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New York City has been taken up my time with a move. I will make sure to get back on track next week…..

Byes: Seahawks, Cardinals, Chargers, Chiefs, Broncos, and Titans

Panthers V. Falcons- The Falcons need a big game and I think they will have one here. Falcons win!

Colts V. Bengals- The Colts keep having more issues and the Bengals defense is actually good. Bengals win!

49ers V. Lions- Both defenses are good….but I like the Lions offense better. Lions win!

Rams V. Packers- Rams can’t get a break! Packers win!

Bills V. Giants- The Bills have the most INT’s in the league right now and Eli’s been throwing them. Bills win!

Jaguars V. Steelers- The Steelers haven’t been playing pretty but the Jags haven’t been playing at all. Steelers win!

Eagles V. Redskins- The Eagles need to play cleaner, but the skins are coming off a needed bye. Tough interdivision play, Eagles win!

Texans V. Ravens- This is a huge game for both teams to try to stay atop the AFC best teams. However, watching last week and the loss of Williams I think it will be a long day for the Texans. Ravens win!

Browns V. Raiders- The Raiders want it bad, and the Browns don’t know what they want. Raiders win!

Cowboys V. Patriots- I want to pick the Cowboys but I don’t think their bye did them any good. Pats win!

Saints V. Bucs- After last week the Bucs look nothing like the upstart team from last year. Plus no Blount equals Saints win!

Vikings V. Bears- Both of these teams need a win to keep their season going but neither have been extremely impressive, but I think the Bears pull this one out!

Dolphins V. Jets- How many games do the Fins need to lose before Sparano loses his job? Jets win!


For those that don’t now I am now residing in NYC and since this is my first weekend here this will be short and sweet…..

Here we go…..

BYES week start this week: Ravens, Browns, Cowboys, Dolphins, Rams, Redskins

Saints V. Panthers- Drew Brees has another big game while Cam Newton gets picked off. Saints Win!

Chiefs V. Colts- Just feeling that the Colts are close to a win and the Chiefs already got theirs. Colts Win!

Eagles V. Bills- The Bills are slowing down but Eagles can’t get anything together. Mainly cause they’re at home Bills win!

Seahawks V. Giants- Seahawks had a nice almost comeback last week, but Manning is hot right now. Giants win!

Bengals V. Jaguars- The Bengals O bad, but their D is good….the Jags are too confused to win. Bengals win!

Titans V. Steelers- Hard to win in Pitts, but no Harrison and a weakened Ben. Titans Healthy and ready! Titans win!

Raiders V. Texans- Raiders have some talent but the Texans are out to prove something. Healthy Foster even minus AJ, Texans win!

Cardinals V. Vikings- The Cards keep coming close and the Vikes keep losing it. I keep saying it but Cards win!

Buccaneers V. 49ers- Both teams need to keep the momentum they have going. Its hard but I will say Bucs win!

Jets V. Patriots- Jets aren’t playing good, The Pats have holes in their defense but offense scores points. Pats win!

Chargers V. Broncos- Broncos are going to be another game closer to Tebow. Chargers win!

Packers V. Falcons- The Falcons have talent but they will be seeing way to much of the Pack to do anything with it. Packers win!

Bears V. Lions- Cutler will be running scared from Suh and 2 more TD’s for Cool Cal. Lions win!

Panthers V. Bears-  The Bears barely won this one, but they were saved by their running game. Forte ran for 200+ yds and Hester was able to hold the crown of probably the best returner in the history of the game. While Cutler was pretty invisible at least only getting 1 sack and 1 INT. The Panthers are rebuilding and Cam needed to see a defense like this one. He threw for almost 400yds again and still looking like ROY.

Bills V. Bengals- Its not like FitzP was flawed, but Freddie J couldn’t get moving which has been the big support of the offense. It just showed that the Bengals defense is actually pretty good despite their offensive issues. I think the Bills had to lose eventually to get things leveled….you can’t get too cocky in this league! The Bengals are showing a little glimpse of hope but I wouldn’t get to excited Bengals fans.

Titans V. Browns– I have not doubted Hasselbecks ability to play the game, I have doubted his ability to stay healthy. He’s a good veteran QB that Locker will benefit from. But what they have really need is starting to come out and that is CJ running the ball. He didn’t get a TD but he finally hit 100yds. The Browns stayed in there despite Hillis barely showing up. I think the Titans could have a playoff chance at this point in the season.

