Cutler is looking more like himself running scared from the line. This could be close, but I think that the Bears D will confuse Cam and the Bears win the game.

Bills V. Bengals- The Bills are coming off their biggest high that they have probably felt in years. They finally broke through and beat the Pats. FitzP can be a little cleaner but I was pretty impressed with how their defense was able to better cover than the last two matchups. The Bengals on the other hand of some issues on horizon with Benson’s suspension. Nothing seems to go right for them since their win in week one. I will take the Bills is this one.

Titans V. Browns– I believe that CJ has to break out at some point. Could this be the week? The Browns are playing pretty mediocre but were able to win without Hillis last week. However, Hasselbeck is actually doing fairly well in Tennessee but their star WR is out for the season. I have to go with the Titans cause even with CJ being less of an impact they have still been impressing.

Lions V. Cowboys- The two Cowboy wins have not been spectacular and have both been come from behind victories. In fact the only time that they have been leading they lost the game. The squad is still not 100% healthy, even Bryant said he wasn’t ready but he couldn’t sit out if Romo was playing with broken ribs. The Lions had some dominance but also had comebacks as well. I think a lot of people are surprised by their 3-0 start, I however am not one of them. I know they are an up and coming team and I think that they have the skills to beat the Cowboys especially when the Boys are not at 100%. I think that Stafford will be tested but I think Romo will run scared. Lions in this one.

Steelers V. Texans- Both teams are 2-1 even though the Texans have had the more dominant games. The Steelers almost lost one to a lowly Colts team, they have not been the dominant team. The Texans have finally found a defense that works for them and they made Brees run around a lot and make mistakes last week. Big Ben is no Brees, I think that the Texans have the talent. This will be a win among many to prove they should be taken seriously.

Saints V. Jaguars- The Saints narrowly escaped last week and the Jags aren’t able to get anything together. The Jags have some growing pains to get through, but more importantly MJD needs to make some TD’s. The Saints have been showing good form since their week 1 loss even though Brees had some issues last week throwing 2 picks. I think that the Saints are remaking themselves to be a threat in the NFC and I like the way they have been flowing which makes this pick easy. Who Dat?

Vikings V. Chiefs- Two 0-3 teams that have had some successes in the last few years, but are off to a rough start. The Chiefs key injuries seem to have really affected their play, although they showed some life last week. The Vikings have been going strong but seem to collapse in the 2nd half which has really affected their momentum. One team has to win and I think that its the Vikings.

Niners V. Eagles- Who would have thought the Niners would be the 2-1 team and the Eagles would be 1-2. I am not happy with the Vick talk about how he’s not getting flags when he should be more worried about taking care of himself. He puts himself into injury prone situations. The Niners haven’t been perfect, but they have been able to put up wins. I think that there is a lot of what if’s in this. But I like Mccoy more than Gore at this point. So I will go with the Eagles.

Redskins V. Rams- The Rams haven’t been at all what was expected but they have also had a tough first 3 weeks. I am not sure how Jackson is feeling but without him it could be a rough game. The Skins defense has vastly improved over last year and that can be the big motivator for a struggling offense still trying to find its groove. I am not sure on where things will go here as both teams are being built up. But if Jackson is healthy I think that Grossman will make enough mistakes that the Rams get there first win.

Giants V. Cardinals- This is one of those games that I am unsure of both teams and their abilities. The Giants look much better week by week where the Cardinals have had some tough close losses. I think that the Giants have the experience and rhythm with each other where the Cardinals are just starting to grow. This could go either way and I don’t know why I like Kolb so much but I am going to pick the Cardinals.

Falcons V. Seahawks- If the Falcons can’t win this one then they have major issues.

Broncos V. Packers- I want to say that the Packers have had an easy schedule but in reality they have just made it look easy so far this year. The Broncos aren’t really sure what they are yet a passing or a running game plus you have the issue of their hurting defense. I don’t think there is any question that the Pack will get this done at home.

Patriots V. Raiders- The only thing that will make this close is if the Pats defense can’t stop Mcfadden. We all know that Brady can’t stand to lose and usually puts a hurting on the next team. I just don’t know what I truly see with the Raiders but I can’t really go against the Pats after a loss. So I pick the Pats.

Dolphins V. Chargers-The Fins are in a must win situation just to save their head coach from the Axe. I am not quite sure how they haven’t put it together yet cause there have been good plays. The Chargers on the other hand are winning but not convincingly enough. They are having the same issues as usual with errors on all sides of the ball. I think that the Chargers pull it out though.

Jets V. Ravens- Such a tough one to call, but what it comes down to is what I have seen so far this season. Even though the Ravens had a tough time against the Titans they are looking like a playoff team. The Jets on the other hand had a rough going last week and have to march into Baltimore and then New England. I think there is a skid coming, it pains me to say but I pick the Ravens.

Colts V. Buccaneers- The Colts actually showed life last week but Collins may not play this week. Another game where the schedulers are shaking their head at. This should have been a match up of the veteran and the up and comer. Well sometimes things don’t work out and barring any big turnovers I think the Bucs will take this one.


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