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{October 15, 2011}   Week 6 Picks and Predictions: Super Busy Week!

New York City has been taken up my time with a move. I will make sure to get back on track next week…..

Byes: Seahawks, Cardinals, Chargers, Chiefs, Broncos, and Titans

Panthers V. Falcons- The Falcons need a big game and I think they will have one here. Falcons win!

Colts V. Bengals- The Colts keep having more issues and the Bengals defense is actually good. Bengals win!

49ers V. Lions- Both defenses are good….but I like the Lions offense better. Lions win!

Rams V. Packers- Rams can’t get a break! Packers win!

Bills V. Giants- The Bills have the most INT’s in the league right now and Eli’s been throwing them. Bills win!

Jaguars V. Steelers- The Steelers haven’t been playing pretty but the Jags haven’t been playing at all. Steelers win!

Eagles V. Redskins- The Eagles need to play cleaner, but the skins are coming off a needed bye. Tough interdivision play, Eagles win!

Texans V. Ravens- This is a huge game for both teams to try to stay atop the AFC best teams. However, watching last week and the loss of Williams I think it will be a long day for the Texans. Ravens win!

Browns V. Raiders- The Raiders want it bad, and the Browns don’t know what they want. Raiders win!

Cowboys V. Patriots- I want to pick the Cowboys but I don’t think their bye did them any good. Pats win!

Saints V. Bucs- After last week the Bucs look nothing like the upstart team from last year. Plus no Blount equals Saints win!

Vikings V. Bears- Both of these teams need a win to keep their season going but neither have been extremely impressive, but I think the Bears pull this one out!

Dolphins V. Jets- How many games do the Fins need to lose before Sparano loses his job? Jets win!


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