Lions V. Cowboys- The Cowboys need to learn how to finish games are to only show up in the 2nd half. They win when they come from behind but can’t hold on to a lead once they start from one. The Lions had their 5th straight road win, which is better than the last time they were is big D with their 26th straight road loss. Stafford didn’t play his best but lucky for him he has Cool Cal in the end zone to just put his hands up. Oh and it did help that Romo threw 3 picks.

Steelers V. Texans- Its about time I can say that the Texans are who I thought they were. Foster proved that his hamstring will not restrict his season and that he is the player he was last year making the Steel Curtain look like matador’s muleta to attract Foster to run at them. The Steelers have a lot of issues right now and look nothing like last years Superbowl team.

Saints V. Jaguars- Brees wasn’t clean, but he got the job done. While the Jags are still having their own issues, they need a vet QB behind Gabbert to help him through. MJD is being restricted and hasn’t seen the goal line much. The Jags are in for a long season. The Saints just had a messy week, I think that its just an odd week for them.

Vikings V. Chiefs- The Vikings are having good numbers in general but they just can’t seem to get anything going. McNabb is getting the blame but in reality there isn’t much he’s doing wrong that would explain the reasons why they are 0-4. Their defense has given up points every week when the Vikes have been leading. The Chiefs on the other hand actually looked much cleaner this week and Cassel looked a little bit better. But there is still no running game. Its going to be a rough year for both squads.

Niners V. Eagles- This game seemed to be over at halftime. But little by little Gore and Co. started to break out. The Niners are probably my surprise of the year. When all seemed to be leaning towards a Luck draft they may be the ones to win the NFC West and make the playoffs for the first time since 2002. The Eagles are slowly fading to the background and I have to say that to me this loss rests on Vick.

Redskins V. Rams- This was an all Skins game until the 4th quarter. I think the glaring holes in the Rams roster are killing them this year. I still do not understand with the cap room they had why the Rams did not get a big name receiver in this years free agency. Jackson is great but he is not a jack of all trades. He is a true Running back that is good on the ground. The Skins were ugly in this win with 3 fumbles and 2 INT’s, but the Rams offense couldn’t get anywhere on this. Can Lombardi’s prediction of Skins winning the division come true?

Giants V. Cardinals- This was the big issue game of the week. The Giants got lucky with the Cruz call, and the Cardinals suffered because of it. I still like the Cards for some reason and they have a lot of things going for them including Beanie Wells. Their defense may need to be a little more agressive but they have a big future with Kolb. The Giants are benefiting from their division.

Falcons V. Seahawks- Matt Ryan was starting off the way I thought he would all season. He was strong and authoritative and got the ball moving. Julio Jones is still looking good but has yet to get his first TD, I bet he is just waiting for that ball. The second half the defense started to weaken and the Seahawks were given the ability to catch up. The Seahawks have a lot of issues but they were able to get it together in the 2nd half. A weak division always helps.

Broncos V. Packers- There isn’t much to say about this game except for the fact that the Packers are out for a back to back Superbowl. They want everyone to know that they are the team to beat and are proving it. The Broncos are skating on thin ice right now with their fans, I think if they don’t at least try Tebow soon there may be riots.

Patriots V. Raiders- Mcfadden was slowed down and Campbell was sloppy. The Patriots did what they need to which was be clean and stay dominant so people would forget last week. The Raiders still have a very good chance to be able to win their division at this point since the Chargers are playing a little sloppy.  

Dolphins V. Chargers- The Chargers were clean but Matthews wasn’t as dominant, there is a lot things however that the Chargers need to change if they are expected to win the division. I have yet to see a game where the Chargers have impressed me. The Fins season keeps getting worse after the loss of Henne I am not sure where they will go from here. I don’t think Sparano will make it the season.

Jets V. Ravens- Both teams offenses played bad but the Ravens defense played a little bit better. It was a ridiculous amount of return TD’s. The Ravens are a playoff team, and I still think they are this years Superbowl team, but Flacco needs to be much cleaner and consistent. The Jets on the other hand probably will not be able to recover next week and will need their BYE week to figure things out.

Colts V. Buccaneers- I know that he’s not Manning and I know that they didn’t win, but Colts fans had to be a little hopeful in Monday nights performance. They came out firing and were almost able to capitalize on a slow starting Bucs. But then Blount came out swinging, the Bucs suffer from being in a tough division but give them a couple of years and I see good things.

et cetera